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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Where Everybody Keeps You Sane.

HELLO!  Welcome to Hair In The Air, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  What do you think of the new band photo up top?  Good stuff.  Like I said last week we shot all new band photos with our guitar tech Chappy.  We will be releasing more and more pictures every week.  Down to business.  This week we are back for another round of 80's inspired, punch-you-in-the-mouth, take no prisoners, balls to the wall Rock N Roll decadance at The 21st Saloon.  Our '3 Sheets To The Wind Residency' has been blowing up every Friday night.  I can safely speak from our stand point, last week was one of the best shows that we have ever played.  Sonically, spiritually, and physically we are firing on all cylinders.  Your next chance to see us will be this Friday, Oct 3rd at The 21st Saloon.  Check out this cool video I put together that features our radio commercial on 101.9 The Keg.
3D In Your Face - 3 Sheets To The Wind Residency
 Please feel free to share this.  Show your friends.  The other bright spot of our weekend comes Saturday, Oct 4th.  We will be taking a short road trip to Rock Port, MO to headline the cities Octoberfest Celebration.  This is a 5 band bill put on at Memorial Park in Rock Port.  The festivities go all day long with vendors, rides, and plenty of beer.  Come for the booze and stay for the Rock N Roll.

Last week I caught up with up-and-coming Omaha promotional website Rocking The 402.  They put together a very cool video interview that you wont want to miss.
Rocking The 402- Sam Spade Video Interview

Time for the main course.  Last week I was racking my brain for something to write for my blog post.  I was stressing out over something that I initially set out to be a fun release for me.  I got some good advice from some people that was simply "Write how you feel."  "People connect with you because you because you are genuine.".  While I appreciate the nice words it made me think.  I realized I was putting to much stock into writing an unbelievable blog.  Keep It Simple.  Let it flow.  This weeks idea came to me and I at first thought nobody would even care about this subject.  But hey!  This is my blog.  Deal with it.

Many of you know that I am almost %100 consummed with Rock N Roll, my career, and music in general.  There are very few times that I am not working or trying to progress myself as a musician and entertainer.  Those rare moments come very late at night or early depending on your point of view.  I wouldn't say that I am a big television watcher but every night like clockwork right around 4:30 AM I close my computer, put my guitar away, and flick on Netflix.  Now I'm not just one of those watchers that clicks around randomlly looking for something to watch.  No no.  My obsession started with the 80's TV sitcom Cheers.  I watched one episode and imediately I was brought into this world that had nothing to do with music.  It brought me great joy and I was able to shut off that part of my brain that never stopped working.  Next thing you know it was a nightly ritual.  I watched every episode in every season.  Thats roughly 8 seasons and around 250 episodes.  When you put it on paper like that it seems a little crazy but honestly this is one of the only none musical things that brings me joy.  So what happened when Cheers ended?  I freaked but imidiately started the Cheers spin-off Frasier.  That's another 11 seasons and around 265 episodes.

First and foremost not that many people can say they have seen all the episodes of Cheers and Frasier combine.  Now you can go ahead an tell your friends that you know somebody.  These two shows kind of acted like an eraser for my mind at the end of the day.  After all the clutter and businesss I had to deal with Cheers and Frasier became a place that I could escape from myself.  A place where all of my friends came to have a good time and laugh..  It was like catching up with my buddies even though I know it was only a TV show.  Cliff, Norm, Sammy, and Woody were officially now my bros.  I remember watching reruns of these shows late at night when I was a kid.  My parents always let us watch these classics.  Little did I realize how much sex and depravity were actually in these shows.  Not that I think that's a bad thing.  Now I am at the brink of having nothing new to watch.  This is where I need your help.  I need your suggestions on what to watch next.  I am interested in running the MASH gamot but that isn't on Netflix instant watch.  Feel free to leave your suggestion in the comments.  Or just write about whatever you feel.  This is for you as much as it is for me.  Thanks for the laughs.




Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Renamed Glitter Blog. From Me To You.

Hello everybody and welcome to Hair In The Air, The Official blog of 3D In Your Face.  So good to be back in action.  We are getting the rhythm and the rhyme back on track and things are finally hitting on all cylinders.  Thank you to everyone that came to The 21st Saloon last week.  I told you that it was going to be a crazy night.  Also thank you to Tammy Tomasello and everyone that came out to celebrate her birthday.  We have only ever played two house shows since I have been with the band and Saturday's show was an absolute blast.  It's sad to say but you only have one chance to see the band this week and that will be Friday, Sept. 26th at The 21st Saloon.  I can't believe we are already 3 weeks into our residency.  It feels so good to be back home.  Saturday we will be taking the day off for a photo shoot and some R&R before we hit it hard all the way to the end of the year.  So make plans accordingly.  You can still have all your hair metal needs cover by listening to my radio show Hair In The Air Saturday night, 8-10 PM on 101.9 The Keg.

Friday Hammer Head Radio will be doing a very special showcase on the band.  They will be posting up an album review and interview I did talking about the bands history, writing process, and live shows.  Check on Friday for the full story.  Also please if you haven't done so yet check out this interview I did with Daniel Watts of The Mega Watts Radio Show.  We talk in depth about 3D In Your Face, The Midnight Devils Album, and generally geek out about Rock N Roll.  HERE.

When I was in rehab for my alcohol problem many years ago they told me that admitting you have a problem was the first step towards recovery.  These days I am pretty tame in comparison to my early twenties.  Don't get me wrong I am still the wildest child you will ever meet but I am no longer on a crash course to prison, if you catch my drift.  Right here on HAIR IN THE AIR, surrounded by my friends and family I can fully admit that I have a problem.  Huh?  Yeah it started a few weeks back but right now it's full on overload.  OK OK it's nothing life threatening but I am fully addicted to glitter.  It's has become my new go to Rock N Roll stage accessory.  Who am I kidding I wear that stuff out on the streets.  It's everywhere.  Not only are all of my clothes covered in the stuff (this is because of a faulty lid incident inside of my suitcase) but my tooth brush, inside of my car, and even at my parents house.  The glitter is endless but I can't seem to get enough.  What started out as a small joke has turned into something I can't control, nor do I really want to control.  My dad even yelled at me for covering by brother in the stuff.

So, I play in a Rock N Roll band, and yes I am covered in glitter.  You can't tell me that your aren't happier when that shiny stuff fills up your belly button like a sparkly wishing well.  HAHA.  The point I am getting at here is the glitter is actually acting to break down the barriers between me and the fans.  Those barriers that I have always tried so hard to steer away from.  Now people are bringing it to the shows themselves and it's everywhere.  We are all one sweaty, sparkly, mass, of pure Rock N Roll energy.  Mmmmm!  That sounds good, I'll have that.  Much like the alcohol the glitter effects don't just go away like that.  Every person that takes the glitter plunge or is in the same vicinity as me can never get that stuff off.  So we all wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and the remnants of last nights mayhem is still plastered across our face, chest, and clothes.  But what really does it for me is all the memories that the glitter brings back.  It's like a flood gate of good times, great friends, and awesome tunes.  Just the way I always want to live my life.  Hot, sweaty, and sparkly as hell.




Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Birthday "Dax" by Special Guest Blogger Justin King.

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  BANG BANG.  That's how we do things around here.  The good news just keeps rolling in.  Tonight we have a very special guest blogger Mr. Justin King formerly of Hidden Agenda out of Omaha, NE.  This weekend we are celebrating two birthdays but before I get to that we need to get the business out of the way first.  3D In Your Face has been officially nominated for a 2014 Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award in the category of "Best Cover Band".  Now I realize our goal was three nominations but to be honest with you I am blown away that we got invited to the party.  Thank you to all of our fans and friends that helped nominate us.  That was the hardest part.  Now we get to take this the rest of the way and show the rest of Omaha how the big dogs roll at the awards ceremony.  3D In Your Face Army, mission accomplished.  Well Done.

Our 2014/2015 '3 Sheets To The Wind Residency' broke attendance records last week on opening night at The 21st Saloon.  The energy inside that building was contagious.  This Friday, Sept 19th we will be back again but this time we will be celebrating our new drummer Dax's birthday as well as our beloved guitar tech Chappy.  I hope you guys enjoy cake because there is going to be mountains of it.  If you haven't seen the new light show prepare yourself for one of the coolest visual experiences of your life.  It's a pleasure to watch your jaws hit the ground.

Saturday we are doing a private show in Omaha for some of our great friends and long time supporters The Tomasello's.  Officially dubbed Tomasello-stock.  What happens there stay's there.  But don't feel like you are being left out of the action.  My radio show Hair In The Air is happening Saturday night form 8 - 10 PM on 101.9 The Keg.  That should get you in the mood for some action.
Happy Birthday Chappy.  We love you buddy.  


Ladies and Gentleman I give you Mr. Justin King.

“DAX” I first met Dakota Nielson “Dax” in early 2011 during a search for a solid drummer for my band Hidden Agenda. Donna Gardiner introduced us at Chrome Lounge and we set up tryout session with the rest of the band. From the very first song Dax was a very impressive drummer, he was on time, adlibbed when he had too, and most of all was a true showman. Needless to say we offered him the gig right away as I already had shows booked. I believe our first show with this line up was at The Observatory out in west Omaha and it really rocked. The place was packed and everyone really took a liking to Dax as we even incorporated his drum solo!  
We really took off from there and Dax was a huge part of our success. Rocking places like Two Fine Irishmen, Loose Moose, 21 Saloon and Chrome to name a few. Not only is Dax an awesome drummer, he is an awesome musician as he played guitar in our acoustic sets. He also played bass and sang lead and backup vocals. His high energy rock in everything he does is really contagious and definitely knows how to get the crowd going! He was an obvious pick when I needed a drummer for my Deftones project White Pony which is scheduled to play Nov 7th 2014 at The Waiting Room in Omaha Ne! Currently he is with 3D in your face and will continue to melt some faces I assure you!! 
Justin King  
White Pony

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

One Step Starts The Journey

Hello everyone and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official blog of 3D In Your Face.  Thank you everyone for bearing with me during this very stressful time.  I think this might be the wildest week yet this year.  First things first.  This week we are beginning our 2014 Fall/Winter tour.  The dates have been posted here and we are getting very close to being booked solid until the first of the year.  This is amazing news for everyone involved.  No rest for the wicked.  Our first show of the new tour and the launch of our "3 Sheets To The Wind Residency" begins this Friday, Sept. 12th at The 21st Saloon.  A lot has been said about the new show.  I'm not here to convince you to go to our shows.  You wouldn't be reading this if you weren't interested.  I am here to tell you that we have laid it all out on the line for this residency.  We have put our heart and soul into this show and I truly believe that when those lights go down and the amplifiers start to hum (KISS reference) that those people in attendance will truly realize our passion and love for this music.  On Saturday, Sept. 13th we are heading back to my hometown of Fremont, NE for a homecoming show at Uncle Larry's.  We are very honored to have the amazing Black Saints from Milwaukee, WI opening the show.  A true Rock N Roll band.  It's an honor to share the stage with these guys.

The other big news I have is that we have partnered with 101.9 The Keg and The 21st Saloon to begin a new radio advertising campaign.  We are starting something that no other band in Omaha has ever done.  Starting on Wednesday, Sept 10th 2014 and running until May 2015, 3D In Your Face "3 Sheets Residency" commercials will air Wednesday through Friday.  So keep your radios, car stereos, and cell phones tuned to 101.9 The Keg.  The commercial will make you smile every time I promise you that.  Get the sneak peak right here.

Now for the big elephant in the room.  Since this is the official blog of 3D In Your Face and I am the author I want to level with you.  I truly love and respect the 3D In Your Face Army.  Without you people we couldn't do what we do.  I don't take you granted and am honored to be friends with most of you.  So with that being said, on Sunday we as a band parted ways with Jeremy "The Playboy" Deans.  Jeremy was one of my best friends.  I learned so much from him about being in a band, touring, and life on the road.  I will always be grateful for his friendship and the wisdom he imparted on me.  It was very hard for us to make this decision but we stand firmly by our actions.  I wish Jeremy the best of luck and hope that we can still be friends in one form or the other later down the line.  We had some good times buddy.  You made me laugh harder than anybody else in the entire world.  

Alright enough of the mushy stuff.  With the ending of this chapter in our careers we are beginning the next leg of our journey.  The first step is our new drummer.  There is a new energy and vigor within our band.  Officially we have named Dakota "Dax" Nielsen as the new drummer for 3D In Your Face.  An outstanding musician and a great person, Dax has come on like a tidal wave of Rock N Roll power.  One of those true believers in the power of music.  I knew instantly from the first note we played together that this was going to be a great match.  Sometimes you just have that energy.  It flows through those 4 people in the room like a spiritual force of nature.  Once again music has the power to unite 4 complete strangers and bring them together like family.  Dax has been a key figure in the Omaha/Midwest Rock N Roll scene playing with Randal Zwarte, White Pony, and Achilles Last Band.  Now a force to be reckoned with behind the skins of 3D In Your Face.  Our journey has just begun my friend but I am very excited about the future.  I am ready to burn this town to the ground (no offense).  I am ready to show the world what 3D In Your Face has to offer.  I know that once our fans see you and see that smile they will feel the exact same way.  Time to show you off to the world.  I said this to you the other day but, buckle up this is going to be one wild ride.

We will be officially debuting Dax to the public Thursday morning on The Crash Davis Morning Show on 101.9 The Keg at 8 AM.  Tune in, call in, text me, message me, just let me know that you are listening.



Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's That Stoic Look That Really Says It All.

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Another great week in the books.  We finished up our 2014 Summer Tour this past weekend.  Sorry kiddies but the summer is officially over.  No more porta-poddies, no more BBQ brisket, no more sunscreen, no more rain outs, no more heat exhaustion, and most of all no more bugs.  Now I personally love the summer tour.  I look forward to that adventure every year but after 5 months of some brutal gigs we can finally lay this tour to rest.  We have learned a lot, we have laughed a lot, but most of all we have lived a lot this summer.  Bigger and better things are on the horizon my friends.  Next week starts the beginning of our '3 Sheets to the Wind Residency" at The 21st Saloon.  Please mark Friday, Sept 12th on your calendar.  I have seen the new light show and this is going to absolutely rip your face off, cook it up on the grill to a medium well, slather a little Chipotle BBQ sauce on it and set it back down in front of you with a bake potato and garden salad.  Not to mention the new set lists, the new covers, and new originals.  Are you excited?  The next day, Saturday, Sept. 13th we will be traveling back to my hometown of Fremont for a return visit to one of our favorite clubs Uncle Larry's.  This show is going to be a very special night, also performing will be The Black Saints from Milwaukee, WI.  These guys tore up The Chrome earlier this summer and I highly suggest you checking them out.  If you dig down n dirty Rock N Roll you will like The Black Saints.

Now for the good stuff.  A little creative writing for you.  It's been a while since I have wrote about The Hairy Bandito's.  I thought you might get a kick out of this.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to one of my best friends.  A true blue all around great guy.  From the backwoods of central Nebraska comes a story unlike any you have ever read.  I haven't know this person for very long but I give you one of the good guys, Franklin Delano Gene Simmons Roosevelt.  FDR for short.  My story with Frank 'The Tank' starts only a few months ago but Frank has told me his entire life story over the miles we have spent together out on the road.  Frank's mother was equal parts American history junkie and rabid KISS fan, thus the unorthodox name.  Born in the wilderness and raised on good Nebraska values, Frank was excelled in school.  He was first in his class in mathematics, English, History, and Geography.  In High School Frank lead his team to State Championships in pole vaulting, javelin, and Tennis.  An all around chip of the old block, Frank followed his fathers footsteps and went to the prestigious college of ITT Technical Institute.  A leader in the classroom and out in the field.  Frank broke ground on his innovative wind powered blender project.  Graduating with a full doctorate in only 5 years Frank moved on to helping his fellow man in the field of bio genetics a cross human development.  Gathering generous grants from the US government to fund his research Frank ultimately decided to step down as the head of the program to make way for younger brighter stars.

On the hunt for his new purpose in life Frank ultimately would wind up meeting the boys of 3D In Your Face.  On that fateful day in Worms, NE we meet the newest member of our road crew FDR.  After carving out a life of his own Frank was now ready to give that all up and travel the country with an 80's hair powerhouse.  Leaving no stone un-turned I question Frank about his reasons for leaving everything behind to travel on the road with us.  Simply put Frank said "Spade, I am in this for the love of the music.  I have seen a lot of things in my life but nothing compares to the feeling I get when the band is kicking on all cylinders and the crowd is pulsing with that raw Rock N Roll energy.  It's spiritual man."  The consummate companion and an excellent friend.  I am honored and proud to have Frank 'The Tank' standing on my side of the stage every night.  Never to be out done, he is first out of the bus at load in and the last to shut the trailer at load out.  "Life's to short Spade." he would say.  "Go out there and have fun while you are still young.  Never leave anything to chance.  If you work hard and you want it bad enough it will happen."  I haven't know Frank very long but since he has joined our ranks I can't remember the moral of our band being so high.  Sometimes it's not the things he says but that stoic look that really just says it all.

Thanks for the good times so far frank and I can't wait to see what the future holds.  


Sam Spade