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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's My Blog I Will Say What I Want. KISS In The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

HA HA HA HAIR IN THE AIR!  Welcome back all you Rock N Roll junkies to Hair In The Air, The Official blog of 3D In Your Face.  What a wild last few weeks we have had here in our little metal world.  If your just joining us, on Dec. 6th 3D In Your Face released our 4th studio record "Midnight Devils".  The new album is available via iTunes, eBay, and at every show.  I have been on a non-stop promotional tour and I have made some amazing new friends along the way.  Before we get going I want to thank all those people that have stood by this record, thanks for buying our music, thanks for the great interviews, and thanks for listening to me talk.  And a very special thank you goes to you for reading this blog.  I feel as if this blog has become an exclusive Rock N Roll club.  Even though everyone is invited to read only the pure at heart actually take the time.  Thank you.
 This Fri. Dec 20th and Saturday Dec. 21st "Midnight Devils" release show in Kearney, NE

That being said I want to bring up something that doesn't really effect 3D In Your Face directly.  If you have been living under a rock for the last few days you might not have heard that KISS has been nominated to be inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame.  Now KISS being my all time favorite band you would think news like this makes me happy.  Actually quite the opposite.  I am happy that the band got the nod but really when has the approval of anyone ever meant anything to a true KISS fan.  KISS was the band that brought me into this world of Rock N Roll.  I heard "Detroit Rock City" and I knew right then and there what I wanted to do with my life.  I always thought it was pretty cool that KISS was so loud and abrasive that the rock n roll hall of fame wanted nothing to do with this band.  For me KISS represented anti-establishment, KISS was true freedom.  When I was growing up girls in high school wouldn't date me because I wore KISS t-shirts everyday to class.  I was different and misunderstood but in this thing called Rock N Roll I knew that I wasn't alone. For some reason that still blows my mind today, people at Fremont High School didn't think KISS was as cool as I did.

Now today Dec. 17th somebody up a decided that yeah KISS is cool and they should join the ranks of ABBA and Madonna in The Hall.  I think this is pure blasphemy not to mention they share their nomination with Nirvana.  Come on all our 16 year-old selves are foaming at the mouth right now.  KISS doesn't need some Hall of fame to let people know that they are and always will be "The Hottest Band On Earth".  KISS has always been about the fans.  The KISS Army has always stood behind the underdog, the misfits, and the misunderstood.  Now everyone has been asking me if I have "heard the news".  Hell yes I heard the news, but I don't like the thought of some jack-off at The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame telling me what band is worthy of being apart of their club.  (Sorry Mom) FUCK YOU ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAME.  If you think I am being a little overzealous about this, you may be right. I like KISS today equally if not more than I did when I first heard "Detroit Rock City".  My apartment is still covered in KISS posters and paraphernalia. In my sweat opinion KISS has always been bigger than The Hall and it's members.  KISS inspired the youth and that is something that can't be measured by votes or record sales.

This Friday Dec. 20th and Saturday Dec. 21st we are making a nice little pre-Christmas road to trip to our home away from home.  We are playing a special two night CD release party at Shooters in Kearney, NE.  For all you western Nebraska Rock N Roll fanatics out there this will be your chance to pick up a signed copy of our new album "Midnight Devils".  The show has changed since the last time we traveled to Kearney.  We have new songs, new clothes, and old school attitudes.  I hope you are ready for a wild two nights because baby I could use a good road trip.  See you all real soon.

Also thanks to DJ Sexy Rocker Chick for the great interview.  I will be doing interviews Wednesday morning at 9:45 AM on 94 Rock Norfolk, Thursday afternoon with KLPR Kearney, and Thursday night with Mistress of Metal.  Also look for a write up about this weekends shows in The Kearney Hub.

Always Loud
Forever Proud


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Midnight Devils Super Fail. Happy Birthday Hot Rod.

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official blog of 3D In Your Face.  What a stellar week.  If you have been living under a rock for the last week you might not have heard that we have officially released our brand new album "Midnight Devils".  After two long years of writing, recording, and touring we have finally put out the album we have always wanted.  "Midnight Devils" was released on Dec. 6th at The 21st Saloon.  The new album is 12 songs of straight ahead, honest, kick-you-in-the-teeth Rock N Roll.  Last week we launched the album and before I get into this weeks blog I want to thank everyone that came out to our release show.  I want to thank everyone that had a part in the making of this new disc.  Thank you to our friends and family for listening to rough demos, unmixed demos, un-mastered demos, recording sessions, art work sessions and everything else that goes into making a new album.  This was honestly one of the most stressful things I have ever done and I am so happy to be releasing this music to the world.  Most importantly I want to thank the 3D In Your Face fans all over the world for always being there and supporting us no matter what.  Now it's your turn to hear the real story behind the new album.
Friday, Dec. 13th Hot Rod's Birthday Celebration at The 21st Saloon. 

Let me take you back to Thursday Dec. 5th 2013.  The day before the album release show our Sound Engineer Troy Way sent picture texts to everyone in the band (except The Playboy, don't ask), letting us know that the new CD's had arrived in the mail.  We knew we were going to be cutting it close but this was tight.  I raced through my radio show HAIR IN THE AIR on The Big O 101.9 and headed over to the production shop to finally get a glimpse of our baby.  As I walked in I gazed upon 5 boxes full of 250 CD's apiece.  If you have never seen 1,000 CD's with your face on the cover, it's quite the visual to take in.  Troy and I cracked the first disc and examined every inch of the artwork for roughly an hour.  Let me tell you I was on cloud nine.  I grabbed a box and headed to rehearsal.  At the 3D studios Hot Rod and I marveled at the art work.  Soon The Playboy and Sniper rolled in.  We were all ecstatic.  Then someone asked if we had put the disc in a player just to make sure it worked.  Why would we?  I have heard the songs 1,000 times.  So Hot Rod puts the disc in the CD player and none of us can believe what is coming out of the speakers.  COUNTRY MUSIC.  Our hearts sunk.  The disc manufacturers put a 6 song country bands music on our brand new Rock N Roll record.  I was hit with what seemed like a panic attack.  Sniper just started laughing.  What could we do.  We were now the proud owners of 1,000 3D In Your Face CD's with country music on the flip side of the disc.  It seemed like the longest night I have ever lived.  The next morning Hot Rod got on the horn and had 100 limited edition CD's made up by a local manufacturer to cover us for the launch party.  Looking back now I find it one of the most Spinal Tap things to ever happen to a band.  The original manufacturer cover all the expense and is producing the right 1,000 CD's for our winter tour.  If you could only imagine the phone calls that happened that night.  I took a video of Sniper demoing the album for you.  I held on to it because I figured down the line this would be a great watch and I was totally right.  Check it out.  This is right in the thick of our panic the night before the "Midnight Devils" launch.

This Friday, Dec. 13th we are back at The 21st Saloon to celebrate The Man, The Myth, The Legends birthday.  Our beloved lead singer Alan 'Hot Rod' King will be celebrating another year of melting faces and destroying souls.  We are throwing one hell of a birthday celebration and we are inviting each and everyone of you to the party.  For you musically inclined people out there are bringing in our good friend DJ Steve to do 80's ROCK N ROLL karaoke during our breaks.  I have now been in a band with Hot Rod for 9 years and I am thankful everyday that I decided to join up with this Rock N Roll circus.  Come out and celebrate not only Hot Rod but 3D In Your Face.  Don't forget to pick up a copy of our new album "Midnight Devils" available via iTunes, eBay, and our merchandise table.




Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Midnight Devils Album Launch, "Bleed Betty Bleed" Lyric Video

Hello all you metal maniacs out there.  Welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, the official blog of 3D In Your Face.  Sorry for my absence but I decided to take a week off from HAIR IN THE AIR to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well.  Boy do I have a lot to be thankful for.  As most of you know the week is upon us.  That's right we are in hell week.  The week leading up to the release of our new record Midnight Devils.  How long have I been posting about this.  Well the albums have been shipped and we will be officially releasing our fourth studio album Midnight Devils this Friday Dec. 6th at The 21st Saloon, on 96th and L st. in Omaha.  Have no fear if you can't make the show Midnight Devils will be available via Itunes.  We are also starting an ebay store and I will be shipping out hard copies of the album to all you hair metal hounds across the world.  I will have more links posted as soon as they are available.  We have been getting an amazing response from our first single "Generation Durt".  If you haven't heard it you can stream it and download it for free right here.

For this weeks HAIR IN THE AIR blog I wanted to give you something very special.  I worked on this bad boy for way to many hours.  I have always wanted a lyric video of one our songs and what better way to celebrate the new record than with "Bleed Betty Bleed" as a lyric video.  That's right kiddies.  3D In Your Face lyric video HAIR IN THE AIR exclusive.  COUNT IT.  I hope you enjoy this.

3D In Your Face - Bleed Betty Bleed (lyrics)

Like I said before we will be having an album launch this Friday, Dec. 6th at The 21st Saloon.  We have teamed up with our good friends at Fuse Weekly to bring you one hell of a Rock N Roll show.  For this show we will be playing the entire Midnight Devils album front to back for our first set.  This has never before been done at a 3D In Your Face show.  Don't worry the second and third set we will serve out piping hot pills of your favorite 80s hair metal.  An all original set of 3D In Your Face material.  How excited are you?  Saturday Dec. 7th we are moving the Midnight Devils album launch down the street to The Shark Club 2808 S 72nd St, Omaha.  This place is wild.  Probably one of the coolest looking bars in Omaha.  They even have a live shark tank.  BAAAAMMM.  Catch us either night or make a weekend out of this.  I hope you are ready.

Special thanks to Skid at Sleaze Roxx for the album promotion and Jim at Loudnezz Magazine.  You guys rock.



Tuesday, November 19, 2013

First Single From The New Album Streaming Right Here. HITA Exclusive.

Hello everybody and welcome back to HAIR IN THE AIR.  Tonight I am very proud and honored to bring you something that is very near and dear to me.  This will be the shortest blog I have ever written.  A few months ago I promised you new music from 3D In Your Face.  I promised you a new album.  Well tonight I deliver the goods exclusively to my HAIR IN THE AIR fans.  Here is the first single "Generation Durt" off of our brand new studio record "Midnight Devils".  Feel free to share this and post up comments.  I want to know what you think.  We will be releasing "Midnight Devils" on Friday, Dec. 6th at The 21st Saloon.  If you can't attend the show I will have the album available for download on itunes and purchase through our new Ebay store.  With out any further adieu here is the first single "Generation Durt"

This Friday, Nov. 22nd we will be back at The 21st Saloon.  This will be our second annual Thanksgiving show.  We will be teaming up with Youth Emergency Services to raise money for homeless children and teens in the Omaha Metro area.  Friday's show will be an ugly sweater contest with prizes from Bizarre Body Art, Omaha Funny Bone, Hog Stop BBQ and Blue Barn Theatre Omaha.  DJ House will be on hand to MC this magical evening as well as an appearance from The Duct Tape Transformers.  See you on Friday.



Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Need More Cowbell" Tour Diary. Veteran's Day Blog.

HELLO! Welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The official blog of 3D In Your Face.  I am damn excited this week, kind of the same as every week.  I love this blog and I want to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to read this.  I know I bombard you with 3D In Your Face stuff everyday but here at HAIR IN THE AIR, I get to really let it all hang out and tell you how I really feel.  This weeks blog is about something very close and dear to my heart.  Here in The States we celebrated Veteran's Day.  I know I did a Veteran's post last year so I wanted to do something new and different for your reading pleasure.  This summer we as a band were blessed to do a few shows with two US Army Vets as honorary roadies.  This blog is going to be a tour diary about the "Need More Cowbell Summer Tour 2013".  I know it's a little late but I was saving this for a good time.

"Need More Cowbell Summer Tour Diary Day 1"
I'm not quite sure how all the stars align but we were scheduled two road shows, a Friday in Fremont (my hometown) and Saturday in Norfolk (opening for Warrant).  The weeks leading up to these shows Sniper informed us that a few of his Army buddies would be coming along to make the dates with us.  I was very excited and nervous.  Things can get a little wild out on the road.  Friday was the first day and we arrived in Fremont at 3 PM for load in.  I remember it being the hottest day of the summer and we were loading in on a concrete slab a few guys short.  So everyone was crabby.  We worked our asses off and just about on cue Sniper rolls up as the last case is being shut.  Jim, Dan, and Sniper walk up and we exchange pleasantries.  Dan looks at me and says "Hey, are we going to rock this joint tonight or what?"  "Absolutely" I replied.  "Where is the music?" Dan asks.  I tried to explain that we weren't up and running but before I could finish he says "You, shut the hell up and crank that shit to 11".  I knew at this moment that we were going to have a lot of fun.  The guys help unpack the guitars and took a ton of pictures.  I can only imagine what they thought of little old Fremont, NE.  Jim and I got off on the right foot as he was a huge KISS fan and had just returned from seeing Motley Crue in Vegas.  One thing you muts know about Dan is that he was wounded in combat and lost one of his legs.  When ever he is asked about the "bionic limb" he replies "Thanks for paying for it with your tax dollars and would you like to give her a spin".  The guys ended up hanging out with us while we got dressed and usually we don't allow visitors on our bus.  The show was great and I truly believe the guys had a blast.  We ended the night with "Were Not Gonna Take It", Dan and Jim joined us on stage beating the hell out of two cowbells donated by The Playboy.  Probably the thing that blew my mind the most was that they both stayed and helped us load out.  They literally packed the trailer and bus before they left.  Stand up fellas.

"Need More Cowbell Tour Diary Day 2"
After a very cozy night spent on the bus, and a nice 11 AM wake up by the bar staff we were headed to Norfolk to play The Off Road Ranch Bike Festival with our heroes Warrant.  Might I mention that we ended up watching Van Wylder the night before, one of the last three remaining movies left on our bus.  The trip to Norfolk was great.  We had frozen pizza and coffee.  Couldn't ask for more.  Little did we know that the temperature had dropped while we were sleeping and now was right around 50 degrees and holding for the whole day.  We arrived right on time but unfortunately Warrant was late which is very typical of these big shows.  So we loaded some gear and Sniper, Jim, and Dan arrived a little later.  What you have to realize about these big shows is that Warrant was the headliner so the get the first run at the stage.  When they finally arrived things weren't right with their sound guy and they delayed sound check by two hours.  Things were really tense.  No one was talking to the Warrant guys and they seemed upset.  Jim and Dan not really seeming to care wanted the guys in Warrant to sign their 82nd Airborne Flag.  Having traveled all this way they didn't even think twice about walking up on the stage and striking up a conversation with Joey Allen.  I was blown away.  Turns out a few months after this show Jim was invited back to another Warrant show in North Carolina.  Crazy how these things work out.  Warrant ended up going on early and we played after their set.  I remember it being so cold but the crowd was so into us.  We played better than I ever remember playing.  For "Were Not Gonna Take It", Jim and Dan came out and played the cowbells.  I looked over to the side of the stage and I see Jim betting the hell out of this cowbell.  Wood chips were flying everywhere.  We laughed so hard in those two days and I was so honored just to hang out with these heroes that I can now call friends.  Truth be told I was more honored to shake their hands than I was to shake the hands of Warrant.

To my new friends and all those that served.  Thank you.

Friday, Nov. 15th we are at The 21st Saloon in Omaha, NE.  Our good buddy Tuco's antique shop Benson Bazaar will be sponsoring the show as well as your favorite Glam Gore Girls.  Those wild girls will be on hand to make your blood boil and your senses run wild.  Omaha Night Life will be honoring the band with and award and we will be featured on their site as the Band of the Week.  They will be there filming the show for a video that will be featured on  Saturday, Nov. 16th we are making a return visit to Grand Island, NE.  The Full Circle Venue will be hosting us for a special one night only performance.  We can't wait to see all of our western Nebraska fans again.  Also don't forget to listen to my radio show HAIR IN THE AIR, this Saturday 8 pm to 10 pm on The Big O 101.9FM.




Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It Was A One In A Million Shot Doc. Happy Birthday Diane.

MY WALLET IS GONE! Hey everybody out there in the heavy metal promise land.  Welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official blog of 3D in Your Face.  Things are positively boiling over here on my end.  There is so many things I need to tell you and I am so bad at keeping secrets.  First and foremost, I said this a few weeks back but I hope you are ready for one wild winter.  Our 2013 tour keeps trudging on and there is no sign of it slowing down in 2014.  Thanks to all of you Zombies that came out to celebrate one more night of Halloween at The 21st Saloon last Friday.  What a great party!  If you haven't yet made it out to The 21st Saloon, I'm not really sure if we can be friends.  Nah, just kidding.  The big big news of the week is that the brand new album has been officially mastered and it is being passed around to our close friends.  We are waiting on some feed back before we go ahead and release the single.  I almost can't wait any longer.  Should I give my loyal HAIR IN THE AIR fans a little taste or wait until I officially can say we have a single?  That is the question.  The album art work is being finished up and we just got some proofs back from the disc makers.  Things are going to be happening really quickly and I hope you are ready.  I don't know if I can contain myself.  I just want to give it all to you.  A huge thanks goes out to one of my best friends and our legendary sound men Troy Way.  He has been the one responsible for the mix-down of this new record.  The guy has to listen to use every night and then field texts and calls from us on his days off.  I love you Troy.  YOU MADE ME SOUND AWESOME.  The dream is about to become reality.  
Friday, Nov. 8th The Intergalactic Party of The Century at The 21st Saloon
I had a lot of trouble deciding what to write about this week.  As if that is different than any other week.  I feel we are all so creatively drained from the making of this record that I don't really have much to talk about.  Two years in the works and we are within a month of the release.  That has to be something there.  On top of the new record I am working on creating a new website for the band.  This has been one of those projects that you do because you love but you hate every minute of staring at that damn computer screen.  Sniper asked me the other day "Do you think all of this hard work will pay off?".  I responded "Absolutely".  I firmly believe if we are true to ourselves and to our fans there is nothing that can stop us.  This is all building to something huge.  
Got The Sixx Blackbird up and running this week thanks to Dietz Music Lincoln. 
I am going to leave you with that for this week but don't worry.  My loyal fans here on HAIR IN THE AIR will be the first people to listen to the new single from the new 3D In Your Face record.  Hint-It's coming within the next two weeks.  
Downtown Diane - Sweat D.  Her parents would be so proud. 
This Friday we will be celebrating our merchandise girl Downtown Diane Corring's Birthday at The 21st Saloon.  Diane has been with us for roughly 8 months (forgive me if this is wrong).  She has seen a lot and we have become very good friends over the last year.  Diane is an amazing person and her passion for music and Rock N Roll runs very deep.  Diane and I have almost died together on the 3D In Your Face Tour bus, we have weather 40 degree outside shows in Norfolk, NE and 110 degree summer festivals in small town Iowa.  I've seen her nearly rip a girls head off for getting to close to us.  Most of all she always shows up with a smile and never leaves until the last cable is packed away.  Never afraid to get her hands dirty Diane has become an amazing addition to The 3D In Your Face Family.  We are all very blessed to have her on the road with us.  Not to mention she never even bats an eye at the dick and fart jokes that tend to erupt in the backstage areas.  A true road warrior.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks for being apart of this.  We all love you a lot.  

As stated above we are playing this Friday, Nov. 8th at The 21st Saloon.  We are teaming up with Krypton Comics and Gloss Hair Salon to bring you The Intergalactic Party of The Century.  Super hero night at The 21st Saloon.  There will be an appearance by The Duct Tape Transformers,  if you missed them last time you wont want to miss their return trip.  These guys will bring the house down.  This party will be hosted by our good friend DJ House.  Saturday, Nov. 9th we are taking a little road trip to Salem, NE to play a special one night only performance at The Big Red Inn.  Just follow the link for directions to the venue.  If you are looking for a wild small town bar with lots of attitude The Big Red Inn is going to be bouncing Saturday night.  I heard they hired Patrick Swayze and they are changing the name of the bar to The Road House in honor of our show.  Time to get loud Salem.  See you out there on the road.



Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Do Zombies Enjoy KISS As Much As I Do?

Hello all you heavy metal maniacs out there in huge hair land.  Welcome back to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Week by week we keep getting closer to the day that our brand new album will be released.  I don't have a release date yet for you but I can tell you that today "Midnight Devils" (this is the album title) went to Ware House Studios in Omaha to be mastered today (10-29-13).  I'm not going to lie to you I have always wanted to say "yeah my album is being mastered".  It's kind of silly but hey, this is my blog I can be silly if I want to.  We had a blast last weekend with three one night-ers in a row.  Thank you to everyone that came out to support us as this tour rages on.  A special thanks to all those that dressed up like Sniper and I, (VA, Justin, and Sara).  To everyone else that came in costume you ROCKED OUR FACES OFF.  Speaking of costumes this Friday, Nov. 1st we are throwing a special Zombie Apocalypse Ball at The 21st Saloon with The Zombie research Society hosted by DJ House.  There will be a zombie costume contest, prizes, and giveaways. 
Friday, Nov. 1st Zombie Apocalypse Ball at The 21st Saloon.  Brought to you by Zombie Research Society.

Halloween 2013 is upon.  In a few days all the ghost, goblins, and demons will be coming out of the wood work for a little trick-or-treat action.  Halloween is always my favorite holiday mostly because I love to see everyone dressed up and ready for a good time.  For me Halloween seems to be a year round event.  Being in a band affords you the luxury of dressing up every night of the week.  You can act crazy and look even crazier and people don't seem to even mind.  Halloween changed for me when I was 15 years old.  Back in those lonely basement days at my parents house, I purchased a KISS makeup kit, a leisure suit and painted myself up as Gene Simmons for the very first time.  DRESSED TO KILL BABY.  Get it?  To top it off I carved a Gene Simmons Jack-O-Lantern and went out for a night of candy and mayhem.  I can tell you almost every year after I painted my face white and donned the mark of the hottest band in the world.  I did it for New Years Eve.  I did it for Fremont High Basketball Games.  I painted my face like KISS every chance I could get.  To become my heroes in the flesh was an amazing transformation for me.  I can't imagine how those guys in the KISS tribute bands feel playing the songs on stage while wearing the makeup.  Halloween every night.  COUNT IT.
Nice pirate shirt.  What the hell?

I was just watching a Star Wars fan documentary about people who have converted their lives over to Star Wars.  I was a big Star Wars fan but I even though this was a little crazy until I started going back through my facebook pictures.  I am that same Star Wars fan only in white and black grease paint and hair spray.  Instead of "Return Of The Jedi", I want to Rock N Roll all night and party every day.  Funny how things come full circle.  If only you could see my apartment and all the KISS memorabilia I have amassed over the years.  I now wonder how I ever got a girls to talk to me in the first place.  I always wondered what my dad thought when he saw me in Gene Simmons makeup?  For this Halloween 2013 I say let it all hang out.  Go out with a bang.  Be yourself and have some fun because one day you will look back and remember that one year you dressed up as KISS and it was the funnest Halloween you ever had.
Hidden Agenda and 3D In Your Face.  Love this.
We are back this Friday, Nov 1st at The 21st Saloon with your day after Halloween Zombie Apocalypse Ball with The Zombie Research Society and hosted by DJ House.  Keep those Halloween costumes around for one more night.  We are doing a zombie costume contest with prizes provided by The Funny Bone and Eye Candy Tattoo.  If you don't have a zombie costume don't worry The Scream Mafia will be on hand you paint you up for $3 or give you a latex zombie look for $5 so you have a fighting chance in the contest.  Get there early this show is going to be brain-eating adventure in Rock N Roll history.  Zombie photos, giveaways, and all the rotting flesh your heart desires.  Saturday, Nov. 2nd we will be doing a special private party in Omaha, NE for some of our great friends.  I can't wait to see you all there.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rule #1 For Being In A Band.............

Hello everybody!!!! You wanted more and baby you always get more.  Welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The official blog of 3D In Your Face.  I have so much to say and so much to tell you but I am short on words this week.  I didn't want to let you down and not deliver my share of the goods.  Big things are in motion and we are coming down to the wire on the new 3D In Your Face record.  The tour is pushing on and there is no sign of letting up (just the way I like it).  Congrats and thank you once again to everyone that came out to support us last week at The 21st Saloon.  We are retiring that set and building a new show for you starting this Friday.  Here are our next three dates right off the bat so you know when and where you can catch us.
Saturday, Oct. 26th Private Party in Des Moines, IA
(Our Des Moines show is by invite only but if you are in the area and want to come say "hi" message me for details)
(Listen live at
Big prizes for those that come dressed as SPADE for SCARE IN THE AIR
As I am writing today's blog I have a list a mile long of things I need to get finished up before I head out to play.  The most exciting thing on the list is listening to the "Troy Way" mix down of the new record.  Sniper and I have had so many conversations about this new album and what it means to us.  As I have posted before I wanted this album to be a step-by-step representation of what we as a band have been through over the last two years.  I want it to reflect the 80's but still be relevant to people today.  I have so many high hopes for this album and truth be told this won't be the end all, be all of 3D In Your Face.  No way.  We are plowing full steam ahead.  I have listened to the new record three or four times and I am very proud of what we have accomplished.  I am proud of our relentless touring and live shows.  Most of all I am proud of our fans.  I keep forgetting that most of all this record is for YOU our fans.  These songs are for YOU, the people that, pardon my phrasing, "Still Believe in Rock N Roll".  

I don't care if critics like the songs, or if the songs get played on the radio, or if a record label thinks the album is cool.  I want to know that our fans like the songs.  The record itself will be an accomplishment but my goal is to reach out and touch you, my audience.  I could go on and on but I want to leave some mystery and excitement.  We all have put a lot of hours into this thing and we would never release something that we don't fully believe in.   

The weekend starts early on Thursday, Oct. 24th.  We will be making our debut at The Ozone Lounge in Omaha as the beginning of Thursday Night Tribute Band Night.  The Ozone is going to be a smaller more intimate setting, but I am looking forward to running our new show.  We play from 7 PM to 10 PM.  Get a hair net because the HAIR is going to be IN THE AIR Thursday night.  Friday, Oct. 25th we are back at The 21st Saloon for our second annual Halloween costume contest apply named SCARE IN THE AIR.  Our good friend DJ House will be on hand to MC the costume contest and prizes will be provided by Bizarre Body Art of Omaha.  There will be prizes awarded to the three best costumes as well as any KISS costumes or SPADE costumes.  Saturday, Oct. 25th we are making the trip to Des Moines, IA to play a private party, but don't let that stop you.  I still want to see you people.  I still want to hang out.  If you are going to be in the Des Moines area Saturday and want to come and hang out just message me for directions and I would be glad to hook you up.  Most of all don't forget rule #1 STAY HYDRATED ON TOUR.  It's going to be a long weekend.  




Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We Are The Midnight Devils!!

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Welcome to the beginning of winter here in America.  Usually I hate the cold weather, snow, and ice.  Tonight I am looking at things in a whole new light.  Don't get me wrong I still hate winters in Nebraska but Sunday night I received a text from our sound engineer Troy, he is officially finished mixing down our new album.  So what does that mean for you, the true Rock N Roll fanatics, it means we are one very big step closer to the release of our brand new album.  Before we go any further I want to thank each and everyone of you for supporting our event last week at The 21st Saloon.  With your help we were able to raise close to $370 for the Inner Beauty Salon at The Methodist Hospital in Omaha.  The Inner Beauty Salon is a specialty salon that deals exclusively with cancer survivors.  We are very honored to be making this donation with your help.  Thanks to the greatest fans in the world.
Friday, Oct. 18th we will be at The 21st Saloon on 96th and L st. Omaha celebrating all your October Birthdays.  
On to the dirty stuff.  If you are a regular reader of HAIR IN THE AIR, you will know that we have been hard at work writing and recording and eventually releasing our new record.  In previous posts I told you it would be released sometime in September, than in late October, maybe even November.  Well I am done giving you dates.  Until I know for sure I will not lead you on anymore.  Mix down has been completed and we are sending the raw tracks to get mastered at the end of October.  We are working on the album art and liner notes as we speak.  Hold on tight this is going to be a fun winter.  For this weeks HAIR IN THE AIR I want to give you a little history on this new album and let you know exactly where I was when we started working on it.  After all this is my first real full length album with a legitimate Rock N Roll band.  I very proud of all these songs and all the work the band has put into them.
I just love this picture of Sniper and I had to include it.  Shot inside The 21st Saloon. 
The running title of the album is "Midnight Devils".  Now this has nothing to do with Satan, demons, or anything evil.  The entire theme of the album is based around "Everyone changes when the sun goes down".  I remember riding around with my friends in Lincoln during the writing of this song and being so overly excited to go out and tear up the town on a Saturday night.  As soon as the sun goes down everyone starts to get excited, things start happening, the possibilities become endless and the normal rules of society no longer apply to you.  "Midnight Devils" is a rallying anthem for all those wild hearts out there that are ready to break away and let their inner beasts free.

The first song I wrote for the "Midnight Devils" album is a song called "Generation Durt".  I was freshly out of rehab and without a band.  I came across a cool band that needed a guitar player and I thought this was my ticket to the stars.  I wrote this song with my medical bills pilling up and things looking very dark.  But I knew that I wasn't alone in this fight and that thousands of people were experiencing the same thing I was.  We the "Generation Durt" was always struggling for a better piece of the pie.  I ended up sitting on this song for a few months until I joined 3D In Your Face.  I brought it in and the guys took to it.
Picture taken at Barry's/ 10 Below in Lincoln, NE
The second song I brought in was the infamous "Bleed Betty Bleed" already a crowd favorite.  I wish this song had a better story.  I was always wanted to write a old school Rock N Roll song.  A song that Jerry Lee Lewis or Elvis Presley would write.  3D In Your Face being a hair band, I thought it was a stretch but I knew the rest of the guys in the band were influenced by the same kind of music.  "Bleed Betty Bleed" just came to me and I used a lot of my experiences growing up in Fremont to paint the picture.  Some of the lines are true and actually happened to me along the way.  "A broken guitar and a broken light.  The walls will be cover in blood tonight.", comes from those kind of punk rock house shows that get a little to out of control.

The song "I Still Believe in Rock N Roll" is kind of a mix up of styles.  Sniper came up with the riff and I already had an idea for this song.  I wanted it to be emotional and inspirational.  Sometimes I feel like I am the only one that still truly believes 100% in the power of Rock N Roll.  The same dream that you have when your sitting in your bedroom at 15 on a Saturday night with KISS posters hanging on your wall.  Some would say "I sold my soul"  I say more like " I bought the majority share".  The song clocks in at 7 minutes long.  I never intended to write an epic it just kind of turned out that way.
The Cool Bus Party Express Bus Omaha
When we set out to write this new record we all agreed that we wanted to make a damn good Rock N Roll record.  We didn't want to be anybody else but ourselves.  My main goal was to make an album that was a little dirtier but honest, a little smellier but had energy for days.  We took our influences and created an album that says exactly how we feel but also expands on our 80s hair metal roots.  I love hair metal but I didn't want to write an album that sounded like it was cut straight out of 1985.  That would've been to easy.  I wanted it to be fresh and new and exciting.  With "Midnight Devils" I truly feel that we have 12 songs that express exactly what 3D In Your Face is.  We started this job 2 years ago and I can almost see the light.  I can't wait for you to hear the final product.

As for the winter tour, as always we rage on into that sweet sweet night.  This Friday Oct. 18th we are back at The 21st Saloon to celebrate birthdays in the month of October.  Michaela Valentin is our unofficial sponsor because she is throwing a birthday party to end all birthdays parties.  Also happy birthday to Todd and Wendy.  So to the rest of you Halloween babies out there I say get your butts to The 21st Saloon and come celebrate with us.  Saturday, Oct. 19th we are teaming up with Omaha Local Music Promotions for another tour of Omaha.  As of 11:31 PM I have not received our schedule but I will post it up as soon as I know.  If you are playing in Omaha let me know we would love to make an appearance at your show.



Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Do You Have The Energy?

HAIR IN THE AIR!  HAIR IN THE AIR!  HAIR IN THE AIR!  Welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  You know you wanted it and I am here to give it to you hard, loud, and fast.  There are a lot of things on my plate as we enter into this new fall season and as this is my blog and you are the people reading it, I want to unload a little of what's going on in our world.  Before we get into the meat and potatoes I want to thank everyone that came out to the 21st Saloon to help us celebrate Octoberfest.  A big thank you to The German American Society of Omaha.  We had a blast.  The show keeps getting better and I am more and more excited to show off how far we have come over the last year.
This Friday, Oct. 11th we will be teaming up with Bikers For Boobies at The 21st Saloon.  Sierra from Sadoo Clothing helped create 50 custom 3D In Your Face pink ribbons to help support breast cancer awareness.  Each ribbon will be for sale at our merchandise table this Friday only.  
Energy remains the name of the game.  We are constantly crafting and creating a show that the 16 year old versions of us would be proud of.  I remember way back in the VFW club in Fremont, NE seeing bands and having my mind blow.  That right there is whats it's all about.  That raw unbridled Rock N Roll energy.  The danger, the destruction, and those pure emotions.  I could care less if there are 10 people sitting in front of me or 1,000.  I want to feel that music deep deep down.  As a musician I am constantly chasing those goosebumps that happen at that magical moment on stage.  That moment when the band is kicking and screaming in unison and all the cylinders are firing to one single motion.   I am there to give each and every person that came to watch us play a damn good rock n roll performance.  No ifs, ands, or buts (even if those butts are tasteful decorated with the KISS logo).  I am there to prove that Rock N Roll is still alive.  Energy.  Energy.  The word keeps dancing around my head.  It's something that I never got from drinking or doing drugs.  It's something that is completely different and even harder to define.  That pure Rock N Roll energy and the search for it.  It comes right down to the way the music makes us (as in the band and the crowd) feel.  The emotions that the music triggers.  I can't help but jump up and down when we bust into an AC/DC song.  It's a primal instinct that courses through my blood.  Energy.  Energy.  I can talk all day about it but until you truly let go and feel it you will never understand.
Chappy, Spade, and The Playboy pre-flight during "Thunderstruck".
I am so very excited to announce a brand new partnership we have entered into.  3D In Your Face would like to official welcome Party Express Bus Omaha to the family.  Party Express Bus will be handling all of our extracurricular activities in and around the Omaha area.  The best part about this whole partnership is that I actually got a chance to sit down with Joe, the owner of Party Express Bus.  Joe turned out to be one of the nicest down-to-earth guys I have ever met.  We chatted for a good hour about music and our future partnership.  It was like talking with an old friend but better.  Two days later Sniper, Chappy, Susan, and I found our self on The Ambassador (a convert city transit bus) cruising Omaha on our own personal promotional tour.  I would like you all to welcome Joe, his wife Alyshia, and Party Express Bus to the 3D In Your Face family.  Get two more Bandito hats because we have some additions to the roster.  A special thanks to Susan from Omaha Local Music Promotions.  Thanks Joe and Alyshia, we are very excited to be working with one of the best in the business.
Thanks to Chasta for the great pics of Sniper and Hot Rod.  3D In Your Face live Saturday Oct. 12th in Lincoln at Barry's.
I know I am getting a little long winded here but I have to throw this in too.  Friday Oct. 11th we are proud to announce we will be teaming up with The Bikers for Boobies for a beat breast cancer show at The 21st Saloon.  There will be giveaways, bobbing for boobies, and even a reverse wet t-shirt contest all hosted by our good friend DJ House.  That's right a reverse wet t-shirt contest.  Instead of the women up there on the stage we are inviting the males to show off what the got under the hood and three lucky women will get to determine the winners.  This will be a photo opportunity you wont want to miss.  Two rounds with the winner taking home the title of Best Chest in The Midwest.  All proceeds will be going to Inner Beauty Salon at Methodist Hospital   Saturday, Oct. 12th we will be invading Lincoln, NE again.  We will be playing a one night only special performance at Barry's in The Haymarket.  Rumor has it that we will be playing in the ice bar known as 10 Below inside of Barry's.  I can't wait to see all of my Lincoln friends out and ready to ROCK SOME FACES OFF.  Are you ready for a fun weekend?




P.S.  Thanks to the band Citrus Club.  You guys brought the party last Saturday night and I enjoyed every minute of it.  My favorite Lincoln band.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Just A Little Taste. Just A Little Touch.

Hello all you heavy metal maniacs out there in Rock N Roll land.  I'm back and you that means it's time for another edition of HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  We have a very special blog for you this week, but trust me I tell you that every week.  Now that we are back home at The 21st Saloon, I have been getting more time to rekindle some old friendships back in our home town of Omaha.  Out on tour I lost sight of how amazing and important our Omaha relationships are.  So my new goal for this winter tour is to focus on conquering Omaha one friend at a time.  Now conquer may sound like a violent word, but I am turning this battle into the most positive thing I can think of.  Omaha has been truly amazing to 3D In Your Face and we are always looking for new ways to give back and make all your Rock N Roll voices heard.  Before we go any farther I want to thank  everyone who came out to The 21st Saloon Friday for The Strip Club Choppers show.  Also a huge thank you to everyone in Lincoln that saw us at Cappy's.  That was the best Cappy's show I have ever been apart of, and I have been around for quite a while.
Friday Oct. 4th 3D In Your Face and The German American Society bring you Octoberfest at The 21st Saloon
This Friday, Oct. 4th I am very happy to announce that we are teaming up with The German American Society to celebrate Ocktoberfest 80's style at The 21st Saloon in Omaha.  That's right break out those awesome hats and polka pants because we are going German on your asses.  We will be decorating the bar in full German regalia and we will be selling giant soft pretzels at the door.  I am also very happy to announce that we will be teaming up with Susan Borchers (aka The Queen of Omaha Rock N Roll) and Omaha Local Music Promotions for the duration of our residency.  Check out her site for all the happenings in the Omaha music scene.
Welcome back to Omaha the loudest hairiest Rock N Roll maniacs.  Leave your inhibitions at the door. 
Omaha Local Music Promotions has been kind enough to take some pictures of our last two shows at The 21st Saloon.  I want to give you people a taste of what you have been missing.

Like I said it above but I really mean it has been an amazing few weeks back in town but I think we need to do something more, something bigger.  I think we need to go out and shock the people.  We need to take this part to the streets.  So Sniper and I have decided we will be going on a little promotional run this Saturday night.  We will be hitting up all the hot venues to not only support our fellow musicians but meet you the fans right in your back yards.  Our promotional itinerary looks a little like this for Saturday night.

Bottomless Glass to visit Hidden Agenda
The Ozone Lounge to visit Citrus Club
Anchor Inn to visit Toy Boxx
Chrome Lounge to visit The Fools.

If you are going to be in the neighborhood please feel free to stop out and say hello.  We want to meet as many of you as possible.  This is going to be a night to remember and now you add the Terror Twins to all of these great shows.  FORGET ABOUT IT.  Somebody last night asked me "Are you in a band?" I of course answered "yes".  Then they ask "Like everyday?", to which I answered "Only for the last ten years."  There are no days off in Rock N Roll.  See you animals out there in the streets.




Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Hairy Bandito Chronicles pt. 4 "As The Cold Sets In".

Hello everybody out there in blogland.  It is time for my favorite part of the week.  It is time for HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Sorry I left you a little high and dry last week.  Some of my brothers from OFFICIALLY TERMINATED, the original Rock N Roll outfit I joined at the tender age of 18, were in town and we got busy catching up on some old times.  Actually I was tried to talk the singer Eric Hansen into guest writing my blog and he shot me down over and over again much like he shot down our friendship, over and over again.  HAHA.  I am back this week and things have been going so well I am excited to catch you up.  Before I get to the good stuff I want to thank you all again for the best summer tour 3D In Your Face has ever had.  We took a week off to regroup and we have launched into our fall/winter tour.  Two weeks ago we resumed our residency at The 21st Saloon.  Every Friday night we will be throwing the wildest, loudest, craziest Rock N Roll party Omaha has ever seen.  We have launched a new 3D In Your Face VIP Table at The 21st Saloon.  Troy (Phase 2) has official begun mix down on the new record, so we are one step closer.  If you have been to any of our shows these last two weeks you have heard some of our new material.  Songs like "Squeeze Me Dry", "Friday Night (Time We Had Our Fun)", "I Still Believe In Rock N Roll", and the title track "Midnight Devils".  We have also been nominated for another Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award.  Thanks for all your votes.  Things are going great and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.  I love being surrounded by you die-hard, heavy metal, HAIR IN THE AIR, Rock N Roll fanatics.

Now on to the good stuff.  The reason why you all came here.  I know it has been quite some time since The Hairy Banditos have surfaced.  I have been getting messages and emails asking if the guys are alright, if anything has happened to them, if they have left the continental United States.  It just so happens Hairy J. Bandito and the boys have been just as busy us, if not more.  If you need to catch up on The Hairy Bandito Chronicles just click here 1, 2, and 3.  That should bring you up to speed.  Lets join our masked shirtless friends way out there on that lonely lonely road.

The Hairy Bandito Chronicles pt. 4
As The Cold Sets In.
The summer is now over and the fall is upon us.  The weather is changing much like the world as we know it.  Evil has begun to rear it's ugly head again.  Where have our heroes The Hairy Banditos been?  The answer truly lies in the question.  The Banditos have been around us all along.  They have been watching ever step and guiding our journeys.  You might not always see our masked heroes but trust me when I tell you, they are always vigilant.  Keepers of the silent code of justice and honor passed down to them from their ancestors.  Much like the valiant knights of old, these strange shirtless protectors have been watching the streets at night.  Guarding the unguardable.  They have been cleaning out the trash and making the world brighter one city at time.  
But evil is always present and always changing.  Hairy J. Bandito and his band of brothers soon will face their biggest foe yet.  A foe that will not only take them to the limits of their strength but test ever fiber of their being.  This evil force has been brought to light by laziness, greed, negativity, anger, hatred, and fear.  An over whelming force that seeks to crush our heroes and anyone else that gets in it's way.  This evil has no name, it has no face, it has no preference.  The darkness is out there and it's coming straight for you.  Will you have the strength to push on and survive?  Will you have the power to stand up against the forces of evil?  The Banditos will be there but they may not be enough. 
Our day of reckoning is upon us.  This is a call to action.  The Banditos need your help in this fight.  Will you join them or will you go down with the ship?  The choice is yours and yours alone.  So you must choose wisely.  What can you do?  Take a stand.  Fight back.  It's time to make your voice heard.  No mask or incredibly nice french cut shorts needed.  A positive attitude is the greatest weapon in this fight.  A frown can kill thousands but a smile can bring the dead back to life.  A "No" leads to certain death but a "Yes" can lead to eternal life.  No creed, no race, no color, NO BARRIERS.  Together we are united as one against the evils that try and hold us down.  
Today you are all deemed Official Banditos.  This is a day that you will remember for the rest of your life.  Wear it with pride because the next person you see could change your life in some way.  Honor the code.  Let truth and justice prevail.   The Hairy Banditos will always be with you but now it's your turn to change the world.  THE HAIRY BANDITOS RIDE!
Now if that's not inspirational I don't know what is.  WOOOO.  3D In Your Face is back and ready for some action this weekend.  Friday, Sept. 27th we will be picking up our residency at The 21st Saloon, on 96th and L st. in Omaha, NE.  Our sponsor for the show is The Strip Club Choppers and they will be hosting a "last fling" motorcycle show in the parking lot of The 21st Saloon.  Get those bikes out for one last hurrah.  Our 3D In Your Face VIP Table is still available this week for only $100.  Email me at  Saturday, Sept. 28th we will be making the road trip to Lincoln, NE to play one of our favorite clubs Cappy's Hot Spot on 48th and Hwy. 2.  This is has been deemed an official headbanger ball party by Cappy's.  So dust off those old KISS t-shirts and leather pants because Saturday night we are going to get a little wild.  Show starts at 9 PM.  We can't wait to see each and everyone of you.  



Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Birthday Celebration. HAIR IN THE AIR turns 1

Hello every one and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog for 3D In Your Face.  I have a very special blog for you this week, but I say that every week.  This week HAIR IN THE AIR is celebrating it's one year birthday.  That's right one year ago today I decided that you people really didn't know enough about me and 3D In Your Face so you needed a weekly blog.  I actually was reading a book at the time about indie musicians and going along with the books advice I decided I needed my own blog.  After one whole year of blogging I have published 49 blogs, with 8,000 viewers from around the world including Germany, France, Russia and the UK.  My goal with this blog was simply to give you a first hand look at what we as a band go through on a week to week basis. I wanted HAIR IN THE AIR to be down-to-earth, no BS, and most of all fun. Although it takes a little time each week to write and publish these blogs, I have been very happy with the results.  Most of all I am happy to have made some new friends along the way.  Thank  you to each and everyone of you for all the love and support, for reading this blog, sharing it, and making it a success.  I couldn't do any of this without you.  I was thinking of pulling back my weekly blogs to twice a month after the first year but this has become such a huge part of my life I don't think I can do that to you.  HAHA. Blogger for life.

Enough about the past lets move right on to the good stuff.  Summer 2013 has come to an end and that means we need to shake things up a bit.  This Friday, Sept. 13th we are coming back home to Omaha and will begin our residency at The 21st Saloon.  Things have changed.  We are a year older and a year wiser and that means we have to step up our game for you.  Our goal as a band has always been to make our shows bigger, louder, and wilder than any other band out there (minus KISS).  For this new residency we are taking things to another level.  I know for a fact no other band in Omaha will be throwing a crazy party like this for their fans.  I just got the word from Hot Rod that a new lighting system has been placed inside of The 21st Saloon.  This word gets tossed around a lot but he simply said "Epic", when describing the new U-shaped crowd lighting. Also we spent most of our time off between tours learning a bunch of new songs.  We have roughly 12 new songs that we will be strategically implementing into our new show.  We will be playing song from the new record as well as some new cover tunes that I know you will like.

Along with the new lights and new stage show we will again be implementing a weekly sponsor in order to turn these Friday night shows into the kind of events you would expect from a 3D In Your Face show.  Our first sponsor is Chasta and Dave Cashatt (IN YOUR FACE!).  For their dedication and support they won the 21st Saloon Friday Night Road Show Contest.  They will be awarded the very first 3D In Your Face VIP table.  The new 3D In Your Face VIP table will be available starting Sept 27th.  For $100 you received front row seats, 6 guest passes, 12 drink tickets, a signed 8 x 10 and tour poster, and a meet and greet with the band before the show. If you add it up this is a smoking deal.  We will also be giving away two tickets to Bret Michaels at The Stir Cove on Sept. 13th.  My radio station The Big O 101.9 has been gracious enough to give us two free tickets and we want to give them to you.  All you have to do is sign up and be present to win.  The drawing will be on our second break right before the third set of the night.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHASTA.

In other news, my post last week about my ankle received the most views out of any blog I have ever written.  I'm not sure if it was the painted toe nails or the gruesome foot picture but thank you.  I really appreciate all the love and support.  I am well on my way to making a full recovery and I will certainly be ready for this Friday's show.  They keep telling me I have to take it easy but I know when those lights go down and those amps start humming that there will be no turning back.  A special thanks to my doctor for getting me back in fighting health.

I am also proud to announce that because of you the fans 3D In Your Face has been nominated for best cover band in The 2013 Omaha Arts and Entertainment Awards.  We will be attending the ceremony again and will be going full on HAIR IN THE AIR.  I will have more news and updates when I get them.  Thanks for all the votes.

Don't forget to check out my radio show of the same name HAIR IN THE AIR, every Saturday night from 8 pm to 10 pm on The Big O 101.9.  Please send me some of that facebook love baby.