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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

You Always Remember Your First

Hello friends and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Well what can be said.  We are about to celebrate my birthday and St. Patrick's Day and begin a three, maybe four day long stretch of craziness.  As we speak I am writing this blog wearing my kilt for Thursday mornings opening festivities.  If you are in Omaha and want to come celebrate, I will be joining The Crash Davis Morning show at 7 AM at The Brick Street Tavern.  There will be breakfast, green eggs and ham, green cocktails, and live Irish music until 10 or 11 AM.  If you aren't in the Omaha area you will be able to catch me live via Skype at 12:50 PM on NTV Kearney/Hastings/Grand Island.  We then head into the studio Thursday evening to prodceed with the recording of our new album.  Friday Morning wake up early with me as I will be chatting with Scotty O and Lisa from Y102 at 8:15 AM.   Then we start the Omaha celebration with a St. Patty's Day/Birthday Bash at The 21st Saloon.  The Omaha Rollergirls are sponsoring the show and will be on hand selling tickets to their upcoming bout at The Ralston Arena.  Saturday we take the circus on the road to Kearney for a one night only Rock N Roll party at JD's.  Last but certainly not least if you can't make it to Kearney be sure and tune in to my radio show Hair In The Air at 10 PM CST on 101.9 The Keg.

It's kind of crazy to say this but five years ago I wouldn't have been able to half of this stuff while drinking.  Now the best birthday I can imagine consists of radio interviews, bass lessons, and studio time.  COUNT IT.  Looking back I have had some amazing birthday adventures.  To be honest with you I can't really remember to many of them, a little fuzzy to say the least.  That being said, I wouldn't change any of it for the world.  You live and learn and grow from your mistakes.  I was trying to remember a few of the birthdays that stuck out in my mind and probably the most pivotal was my 16th or 17th birthday,  see kind of blurry.  I remember my mom and dad asking me what I wanted and I had just gotten really big into KISS a few years before.  There was no deliberation.  I wanted a guitar and not just any guitar I wanted a cherry sunburst Les Paul like the one Ace Frehley played.  I can't believe they caved but eventually we went to the old Deitz Music in Omaha, NE and an Epiphone Les Paul Specail and they packaged it with a 15 watt Peavy Amp.  It was absolutely perfect.  That day the journey began.  Almost 14 years later I haven't looked back or come up for a breath of air.

That Cherry Sunburst Les Paul was my pride and joy.  I soon took up guitar lessons and about a year later I was joining my first band Officially Terminated.  That guitar was the kindling for the Rock N Roll fire that I have in my belly today.  I soon purchased an upgraded Les Paul Ace Frehley Custom but the old red guitar still came along to every show as a backup.  We moved Officially Terminated from Fremont, NE to Lincoln, NE and we practicing in our singers basement, a party house.  So naturally we would all get wasted and jam until the cops showed up.  During one of those fateful evenings we went down to jam and it was gone.  Some partygoer had snuck into our rehearsal space and stolen my guitar with the strap and wireless pack attatched.  I searched and searched but never was able to find it.  Probably long gone by now.  I do remember pulling out the neck pickup and signing my name on the bare wood underneath just in case.  Somewhere out there my Cherry Sunburst Les Paul Special is waiting for me.  I believe someday I will meet up with my old friend.  Everyone remembers their first guitar and that guitar, although not worth more than $100 is invualable to me.  There's no way parents could have known that a cheap Les Paul would change a persons life.  At least the guitar lessons payed off.


Sam Spade

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Midnight Devils - Christopher Columbus Rock N Roll

Hello my friends.  Welcome to Hair In The Air, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Our studio sessions are in full swing and we have been buried in the recording of this new album.  If you have kept up with our videos on Facebook then you know progress is being made.  As I write this today we have five rhythm tracks in the can (that's finished drums, bass, and rhythm guitar).  This week we are back at it again to hopefully finish all 11 songs.  We still have a mountain to climb but the summit is within our reach.  As advertised this Friday, March 10th we will be playing our 150th show at The 21st Saloon.  Can you really believe it's been 150 shows?  It just feels like yesterday that we started this our residency run.  This Friday's party is going to be a celebration like only 3D In Your Face knows how to throw.  OVER-THE-TOP.  We have met so many people because of this amazing run of shows at The 21st Saloon.  We have made life long friendships and have so many amazing memories that I could write a book.  One of the coolest things about all these shows is that we grew as a band and as a team.  Not just the four guys on stage but the crew and all the fans that work behind the scenes and out in the streets.  To say it's legendary is to put it lightly.  In my mind The 21st Saloon is home and Friday nights are something more than I can put into words.  Good, bad, and ugly it's always something I look forward to each week.  I love hearing your memories about The 21st Saloon.  So please comment below and let me know what this place means to you.  All comments welcome.  Saturday and Sunday we will be locked away in 3D Studios so not much action.  For all those die-hards please tune in to my radio show also called HAIR IN THE AIR on Saturday night at 10 pm on 101.9 the Keg.  One last thing don't forget next Thursday is my birthday and we will be celebrating all week long.  Get some rest dolls, it's about to get bumpy.

Not to diminish from this Friday's show but last week I promised a two part Midnight Devils blog.  If you are just joining us The Midnight Devils are a new acoustic project Sniper and I have put together in order to keep touring when the full band isn't able too.  Small town dive bars and back alley saloon's across the Midwest have provided us with some of the wildest adventures.  Nicknamed Christopher Columbus Rock N Roll, we are the explores searching for something.  Thank you for all the love and support from the 3D In Your Face Army to all the bar owners that have taken a chance on us.  We are ready for a wild summer.  Before there was actual blogging I started logging the shows my old band Officially Terminated did.  If you want a good laugh check out our first 100 shows.  So for prosperity's sake I have compiled a list of all The Midnight Devils' first tour shows.  Someday we will be able to look back and actually remember the things we did.

The Midnight Devils Debut Tour 2015/2016
1. The Barley Street - Omaha, NE 09-24-15
-First show ever.  We went on first on a three band line up.  We had five songs and played to Diane and the other bands.  We both had a liberating feeling just walking up with two guitars and playing .  No money made but it didn't matter.  Battery died during the set.  A sign of things to come.

2. The Chrome Lounge - Omaha, NE 09-24-15
3. The Down Under - Omaha, NE 09-26-15
4. The 21st Saloon - Omaha, NE 09-26-15
 -Home bar.  Scott was kind enough to let us jam our small set to a few people.  Still working out the kinks.  Had a blast.

5. DC's Waterhole - Plattsmouth, NE 10-03-15
 -First real show with close to ten songs.  Big crowd and the first real response.  It was all down hill after this show.

6. RD's Place - Fremont, NE 10-10-15
 -Didn't bring microphone stands.  The bar owner had to duct tape two pool cues to street cones for the show to happen.  Good crowd.  Great response.  The beginning of the Christopher Columbus Rock N Roll adventures.

7. Kross Eyed Kricket - Odell, NE - 10-17-15
- We drove two and a half hours to play an hour set.  It was tough.  The guys in the bar thought it was funny to fart right next to the stage.  You have to love the small town.  First night we witnessed a mess of cute girls walk in right after we finished our last song.

8. Fremont Mall Monster Walk - Fremont, NE 10-24-15
- Held babies for a photo booth.  Judged a Halloween Costume contest.  Played Rock N Roll in the Fremont Mall.  Ate hot dogs afterwords.  Job well done.

9. The Backroom - Glenwood, IA 10-31-15
- Gun Shop, Gas Station, Bar.  Halloween costume contest, Kaitlyn Jenner costume took home the big win.

10. RD's Place - Fremont, NE 11-7-15
11. Crescent Roadhouse - Crescent, IA 11-14-15
- Big snow storm came through the week before.  We walk in the bar all the farmers walk out.  First time on the Casey's Pizza binge.

12. Big Red Inn -Salem, NE 11-25-15
-Thanksgiving show.  Haunted bar.  Amazing crowd.  Dead hooker ghosts.  Christopher Columbus Rock N Roll.

13.  DC's Waterhole - Plattsmouth, NE 11-28-15
14. Groovy's Pub - Oakland, NE 12-05-15
- Great little bar that took a big chance on us.  My sisters town.  Great response had to really work them over.  Big fight by Diane and Sniper in the the middle of the street.  Quit ride home.
15. 12-12-15 ??????
16. Spruce Street Tavern - Valley, NE 12-19-15
17. Down Under Lounge - Omaha, NE 12-26-15
-Big Omaha debut but kind of a let down.  Great bar but dirty hipsters weren't into the Rock N Roll.  Both guitars broke that night.

18. RD's Lounge - Fremont, NE - 12-31-15
19. Groovy's Pub - Oakland, NE 01-02-16
20. The Faucet - Grand Island, NE 01-16-16
-Drove two and half hours in a snow storm to make the show.  Christopher Columbus Rock N Roll.  Great crowd of rowdy GI fans.  Lot's of screaming in the bar due to the playoff game.  Fun show.

21. The Rail - Beatrice, NE 01-30-16
 - Great show.  Rough bar.  Lot's of small town hatred towards the makeup wearing dudes in tight jeans.

22. Cheers - Dow City, IA 02-06-16
 -Sam Malone and Woody tending bar in the big city.  Heavy weight champions of the world.

23. DC's Waterhole - Plattsmouth, NE 02-13-16
24. Ralston Arena - Omaha, NE 02-20-16
- Big speaker system.  Swanky dressing room.  Moon Pies and Ring Pops.  Gotta love them Roller Girls
25. Sneaky Pete's - Omaha, NE 02-20-16
 - Big Omaha debut number two.  Much much better.  Great dirty Rock N Roll club in South Omaha.  Sniper forgot the mics so we went on a little late.  This may be our Omaha bar.

26. Willard's - Steinhauer, NE 02-27-16
-Last show of the tour.  Bittersweet.  2 and half hour set.  Free little smokies.  Giant stuffed bear and dear in the bar.  Christopher Columbus Rock N Roll

Always Loud
Forever Proud

Sam Spade

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Midnight Devils: Dive Bars and Casey's Pizza Pt. 1

Hello Rockstars.  Welcome back to Hair In The Air, The official blog of 3D In Your Face.  HOLY COW!!!! I thought we had a good time two weeks ago but last weeks blog was viewed a little over 500 times.  Thank you so much for reading and sharing this to the world.  Our own little slice of heaven.  This week is one of the most important and I know I say that every week.  Today we will walk into 3D Studios and begin pre-prodcuction on our new album.  That's setting up and mic'ing the drums and guitars and making sure everything is ready for us to roll tape.  This Friday we will be cutting loose a little from the studio for a wild show at The 21st Saloon.  Then Saturday we will be dragging our tired butts back into 3D Studios and cutting a Rock N Roll record.  This has been two years in the making and the time is finally here.  I love this part and I hate this part and now it's time to grab the bull by the horns and hold on.  Also happening on Saturday night is my radio show also called Hair In The Air.  Tune in from 10 PM to 12 AM CST on 101.9 The Keg.  See you all Friday, that will be the only day we will be out this week.

Since we are so heavily focused on the new album this week I wanted to shed some light on something that has become my new passion.  Back in September I was sitting at home on a Sunday night with a little cabin fever.  We hadn't played that Saturday before and I was still a bit wound up from the weekend.  I watched an amazing documentary based on the life of Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones and I was electrified.  That documentary gave me one of those inspirational sparks that always seems to happen at the right time.  I get those "Make It Happen" momments at 3 am thus The Midnight Devils were born.  "Why couldn't we start an acoustic group?  No production, no set up or tear down, and no hassle.  We could go to the smallest cities and play in the coolest dive bars in the area.  We could play our own original music along anything else we thought was cool.  We could have something to do on a Saturday night."  This was a no-brainer and I asked Sniper if he was interested.  We set out the next week with five songs and three venues that were willing to give us a chance.  We walked in with two guitars, that was it, and just played.  We played "Moscow Queen", "That's Alright Mama", "Memphis Mile" "Bleed Betty Bleed" and "Blitzkrieg Bop".  It was a trial by fire as I had never really sung leads or fronted a band before.  There was no hiding, there was no volume, and there was no special effects.  It was back to basics and that was terrifying.

The first few weeks were pretty tough but the excitement and joy we were experiencing kept us booking more shows.  Then the idea started to become a little more clear.  Each show became a new adventure.  From the van ride to the different cities, to the bar itself, to the wild people, to the owners, and eventually to our fans themselves.  I felt like we were explorers treading on new land.  We were doing something very different yet very fulfilling.  We could take this new group to places 3D In Your Face wasn't able to go because of either money, time, or scheduling conflicts.  The Midnight Devils became an extension of 3D In Your Face.  Good will ambassadors not to mention we were no longer sitting at home on Saturday night's starring out the window.  So we started adding more songs.  We added a few more originals including "Generation Durt" and "Radar Guided Love Bomb" from The Midnight Devils album and "Ringing In My Ears" from the new record.  At the end of the day this is what I am the most proud of.  We get the chance to play OUR music in front of people that might not ever get the chance to hear it and it goes over great.  Then we got a bit more serious and started adding some cool tunes that we like playing Elvis, Poison, The Who, and even Grand Funk Railroad.  Right now we are sitting at almost a 2 1/2 hour set and that's just about fine for a beginner front man like myself.  The most important aspect of this band is that we keep it fun and stress free yet still exciting.  We never wanted to add stress to the guys in 3D In Your Face that is priority number one.  Next week I am going to list all the shows that we have done since September for prosperity's sake.  I love this band and I love 3D In Your Face.  This could make for an amazing story one day.

Always Loud
Forever Proud

Sam Spade