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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Don't Forget To Bleach Your Toga Sheets

Hello everyone and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Sorry for missing last weeks blog it just feels like I run out of time some weeks.  Anyway thank you all for the love and support and for reading this.  I love hearing the grief from you when I miss a week.  It just lets me know that you care.  I also want to thank our Kearney family for the great weekend.  It's always a wild wild time when we come to your great city and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Keep this on the down low but we actually stayed in the hotel that Hot Rod started on fire all those years back.  Ahhhhh the memories.  If those walls could talk.  This week we are back to our home base, The 21st Saloon.  This Friday, March 27th we are throwing a homecoming party and you people are invited.  I know you missed us and believe me we missed you.  Also don't forget that our residency is winding down and you only have 10 more chances to see this show before we leave for the summer.  It's now or never time baby.  Saturday, March 28th we are heading up to Wayne, NE for the the National Rugby Invitational.  The show will be held at Riley's Convention Center and we are the after party band going on around 9:30.  This is a toga party, so just imagine 1,500 college kids in toga's getting their faces shredded off by our Rock N Roll.  Exciting huh?  Well word has come down from the promoter that the 3D In Your Face Army (you) has been invited to the show.  I have 100 free tickets and if you are interested in attending this show I would be more than happy to send you some.  There is only one catch, you must wear a toga to get in.  This is honestly one of the funnest experiences you can ever have and it wont cost you anything.  Email me your mailing address at and I will get them sent out before Friday.

Printable ticket for Saturday March 28th
On to the party at hand.  Some of you are saying "Spade.  A toga party, in Wayne, NE?  Really?".  I know what you're thinking and let me shed some light on this subject.  Last year I believe I wrote about this great event.  Not only do I absolutely love toga parties for obvious reasons I also love that this is a party now in the hands of the 3D In Your Face Army.  Let me take you back to a mere 5 years ago to Wayne, NE.  I was still a low level guitar tech for the band but the guys had asked me to create an opening band for this particular show.  I grabbed some of my friends in Lincoln and we put together a punk rock cover band called the Lowely Thieves for this one show.  The night before 3D In Your Face played a show in Norfolk, NE and our guitar player at the time showed up late and played an absolutely horrible show.  He left without saying goodbye and when we woke up in the morning on the tour bus he had quit the band entirely.  I was pretty freaked out and so was the rest of the band.  There was no way I was a good enough guitar player to get through even one set of tunes with these guys.  So a call was made and we got word that this dude named Chris Hineline would be driving from Omaha to fill in for the evening, proceed as normal.  Everyone was pretty nervous and we set up all the gear and prepared for the 1,000 plus toga-clad college kids to descend onto Riley's Convention Center expecting a night of Rock N Roll.

Little did I know that that night would be the first time that I met my best friend and song writing partner Sniper.  We have been together ever since through thick and thin.  No matter how crazy life on and off the road gets we always call each other.  I usually don't answer but he still always calls.  That night in Wayne I saw a miracle.  Sniper plugged a Charvel into a tiny PA speaker and shredded for three plus hours.  The crowd never even knew that he was filling in and had never played with us before.  It was electric, it was magical, and most of all it was exactly what this band needed.  I've yet to meet a better musician than this guy.  We clicked instantly and a few months later I got my shot and ended up standing on stage next to him as the bass player.  From Wayne we have traveled all over the United States.  We have had extreme highs and extreme lows.  I don't know where I would be in my musical career if things had turned out differently that night in Wayne.  Toga party or not I'm happy he said yes to that phone call earlier that day.  I saw and heard how a great Rock N Roll band was supposed to be.  We latched on to that feeling and that's what drives us today.  Bigger, better, louder, faster, higher.  It's all about pushing our limits and seeing how far we can take this thing.  Saturday we will be revisiting that holy ground where history was made and I don't know if I can thank Sniper enough for all he has done for me and for the rest of this band.  Sorry for the sappy ending.  Don't forget to bleach your toga sheets.


Sam Spade

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