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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Birds Of A Feather ROCK Together

Hello all you heavy metal maniacs out there.  Welcome back to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  I know I know, I owe you an apology for not writing last week.  I was so busy with making the kick ass SPADE-Custom Air Guitar Trophies that my week slipped away.  But you can believe that I am back this week with a vengeance   A lot of great things have been happening in the hairy world of 3D In Your Face.  Last Saturday we played one of our best shows ever to a 1,000 Wayne's World clad 80's fans at The Century-Link Center.  This is purely my own personal opinion but I think Jason Aldean might have been a little jealous if he had seen the party we where throwing next door (for those that don't know we played at The Century-Link the same night as Jason Aldean).  Our crowd was pure and unadulterated rock n roll energy.  From the first song to the last everyone was on their feet, banging their head, and grooving to the righteous rock n roll grooves.  It has always been one of my goals to play inside of that big bastard in the heart of downtown Omaha, and Saturday we proved that we were more than capable of making the floors shake.

My biggest compliment goes out to our stage manager and guitar tech Chappy.  As a lot of you know we have been out touring hard every week since September 2012.  Now this isn't your normal tour but trust me all the same rules still apply.  After a very long cold winter in Nebraska you can say that we are more than ready to get out and stretch our road legs.  Back to Chappy, before the show started at the Century Link Center you could say we as a bad were a little down in the dumps.  This is nothing to fret about and it happens with all bands.  The roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows consistently wears on you, combine that with stress, hunger, and exhaustion and you get a particularly negative situation in the dressing room.  I know everyone was feeling it and I just didn't know how to snap us out of it before we hit the stage.  In walks Chappy like a massive flood of light in this dark room.  He came in with the biggest smile you have ever seen and started shooting off jokes and putting people in their places.  Knocking everyone down a few pegs.  The mood immediately changed and we commenced with the pre-show dressing room festivities.  If you have ever been in a band or have been around a band an hour before they take the stage you know that this is one of the wildest moments of the entire evening.  This is my golden hour.  I look forward to this moment all damn day. Each guy tries to tell the dirtiest joke he can think of to get the other guys laughing.  Your adrenaline is already sky high in anticipation of the crowd and the music that you inevitably end up going to the bathroom five times in this one hour period.    That proved a little harder in The Century Link Center since the bathrooms were a block away. As we walked through the dressing room to the stage we were all floored by the amount of people dressed in 80's gear.  From Wayne and Garth to neon leg warmers and sideways pony tails.  Every negative thought left my body and I got that all to familiar stage fright rush as we walked out onto our stage.
I know I don't thank Chappy enough for this but I think the real reason we hired him is because his is our rock of  positiveness on the side of the stage.  I thanked him after the show for helping us when we were down and out.  He said some very wise things to me, "I want you to just remember that we are all a family.  It's not just about the four guys in the band up there on the stage.  It's equally about the four guys off the stage and more importantly about the crowd out there on the floor.  All of these things need to come together in harmony for 3D In Your Face to have a successful show."  Powerful buddy.  That set met me back and I haven't been able to stop thinking about that.  We need you the crowd, the fans, the rock n roll fanatics just as much if not more than you need us.  3D In Your Face needed that crowd more than anything in the world that night.  I haven't been able to shake those words and I sure as hell haven't taken them lightly.  As our tour continues I am certain we are going to have more ups and downs.  I think my favorite piece of advice to give when somebody asks me how to survive a tour is "Never be the guy that gets pissed off".  This took me a long time to learn and I went through a few tours as the angry guy.  I wish I could take those moments back. I will say it over and over again.  We have the greatest jobs in the world and I am thankful everyday that I get to play music with my four best friends.  I am one lucky SOB.

This Friday May 3rd brings you the end of our winter tour and the beginning of our spring melt down.  Granted it still might snow.  Welcome to Nebraska.  Friday May 3rd, I am more than excited to bring you the funnest sponsored 3D In Your Face event you have ever been a part of.  We are trowing a TOGA PARTY at the 21st Saloon brought to you by The Strip Club Choppers.  Go out and buy yourself some nice new sheets, pin them around your waist, and grab a few makeshift olive branches because this Friday we are going to do as The Romans did if they had long haired-makeup wearing-rock n roll junkies back then.  TOGA PARTY.  It is time to riot and burn Rome to the ground.  Friday, 3rd at The 21st Saloon 3D In Your Face and The Strip Club Choppers brings you TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Hairy Bandito Chronicles pt. 1

Welcome back all you big haired heavy metal rock n roll junkies.  It is time for another edition of HAIR IN THE AIR, The official blog of 3D In Your Face.  As most of you know we took a weekend trip out to Kearney, NE last Friday and Saturday.  For all of you Omaha fans we missed you a lot.  It has been a long time since we didn't play at The 21st Saloon on Friday night.  I think the break was good, we recharged our batteries and got a little taste of road life before the summer tour season kick into full swing.  We are coming back to The 21st Saloon this Friday April 19th with new sets, new songs, and a ton of new stories.  To all of our faithful Kearney fans and to all our new Kearney fans all I can say is, holy hell you know how to throw a out-of-control Rock N Roll party.  Both nights you packed Shooters to capacity, I even heard there was a line out the door on Saturday night.  I don't believe I have ever sweated so much on stage as I did Saturday night.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We love coming to Kearney and we will be back again in July.

 Now on to the good stuff.  For a few months now I have been playing something really fun for our fans.  This is something out of the ordinary but I hope you enjoy this as much as we do.  Without any further adieu I am pleased to bring you the newest superheroes of Rock N Roll.

You may be asking yourself who are The Hairy Banditos, why should I care, and why do the wear bandannas over their faces?  This will all be explained shortly.  I need you to trust me on this one.  Sit back and relax and let me take you on an epic journey of love and loss, of heroism in the face of evil, and Rock N Roll adventure beyond your wildest dreams.

Our story starts many years ago in a small south of the boarder town called, Chiapa de Corzo.  In Chiapa de Corzo 4 sons were born to a working class family that went by the name Sanditos.  The Sandito family was like any other family in the area.  Papa Sandito was a chef and even owned his own restaurant serving the best food in the world to all the local families.  Mama Sandito was an artist and painted pictures for government officials.  The boys grew up on a steady diet of Zorro reruns, professional and non professional hockey, and KISS bootleg VHS tapes. They soon worked their way into Papa Sandito's kitchen where they helped him wash dishes and empty grease traps.  Around the time the boys were old enough to remember, civil war broke out in Chiapa de Corzo and The Cartel families took over their small little town.  The Sandito family like most other families in the area tried to fight of the invaders.  Wearing red and white dish towels over their faces to conceal their identities, and dawning the traditional family Sombrero, The Sandito family watched as The Cartel's ravaged their town.  Fearing for their children's safety, Mama and Papa Sandito sent the four brothers North to live with their uncle in the Midwestern        United States.  

The journey was long and hard and the four brothers made a vow to never leave each other's side and to never give in to the face of evil, no matter what it looked like.  In the United States the four brothers encountered a difficult road.  They looked different and talked different than most people, but these four brave souls were determined to succeed at all costs.  One moon-less night after a particularly bad day at their meaningless jobs, the four Sandito brothers gathered together outside of their homes.  That night they made a blood oath to themselves, to their parents, and to the world.  They would strike down evil and fight for the underdog.  They would help those that can't help themselves.  They would ride the world of hatred and malice.  That night they would unite to become the superhero vigilante group know as The Hairy Banditos.  Lead by their leader Harold S. Bandito, The Hairy Banditos struck out across the United States.  From coast to coast exacting justice on all wrongdoers in their paths.  Never forgetting their oath and their pride The Hairy Banditos ride ever vigilantly into that dark night.  Evil beware there is a new sheriff in town.  You will know them by their trademark sombreros, bandannas, and rather tight fitting shorts.  When ever there is trouble call on The Hairy Banditos, for they are never far away and will always be there to save the day.

I hope you like this little story.  There will be more coming from The Hairy Banditos, and watch out this summer you might just be sitting next to one and never realize it.  We are very excited this week to finally be bringing you the first ever 3D In Your Face Tattoo contest.  On Friday, April 19th at The 21st Saloon we will be teaming up with Bizarre Tattoo out of Omaha for this wild contest.  There are going to be two categories.  The first category is for best tattoo.   All you have to do is sign up at our merchandise booth and you will be judged along with the other contestants.  The first place prize for best tattoo is going to be $100 tattoo gift card to Bizarre Tattoo.  The second category is for worst tattoo or most in need of a cover up.  Same rules apply here.  All you have to do is sign up at our merchandise booth and you will be judged along with all the other contestants.  The winner will also receive a $100 dollar tattoo gift card to Bizarre Tattoo.  All KISS tattoos automatically get 5 extra credit points in the standings.  Also on Friday we will be setting up a silent auction for the custom painted and signed 3D In Your Face guitar.  All proceeds will be going to The Make-A-Wish foundation.  There will be a sheet sitting at our merchandise table where you can place your bid for the guitar before it makes its way to The Make-A-Wish Gala.  Omaha we are back and better than ever.  I can't wait to see you all at The 21st Saloon this Friday.




Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Chris 'Sniper' Hineline- The Art of Shredding

Hello everyone and welcome back to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog for 3D In Your Face.  You thought I forgot about you, didn't you?  I had a rather rough week last week and I thought it would be better if I just didn't post a blog up.  A moment of silence if you will.  This week I am back and better than ever and I have a very special blog for you this week.  First of all I would like to take a minute and thank everyone that came out and saw 3D In Your Face last weekend.  Our Friday Omaha show at The 21st Saloon was out of control.  We celebrated Sniper's birthday in true Rock N Roll fashion.  Sioux City, you blew our mind again and again.  Thank you to all of our fans for coming out and meeting us for a wild night in The Sewer.  We over-nighted it out of Sioux City to Papillion, NE grabbed a few hours of sleep and woke up early to play The Totally Rad 80's 5K Run at Werner Park.  Let me tell you that is one of the funnest 80's themed parties 3D In Your Face has ever played and it happened on a Sunday before noon.  Just imagine, if you will, 1200 runners all dressed in neon spandex, teased hair, and sunglasses.  That is what happened to me this Sunday.  How was yours?

The real reason we are here to today is to celebrate the man, the myth, and the legend Chris 'Sniper' Hineline.  Happy Birthday buddy you deserve it.  If you haven't guessed yet our guitar player Sniper will be officially celebrating his birthday this weekend in Kearney, NE with two wild nights at Shooters.  Before I get into that I want to take you on a little trip.  I first met Sniper before he was the leather pants, leather jacket, HAIR IN THE AIR shred-a-holic you all know and love.  In March of 2011 3D In Your Face found itself in quite the situation.  We were out on a two day tour and the second night our old guitar player decided to leave the band for good.  We were in Wayne, NE at The National Rugby Tournament and there were 1000 thirsty punters descending on the venue eager to blow of some steam and listen to some Rock N Roll music. We were up the creak.  We were in the shit and nobody knew what to do or who to call.  Our old bass player had apparently jammed with Chris a few times and knew he was good.  A few calls were made and a couple hundred miles later Sniper arrived and my life hasn't been the same since.  Sniper walked in with 4 guitars which was three more than the old guitar player and played in front of 1000 toga-clad rugby players.  It was hot, it was sweaty, and to top it all of Sniper had to play through a make-shift PA instead of a guitar rig.  He nailed every song on the list perfectly without even complaining about the lack of accommodations.  I knew that night that I had a new best friend and this was going to be a really fun band again.  Two years later we have had the ride of a lifetime and things just keep getting better.  Thank you Snype for the best two years of my life.  We couldn't have done any of this without you.

Sniper's musical career started in a galaxy far far away.  The place was called The 80's.  It was a strange and magical place were Rock N Roll reigned supreme as the king of all music.  In 1980 a gallon of gas cost you $1.38, a stamp cost .$.15 and a dozen eggs ran you a whooping $.90.  Snyper's first real band was formed and started playing shows in this other realmly world.  The band was called Middle Earth.  Middle Earth started out playing parties and cover tunes by Van Halen, Black Sabbath, Ted Nugent, and Foghat.  After Middle Earth split up a year latter in 1981, Sniper joined Factor from '81 to 83.  A power trio, Factor cut it's teeth in local Omaha bars and parties playing Rush, Triumph, and Van Halen covers.  In 1984, Sniper joined his first glam band as the hair metal movement was sweeping the world.  Stacks was formed and played bigger outdoor shows and Omaha rock clubs.  On the set list was UFO, Motley Crue, Ratt, Ozzy, and of course Van Halen.  Stacks lasted until 1985 when Sniper joined his first real road band Justin Morgan.  For those keeping score at home, yes in fact the same Justin Morgan that Alan 'Hot Rod' King played in.  Justin Morgan played 6 nights a week and traveled the country playing originals and cover tunes.  In those days you didn't need a job and Sniper was no exception to the rule.  He was a career musician on the road living like a dirty Rock N Roll gypsy.  In 1987 Dallas, TX called and Sniper joined forces with a metal band called Sheer Threat.  The gig didn't last long and he soon found himself in Cincinnati, OH with an outfit called Witch Way.  For the better part of 6 months he traveled up and down the East Coast playing shows.  Later in 1988 Sniper moved to Detroit to join forces with a sleaze rock band called LA Trace.  The band toured playing original and covers of Guns N Roses, Skid Row, and LA Guns.  As the 80s turned into the 90s Sniper moved back to Omaha and joined a band called October.  Three years later in 1994 Monster Zero was formed as an Omaha based road band and lasted for 7 years.  "We did a lot darker stuff by Alice In Chains,  Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Sound Garden until I convinced them to play more Poison, VH and Crüe. We recorded a CD that was played on the radio !!! Once.".  
In 2001 Sniper took a break from music to serve his country in The Army.  Upon returning in 2006, he joined Pranxter.  Pranxter was an Omaha cover band that scored a lot of fans and climbed through the ranks of the cover band circuit.  The stuck to their guns and played Rock N Roll music and their fans responded by packing their shows and supporting Pranxter all the way until 2011, when they decided to call it a day.  This ultimately brings us back to that day in late March 2011 in Wayne, NE.  The last two years have been a wild ride and I wouldn't change any of it for the world.  Sniper has become our quarterback on stage.  He is the best musician I have ever met ever since I have met him and joined 3D In Your Face I have spent more and more time in the practice room learning bass riffs and writing songs.  He constantly inspires me to practice hard, play hard, and never ever give up.  Sniper is a true Rock Star in my book.  When he tells stories of the old days, I know to shut up and listen because he has been there and done things that I could only dream of.  From day one I knew that we would end up being best friends.  I think it had to do with both loving KISS, but honestly there was more than that.  Every time I look to my left and see him on stage I smile (also when I am laying in bed after a show and my ears are ringing).  3D In Your Face has become quite a family and I thank God every night for the guys in my band (I also thank God for Rock N Roll but that is between me and Him).  

This Friday and Saturday April 12th and 13th we will be celebrating Snipers actual birthday on the road in Kearney, NE.  We will be doing two nights at Kearney Shooters.  That's right 3D In Your Face will be throwing the biggest 80's Rock N Roll bash Kearney, NE has ever seen and you are all invited to partake.  Now Shooters is a country bar but don't let that stop you.  These guys really know how to throw the Rock N Roll bash of a lifetime.  We will be serving up hot-sticky-sweat piles of dirty HAIR IN THE AIR melt your face off Rock N Roll by the bucket full.  Also be sure to tune I will be doing two interview for this show.  The first will be Thursday afternoon on 91.1 KLPR around 1:45.  The second interview will be Friday on NTV aroun 12:45.  Tune in and get your free SPADE fix live on the air.  Look out Kearney 3D In Your Face is coming.  Get those signs out.