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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

God's Speed Dax And Don't Forget The Sunscreen.

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Thank you everybody for reading last weeks blog.  We made it through one of the wildest shows of our career and now I am here to tell you about it.  That will be coming up later.  This week we have something very special in store for you.  Just to clear up any confusion we WILL NOT be playing a Rock N Roll show this week.  Our good buddy and brother in arms Dax is taking a well deserved vacation and due to commitments to his family he will not be making it back to Nebraska for the weekend.  We wish him safe travels and God speed.  Don't forget the sunscreen.  You are still pretty white there buddy.  Focusing on the positive we will be throwing a FREE party this Friday, April 3rd at The 21st Saloon.  The remaining 3 members along with Sweet D and Matthew Miller will be in attendance.  We will have a short introduction around 9:15 before we kick off the night with some great food, drinks, and dancing.  You will get the chance to see us before like you never have, up close and personal.  Ask the questions, talk the talk, but most of all come and celebrate with us.

On a side not today Sniper and I will be doing a very special call-in interview with The Jim Santora Rockcast.  If you were with us for the last year or two then you will know that we took on Jim Santora has been an outspoken fan of Rock N Roll.  Week in and week out he has produced and delivered one hell of a Internet radio show.  Today will be his last show.  Jim has played almost every track off our "Midnight Devils" record and has treated us and our fans with the utmost loyalty and respect.  3D In Your Face joined the Triple Threat Challenge as underdogs and lasted for ten weeks and took home the championship.  I never imaged we would win such and awesome award but the 3D In Your Face Army is strong.  Thanks for everything Jim and good luck in the future.  Most of all thanks for keeping Rock N Roll alive.  Sniper and I will be on at 9PM CST sharp for a five minute interview and then he will play our song for the final time.  Tune in at and help send Jim off with a bang.

This week I kind of wanted to fill you in a little bit about the Wayne Rugby Show.  If you were there you know.  This will be preaching to the choir.  If you weren't there then this will all be news for you.  I know that we told everyone that this was going to be some big shit-fest and it was.  We played to a packed house of 1800 kids from all over the USA.  Blah blah blah.  You have heard this.  What really makes this show stand out to me and my fellow band mates is pure and simply the volume of the crowd.  There are certain things that happen in your career as a musician that you hold on to forever and I can honestly tell you that this show had one of those moments.  I'm talking one of those moments when the crowd is screaming back at you louder than Sniper's amp.  It makes everything else you are dealing with in your life go away for a brief second.  For that brief second standing on stage in Wayne, USA I felt like I was on top of the world.  It was better than and drug or drink.  I was higher than I had ever been and I walked over to Sniper and I said "This is as close to heaven as we are going to get."  Those are the moments that we as musicians strive for.  To be apart of this massive sweaty heaving sea of people and to feel the energy coursing through the building you would have given up red meat.

This is what we train for day in and day out.  We practice like we play.  In moments like this we rely on what we have rehearsed time in and time out.  It's that moment when you are so tired you don't think you can take another step but you know that you have to keep going.  Everything you rehearsed in that basement becomes your entire world.  It seems silly but this is exactly how football teams prepare their players for the 4th quarter.  We stood up there on that stage as conquering heroes and baby I won't lie to you, it felt really good.  Nothing and nobody will ever take that night from us.


Sam Spade

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