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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Like A Phoenix From The Ashes: The Banditos Return.

Oh somedays I look forward to blogging more than others.  This week I am beyond excited.  You wanted it, you asked for it, you needed it.  The return of our lovable heroe Mr. Harry J. Bandito.  Welcome one and all to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Getting back to business here.  This week we are headed back to launch the final run of dates at our home bar in Omaha, The 21st Saloon.  On Friday, April 24th we will officially be 5 shows away from the end of our residency.  Can you believe how the time flies?  Get there early and be ready for one hell of a show.  I have a feeling we will be coming at you hard.  Saturday we will be off for rehearsal and writing for the new record but don't miss my radio show also called Hair In The Air at 10 PM CST on 101.9 The Keg.  Let the madness begin.

Now for the moment I know all of you have been waiting for.  We left our hero Harry J. Bandito in Sept. 25th, 2013.  If you are just catching up there is a lot to this story but we can save that for another time.  Perviously Harry and his brothers joined forces to vanquish evil and fight for the good of all mankind  Many moons have passed and the evil has been saught out and exiled to the farthest corners of the earth.  Harry and and his brothers have retired as crime fighters but have not yet hung up the sombrero.  Harry went back to school and became a meteorologist but not one of those guys you see on TV.  He mostly just observes the weather for his own personally enjoyment, the celebration of mother nature.  Never learning to drive a car, Harry's life mission has been to run from town to town chasing the most beautiful and unique weather mother nature has to offer.

A true sportsman and weather junky Harry still keeps his true identity a secret.  Only the parents and grandparents remember his heroic feets of yesteryear.  They tell there kids stories of The Bandito Brothers and their stand against the evils of the world.  They tell stories of passionate fighting against corruption and greed.  Now just legends in the minds of school children, Harry and his brothers step back into this word.  A world that is seemingly brighter, more alive because of their bravery.   For they know that the evil is still out there and can never be fully erased from the face of the earth.  As long as there is still something to believe in and something to hold onto Harry and his brothers will still be out there keeping the wolves at bay.

The next time you see a crack of thunder or a mysterious storm cloud take a look outside your windows you may see Harry running past keeping the spirit alive.


Sam Spade

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  1. That pale hombre needs to stop chasing storms and chase some sun.