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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rock, Rock, Rock N Roll Radio

HELLO all you fiends, friends, and fanatics.  Welcome to another edition of HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  I have a very special blog for you tonight but before I get into it I want to let you know about next weeks blog.  Next week and for three weeks after I will be handing the reins of HAIR IN THE AIR over to Jim Kaufman, a long time 3D In Your Face fan and personal friend.  Jim is the creator of The 3D In Your Face Army page on Facebook.  He will be interviewing each member of the band and asking the tough questions that you want to know.  Next week, Jim will start by interviewing me (Spade).  So if there are some questions that you would like to ask please go to The 3D In Your Face Army page, like the page and send him a message with your question for any of the boys in the band.  How exciting is this going to be?
Friday, Jan. 31st we return to The 21st Saloon.
For this weeks blog I want to get the word out about a few radio shows that we will be taking part in this week.  Get those calendars out and mark these dates down.  Don't worry the I will blow up your Facebook news feed anyways.  If you didn't know I graduated from The University of Nebraska with a major in Broadcast.  I have always loved the excitement of live radio especially hard rock and heavy metal radio.  So it comes as no surprise that I have been scouring the internet finding stations that are interested in playing our music and interviewing me about our new release, "Midnight Devils".  Let me tell you radio is not dead.  A subculture of amazing DJ's, hardcore fans, and long time listeners have been keeping radio alive for years.  I am very honored to be associate with all of these.  Take a look and listen you might like what you find.

Wednesday, Jan. 29th we will be featured on The Jim Santora Rockcast.  Jim is no stranger to Rock N Roll radio.  He has been destroying air waves since 1987.  His show The Jim Sanotra Rockcast has been alive since 2007.  Every week he pits three independent bands against each other in The Triple Threat Match.  At the end of the match all the fans vote and the winner survives to fight another week.  3D In Your Face has been the reigning champs for 4 weeks running (our goal is 10 weeks).  Please do us a favor this week tune in at 8 PM CST at, listen to the Rockast, vote for 3D In Your Face, and join the revolution.

Thursday, Jan 30th DJ Yentonian will be playing our first single on Birmingham Steel on 107.5 Switch Radio out of the UK.  Tune in at 2 PM CST.
Also on Monday Feb, 3rd DJ Yentonian will be playing our lead of track "Forbidden City" on Monday Night Ruthless Attitude on Midlands Metalheads Radio.  Tune in at 3 PM CST.

Saturday, Feb 1st is going to be the night I will be destroying terrestrial radio.  First of all at 8 PM CST, my own radio show HAIR IN THE AIR will be playing on The Big O 101.9 FM.  I will be spinning the loudest hair metal and Rock N Roll I can possibly find.  As you get ready to go out I will be getting your ear holes nice and loosened up.
At 12 AM CST, Feb 2nd I will be stepping into the KZUM studios with Dr. Rock and The Medicine Show.  Dr. Rock is dedicated to true music variety, the way radio was meant to be.  The great Dr. has been on the since 2003.  He will be spinning the entire 3D In Your Face discography (4 albums) and I will be doing a live interview to talk about our newest release.  Drink some more coffee you are going to want to stay awake for this interview.
Check out the new tour flyer created by our resident photographic genius CHAPPY.  
Monday, Feb 3rd I will be on The Jungle Radio Show on WXAV out of Chicago.  I did an amazing interview with the one and only BC, The reigning kind of Chicago hair metal, and he will be airing our conversation Monday night.  This show starts at 9 PM CST.  BC was truly one of the funnest interviews I have done, a true Glam Rock/Hair Metal pioneer.  This one is going to be a fun listen.  .

If you know somebody with a Rock N Roll radio show or you are a DJ that is interested in setting up an interview or spinning our new album please email me at  I promise to respond to everyone.

Sorry for the long blog.  Lots of stuff to chat about.  Most importantly don't forget we will be back at The 21st Saloon on Friday, Jan. 31st.  Our sponsor for the evening will be D-Rocks Music out of Papillion, NE.  They will be giving away some D-Rocks t-shirts and talking about all things musical.




Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Say Hello To My Little Friend". Happy Birthday Mike Cloyd.

HEAVY METAL JUNKIES HELLO!!  Welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  I have a very special blog for you this week.  Enough with the hoopla, I am going to get straight to the point.  The newest addition to the 3D In Your Face family is celebrating a birthday this week.  One of the major players on the side of the stage that never gets the thanks they deserve.  One of the people that are responsible for the amazing show put together week in and week out.  A great friend and one hell of a lighting tech and pyro tech.  A man of few words but when he does speak it usually lands me on the floor laughing my ass off.  Ladies and gentleman please help me wish our lighting guy and all around good buddy Mike Cloyd a very happy birthday.  

As much as Mike will probably hate this blog, this has to be said.  I first met Mike a few years ago when he was running lights for Sniper's other band Pranxter.  Little did I realize this would turn into an awesome friendship that would last for a long time.  A few months down the line 3D In Your Face started doing shows again and we needed someone who knew what they were doing to take our show into hyper drive.  Mike came in with a truck load of explosives and a great attitude.  He was excited which in turn made us excited.  Before the show started Mike wired up everything into the truss and gave us a little warning, I believe we were playing The Chrome that night.  Not only is he a great light man he is also a licensed pyro technician with Nightvision Fireworks.  Right before we took the stage he told us there would be some big booms and to stand at the front of the stage during the fire songs.  I thought to myself "Yeah yeah I've heard a few booms and felt a little fire on my back".  As we hit the sweet spot on the first song "WHABOOOM".  The blast was so loud that shook all the dust off of the ceiling at The Chrome.  At that moment  I was impressed.  This moment started my love affair with explosions at 3D In Your Face shows.  The other great story about this night started when we kicked into Hot For Teacher.  As you know The Playboy starts the song and Sniper comes in with some face melting.  I told Mike to not blast the fire cannon until after I jumped over it.  My cue came and I ran and launched out onto the stage.  At the exact moment I jump I passed through the flame tower.  My brush with fire.  I didn't get burned but the entire club filled up with the pungent stench of burning hair.  THANKS BUDDY.  LOVE YOU.

Mike Cloyd has been our lighting techician full time for about 6 months now.  If you have ever seen a show at The 21st Saloon you will agree with me that he is one of the most talented technicians in his field.  Every song, every beat, every night.  I want to personally thank you Mike, for everything you have done and for standing behind this band (lighting us perfectly).   If you get a chance hang back and just look at the light show that is going on during our shows.  You will get a new appreciation for what this man does week in and week out.  Also if you get a chance this Friday at The 21st Saloon go back to Front of House and wish him a happy birthday from me.  A true professional that has been doing this for longer than I have been playing music.  I love sitting and listening to the stories when Sniper and Mike get going about the old days.  A guy that has seen it all and lived to blow it up.  You can expect some special things this summer from Mike and the rest of our crew.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY.

This Friday, Jan. 24th we are back at The 21st Saloon.  Our sponsor for the week is Victory Riding Academy.  We are doing a benefit for this charitable organization that helps firefighters, police officers, and veterans get back in the saddle.  There will be prizes provided by Victory Riding Academy as well as a barrel race with some stick ponies out on the dance floor.  Your host DJ House will be calling the play-by-play action.  This is an amazig organization and we are very excited to help out those people that do so much for our local heroes.  Help us spread the word and let's pack the house.  Saturday don't forget to tune into my radio show HAIR IN THE AIR on The Big O 101.9 FM from 8 PM to 10 PM.  





Wednesday, January 15, 2014

OHH! Off The Top Rope! The People's Champ.

My blog friends HELLO! Welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Before we get started on the good stuff I want to thank my good friend Chappy for the amazing blog last week while I was on vacation.  Funny thing is Chappy's blog got around 200 views which is incredible.  No pressure here.  I am happy to be back in action.  I missed you wild animals out there in blog land.  This is a very big week for the band.  This week marks nearly the month anniversary of our new release "Midnight Devils".  The reviews have been great.  People seem to be loving the songs and the CDs are flying off our merch table and eBay store everyday.  This is a huge compliment and I am very humbled.  Wednesday we have been invited back to The Jim Santora Rockcast Triple Threat.  If you missed all the action last week, I will catch you up to speed.  The Triple Threat matches three independent bands against each other and the fans vote for their favorites ultimately deciding a winner.  Last week you big haired-metal maniacs brought the trophy back home to Omaha.  3D In Your Face is currently the reining champion and Wednesday night at 7 PM CST we will be going up against two more hungry bands.  Only the strong shall survive.  Tune in here, listen, and vote.  Beware the action is quite intense.  Friday Jan, 17th we are returning back to The 21st Saloon for another Friday Night Party presented by our fine sponsor Party Express Bus Nebraska.  I have heard rumors that some of our wild Grand Island fans are making the trip.  Heads up OPD.  Saturday night we have the great opportunity to be the official music for The Magnum Pro Wrestling Event held at The Fireman's Union on 60th and Grover in Omaha.  Not only will we be arriving in style via Party Express Bus Nebraska but we will also have a booth set up and we will be selling our new album "Midnight Devils" along with shirts, koozies, and guitar picks.  Half of each ticket price will be going to help raise awareness for muscular dystrophy as well as $2 from each CD we sell.

This brings us to the goods this week.  I know it may come as a shock to you, and trust me I tried to hide it well for a long time, but I am a huge pro wrestling fan.  Maybe not as big a fan as some, but I am a fan none the less.  Looking back to 7th or 8th grade I have very fond memories of my buddies and I getting together every Monday night at 7 PM for WCW Monday Nitro.  I never missed a match.  At that time I wasn't 100% sure if professional wrestling was real or fake.  Realizing later on that it wasn't so much fake but choreographed didn't change my attitude for this great sport.   Think about if you will Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, The Giant, Sting, Rey Mysterio, I could go on forever.  I was enthralled by the action and suspense.  Week in and week out we were united under a common goal of getting jacked up on Mountain Dew and watching our favorite wrestling stars wipe the floor with their opponents.  That even spilled out into the back yard.  We perfected each move and submission hold on the backyard trampoline.  The Fremont State Lakes turned into a Wrestle-mania that never ended.  More times than not my brother wound up on the short end of a German Suplex.
Did I forget to mention there is ladder match.  #COUNTIT
This was all before girls and before I discovered the power of Rock N Roll.  It doesn't surprise me now looking back that my favorite wrestler was Sting, the face painted scorpion of pain.  Sting was dark and ominous and felt no pain.  I had the shirts and posters and even painted my face like sting for Halloween one year.  This Saturday's Magnum Pro Wrestling event will be my first actually wrestling event that I will witness from the seats.  I am beyond myself with excitement and unbelievable honored to have our new album played before the stars walk out into the squared circle.  I'm brought back to a very honest place where nothing else mattered except making it to my buddies house before the first match started. I think in another life I would have liked to be a professional wrestler.  Trust me I realize the work and discipline these guys put in day in and day out but when you are passionate about something what is going to stop you.  If you see me on Saturday night smiling like an 8th grade boy just remember that we were all there once.  As much as you don't want to admit it you love professional wrestling too.

Friday Jan. 17th we are back at The 21st Saloon for another Friday Night of destruction with our great sponsor Party Express Bus Nebraska.  The shows have been amazing and every week they keep getting better and better.  Keep up the good work and spread the word.  Saturday, Jan 18th like I said before 3D In Your Face will be attending The Magnum Pro Wrestling event at The Firefighters Union Hall in Omaha.  Please don't forget about my radio show HAIR IN THE AIR, Saturday Night at 8 PM on The Big O 101.9 FM.  Send me a like and let me know what you would like to hear.





Monday, January 6, 2014

Ladies and Gents I Bring You 'Chappy'

Hello all you heavy metal maniacs out there.  Welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  I hope each and everyone of you have had a great Christmas and a happy New Year.  Sorry I took some time off from the HAIR IN THE AIR blog to enjoy the holidays.  It has come to my attention that it has been around three weeks since my last blog.  Damn, time sure does fly.  Our new record "Midnight Devils" was released on Dec. 6th 2013 and we are officially out of our first 100 limited edition copies.  Great news.  In true 3D In Your Face tradition we have made our album available everywhere iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and our eBay store for hard copies.

Enough business.  As I am writing this blog I am sitting in sunny Florida on vacation.  I promised everyone not to work and enjoy the break.  But blogs need to be written. So I have enlisted one of my best friends and guitar tech Jason 'Chappy' Husak to write HAIR IN THE AIR this week while I head down to the pool.  Chappy has been with us for quite some time and gets to see things from a very different perspective.  I am looking forward to this.  Please give it up for, a blogging virgin, guitar tech extraordinaire and amazing friend.  Enjoy.  I will see you this Friday, Jan. 10th at The 21st Saloon. 

First off thanks for the killer intro my friend... Tonight hair in the air has been hijacked by me Chappy Chapstick.... First order of business is making a new title for this blog so... I think we will call this blog " Eye of the Chappy".... first and foremost I wanted to send a huge thank you to all of the fans of this great band for all of your undying support... it really makes this an amazing experience... so thank you. Second order of business is my stage name Chappy...I didn't pick this name it was given to me....first time out on the road these warriors of rock were trying to get to know me and I was doing the same, but it can be a little hard being the new tech on the block, Pepsi little you know who you are. I needed to break the ice, as many of you know I'm a plumber by trade. With that being said when I first started in the trade I was not ready to be working in the cold, so at break I ran to the store quick to get some chap stick to protect these beautiful lips from Old Man Winter. When I get back to the job my boss showed up to see how I was doing in the cold. He had just finished hunting in a heated duck blind.  We started to have a nice talk about my future and as he was talking I pull out my brand new chap stick and apply to my lips. Once I finished he asked if he could borrow my chap at this point I really didn't want to give it to him but he is my boss so what's a man to do so I hand him the chap stick thinking I would just cut off the top layer after he had finished.  He then smiled at me and pulled his pants to the ground exposing things I really didn't need to see and applied chip stick.... MY chap stick to his chafed areas down blow the belt line. He then put the cap back on and handed it back to me.....I'm sure my jaw hit the floor as I told him he could keep it at this point. Anywho I told this story to the fellas, and that's how the name came about....enough about me.

The first time I watched these guys play I was just a dude sitting in a bar taking some photos for the bar owner for his business facebook page... It took about five minutes to figure out these guys had something special about them and at that point I wanted to help them as much as I could with photos and whatever else I could do because they made me believe in rock and roll again. I want to do something without the bands approval so Chappy is going to have a photo contest. Working with the band keeps me pretty busy and I don't get to take photos as much as I would like. I love what I do for the band plus they let me play a song with them...HOLLA! Anywho here's the rules of the contest: The photos must be taken the weeks of the Jan 17th and Jan 24th shows. They must be of the band as a whole. Then the photos must be uploaded to 3D In Your Face facebook page by the photographer who took the photo. All voting will be up to you and your friends. Winners will be chosen based on the amount of 'likes' you can get for your photo. There will be a First, Second, and Third place prize for the winners. Winners will be announced on Jan 31st at the 21st Saloon Show. I will provide awesome prizes for this ..... and maybe some chap stick as door prizes. I know it is tough to get all 4 of them to stand together, and standing still is almost impossible. However breaks are good opportunities to catch them, and at the end of the night as well. I'm stoked to see all of the amazing photos you guys take, and your continued and loyal support is more than appreciated. SO charge the batteries, clean the lenses, stretch the pointer finger and shoot.

My blog skills are not that of the great SPADE but I hope you guys have fun with this contest and I can't wait to see the photos as they fill 3D's page. I want to thank all of the fans for supporting the band, you all are the best fans on Earth and the fellas really appreciate everything you do. I also want to thank the rest of the crew who make the shows nothing short of amazing. Troy for the sound, Mike for the lights, Diane for Merchland, and last but not lease I want to thank Alan, Chris, Sam, and JD for supporting me and inviting me to be a part of the 3d family. I love all of you guys and I'm honored to have you all as my friends.

This Wednesday, the triple threat rock cast is going on to break the tie of 3D IN YOUR FACE and TRASH THE BRAND. Please be sure to tune in and cast your vote. I will put a link on the 3D facebook page for all of you beautiful people.. thanks & see you all Friday......Chappy