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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Even Guys Like Me Have Bad Days

Hello everybody and welcome back to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face and the name of my radio show Saturday nights at 10 PM CST on 101.9 The Keg.  I want to again thank all of you that read my blog last week.  I received so many great comments from people all the place.  It was truly my honor to represent you.  This week we are heating things up a bit and by heating up I mean it's time to break out the fire cannons.  As usual we will be back at The 21st Saloon on Friday, April 17th with The Omaha Rollergirls.  The Rollergirls will be selling pre-sale tickets for their bout on April 25th and they will also be taking your slightly used shoe donations.  I'm not sure they want my shoes but please help support these amazing women from right here in our backyard.  Saturday, April 18th we get a little taste of the summer tour early this year.  3D In Your Face will be making our debut at Bourbon Jacks in Hastings, NE as part of the Hastings Bike Show.  Saddle up easy riders.  Rumor has it that the pyro cannons will be making their first summer appearance for this show (this will be Dax's first show with the fire hehe).  Two huge shows coming up and lots more on the way.  We can't wait to see you guys and get loud.  It's really all we look forward to all week.

After the phenomenal success of the last two blogs I posted I wanted to kind of change gears a little bit and use this as my own little outlet.  For some reason today (April 14th) I had an absolutely terrible day.  I was in a bad mood all day and it really was hard for me to shake the feeling and come out of my shell.  Most days I am positive and outgoing.  I pride myself on being able to blow off the negative and really walk around with a smile on my face.  If somebody asks "How was your day?", I try to always respond "Great!".  Today none of those things happened.  It was just one thing after another and I couldn't catch a break.  I was feeling sorry for myself and miserable but I still had to get out there and be a valued member of society.  I strapped on the leather jacket and threw on some makeup and brushed my teeth before I left the house.  Low-and-behold I got recognized three times while I was out.  Not that this alone is a big deal but I had to put on a smile and play nice even though I was going through an emotional melt down.  I always welcome these encounters and they even helped me kind of overcome my slump.

I realized that no matter what every time I, or anyone else in our band, steps outside into the public eye that we are being watched.  There will always be somebody that recognizes us, here in lies the truth that if you want people to take you seriously you better make it look damn professional.  Say what you will but I rarely ever leave my house without proudly making a statement to the world that I am in a kick ass rock n roll band.  This may seem ridiculous but I feel as if I am not just representing myself and my band but I am representing our music and all of our hard work.  Most of all  I feel like I am representing you, our fans in front of the world.  So when I get recognized in public I make it a point to say "Thank you" and "Nice to meet you".  You never know who will turn around and check out our Facebook page right then and there.  I have seen it happen.  On the other hand if you are a dick and act like a jerk, the word spreads like wild fire.  Would you rather hang with Ronnie James Dio or Axl Rose?  Exactly what I thought.  Being recognized today helped me realize that things weren't as bad as I thought.  Maybe I was just crabby.  Maybe my car was just stressing me out.  Maybe it was all of it piled up together.  Just realize that even guys like me have bad days and today it took everything I had to stay positive and walk outside with a smile on my face.  Now the day is over and I've realized tomorrow we all get a fresh start.  I'm finally just sitting here with my cat and maybe he is the best therapy after all.



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