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Friday, February 17, 2017

The Best is Yet To Come - OEAA Bound

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official blog of 3D In Your Face and The Midnight Devils.  Could this be two blogs in a row?  For you my friends, anything.  The Midnight Devils have been hitting the road pretty hard the last few weeks.  We would like to thank the great people of Kearney for an amazing time and the private party in Chapman, NE totally blew us away.  That was a show were we new absolutely nobody and they welcomed us into their family with open arms.  Now I know it's been a while since we've been home or in the area so for some of you the only way to stay in touch is with this blog.  I am trying to be more diligent with my writing.  Tonight we head out again to Benevolent Studios in Hamburg, IA, just 45 miles south of Omaha and I-29.  We will be teaming up with Omaha punk rock legends Cordial Spew who have been slinging skate inspired punk rock anthems since the 80's.  Not to mention my AA sponsor happens to be their lead singer Jay Bacon.  Saturday we head to Lincoln, NE to a bar that has become our unofficial home Gray's Keg Saloon.  For this show we have PolyFaze opening up the festivities around 8:30 PM.  For the biggest news of all we have the first official The Midnight Devils t-shirts available in sizes S-2XL but we only have 35 so supplies are very limited.  We will have a link available as soon as the graphics come in from the designer.  As for the upcoming tour dates I should have everything update by the end of the weekend.  There are only a small amount of dates left going into August.  Right now we are looking for a show March 3rd and 17th and April 7th and 8th.  Watch for a massive summer concert announcement coming very soon.  Last but not least, I can't quite spill the beans yet but I am doing some overnight voice tracking on 101.9 The Keg in addition to my regular Saturday night show HAIR IN THE AIR.  If you missed this mornings show from 12 AM -3 AM tune in tonight at 12 AM again and catch my overnight shift.  The wheels are in motion.

This week 3D In Your Face is so honored to be heading back to the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards Ceremony on Sunday night.  This year we are actually closing the evening with an explosive celebration of "In Your Face" rock n roll.  I don't want to write the same blog I write every year but honestly I always think of this as one of the biggest honors a band from Omaha can get.  A nomination by our fans to represent them in front of the rest of the Omaha arts community.  It's a privilege and we don't take that lightly.  It's not about us this award has always been about you, our loyal fans, friends, and family.  The best part about this years OEAA experience has been the great friends we've already made along the way.  From the other great bands, to the promoters, to the talent, and the organizers I can safely say I'm proud as hell to be from this great state.  The first few times we lost the award I was absolutely torn up but I tried to keep it in check.  This year I already feel like I won the lottery, no trophy needed.  On top of all of this craziness, The Midnight Devils will be out for two nights and cap the weekend of with an award ceremony rock n roll bash.  That right there is the reason we keep going out for more.

I want to thank personally thank everyone that got us to this point.  I don't say it nearly enough but thank you to our fans for being the light in an often dark place, thank you to our families for being there even when we are off traveling around the country side,  thank you to all of you that have taken a chance on us and talked us through the rough patches.  That we can never repay.  I feel blessed and even as I write this I am smiling.  There's still a long road ahead of us.  There are a lot of things to get done, a lot of shows to book, a video to shoot, a trip to Rocklahoma, a new tour to plan, and a new album to write.  I know that with all of you standing in our corner pushing us forward we can accomplish these goals we have set out for ourselves.  I truly believe that the very best is yet to come.


Sam Spade

Friday, February 10, 2017

Here's To You and Here's To The 21st Saloon

Hello everybody and welcome to Hair in the Air, The Official blog of 3D In Your Face and The Midnight Devils.  I want to apologize for missing last weeks blog.  Things were quite crazy and we were all trying to sort out what to do next after the closing of our home bar The 21st Saloon, but I will get to that later.  The Midnight Devils are beyond excited and ready to hit the road later today.  It seems we do the best when the van is full of gear and we are cruising with the radio on.  Tonight we will be making our debut at Nick's on the Bricks in our "home away from home", Kearney, NE.  I already know this is going to be a wild rock n roll party and we can't wait to see all of our Kearney friends and family.  It has been way to long.  Saturday was originally scheduled for Groovy's Pub in Oakland, NE but due to some unforeseen circumstances the show was rescheduled to Friday, May 5th.  Instead we got offered a private party in Chapman, NE on Saturday and it will be quite an honor for us to play this party.  Please don't forget to listen to my radio show on Saturday night also called Hair in the Air, on 101.9 The Keg.  I can't divulge the information yet that I want to but because you people are always so great to me I can tell you that I'm working on something really cool and it has to do with rock n roll radio.  Don't ask because I can't tell and I don't want to jinx it.  Just keep sending your good vibes my way.

So the big news last week that took the Omaha music community by storm was the sudden closing of The 21st Saloon.  I promised myself this would not be a negative blog but a tribute to everything that Scott Kirk and The 21st Saloon stood for.  We started playing The 21st Saloon almost six years ago.  I remember being sober at the time we got the gig and I was still the guitar tech and stage manager for 3D In Your Face.  I remember getting on stage to play Thunderstuck, running out into the audience, jumping on a rolling chair, and the whole thing slipping out from underneath me.  Luckily it was somebody's birthday and their cupcake table broke my fall.  Frosting everywhere.  The 21st Saloon was a bar unlike any I have ever been to and I doubt anything like it will take it's place.  Scott and his amazing staff believed in the music, the blues, and the rock n roll so heavily up until that very last day.  Scott, Sniper, and I talked often about only bringing in quality bands with heart and soul because the people would be able to spot the wanna-be's.  It was a bar built on a reputation of great live music, guaranteed.  We played over 160 shows there with 3D In Your Face and without The 21st Saloon there wouldn't be The Midnight Devils.  Scott gave us a chance and place to realize our dreams.  I met so many amazing people that I love dearly to this day at this bar.  At the end of the last 3D In Your Face residency it had become a family affair.  Every Friday we would all gather to celebrate life, love, and rock n roll.  I know this bar meant as much to you as it did to us.

With all that being put out on the table, I am a firm believer that The 21st Saloon closing happened for a reason bigger than just money.  Most of the time these reasons are never clear and you're always asking yourself "I don't understand why something like this would happen."  I was floored and heartbroken last week but I just kept saying "we are moving to bigger and better.  Don't let it stray you from the course."  Last week we ended up losing three gigs.  This week I was pretty down but still pushing on cold calling any bar within 500 miles of Kearney.  Out of the blue a guy called me about a private party that is routed perfectly for the trip.  I was so excited I was dancing up and down in my apartment, just the cat and I.  Later that night we landed a gig in Carrol, IA on our trip to Des Moines next month.  Then we confirmed with Sneaky Pete's in Omaha to pick up our lost 21st Saloon show on Feb. 24th.  I just looked at my cat in disbelief and said "I told you everything happens for a reason."  Sure we don't know the plan and we are mostly just along for the ride but it's so amazing to see bad things turn around into great things.  The rest of the week I've felt pretty inspired and grateful as hell.  I said it on a Facebook post but this business never ceases to amaze me.  It's very fluid and goes this way and that way and you never really know what to expect.  What I have learned is that if you put in the hard work, pay your dues, and do everything from the heart it will always come back to you positively in the end.  I always push to go that extra step and do the things that other bands in our position wouldn't do.  Whatever it takes.  Unanswered messages and phone calls are just "yes's" later on down the line.


Sam Spade

Friday, January 27, 2017

15 minutes isn't just 15 minutes anymore.

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face and The Midnight Devils.  Time to hit the dusty for a little adventure on the road.  We would like to thank everyone that came out to support our first hometown show of 2017 last week at The 21st Saloon.  We had a blast and it was fantastic seeing all your smiling faces.  Welcome to the party.  Tonight we head off to Broken Bow, NE for a Midnight Devils debut at Sylvester's Bar.  A few years back 3D In Your Face use to frequent this fantastic small town bar and now it's time to rekindle that flame.  If I only could remember the wild times we used to have I might have an interesting book someday.  Saturday we cruise back across the state to Plattsmouth, NE for a very special acoustic show at DC's Waterhole.  I say this every time we head back to DC's, but this bar was one of very first stops on the very first tours The Midnight Devils ever did.  They gave us a chance and we've made it a point to come back on every run since we started.  You know it's going to be one of those kind of nights.  Don't forget to listen to my radio show Saturday night also called HAIR IN THE AIR on 101.9 The Keg.  Just between you and I, there might be a big announcement coming up regarding my radio show.  It's all good news.  Just because I love you for being amazing wonderful people I will give you a big concert announcement as well.  3D In Your Face has been asked to come back to JD's in Kearney, NE for Cruise Night on July 15th.  You want fun?  We bring the fun.  Get ready for a great summer.

I've got a very inspirational blog for you today.  I wanted to write about something that I have been trying to work on in The Midnight Devils and 3D In Your Face.  I've had the pleasure of taking some great advice about motivation and staying inspired.  This is a tough lesson that I think I go through everyday.  What am I going to do today that is going to forward my progress or the progress of the band?  What can I accomplish today that is going to get me to the next level?  It's not all about the big things like booking shows or making contacts.  The small things add up to make the big things even better.  Today I started a great partnership with an apparel company in Omaha that is hopefully going to be creating all the new Midnight Devils and 3D In Your Face merchandise.  We had an amazing rehearsal this evening and we added a song or two to our set list.  I feel confident that this weekend is going to be great from a musical standpoint.  The hardest part for me is that sometimes I let my emotions dictate my actions.  I let the thoughts running through my head get in the way of accomplishing the work that needs to be done.  As a human being it's almost impossible to not let your emotions get the best of you.  The trick realizing it's happening and how to pull ourselves out?  To overcome the fact that our minds are telling us it would be easier to give up and do nothing than to put in the effort needed to accomplish our goals.

I'm not saying all of this because I am giving you some important life direction.  I am merely getting it out in the open to remind myself that failure isn't an option.  The dream begins and ends right here.  If we aren't out there pushing ourselves on the road or in the rehearsal room than we aren't progressing to the next level.  If one club doesn't respond back to our booking messages than there are 20 other clubs that we will message.  One might bite and we will bust our asses putting on a hell of a performance for the club that actually took a chance on us.  It's the commitment on our part not to do anything halfway.  That all starts the second I wake up and my brain says roll back over you can get 15 more minutes of sleep.  It's so easy to take that road but today I have to mail CD's and t-shirts across the state, teach guitar lessons, send out 5 booking emails, rehearse, learn lyrics, and rent a van.  Not even complaining a little because I know exactly what I signed up for and I love every minute of it.  The hardest part is reconditioning your brain to think that there are a million amazing reason to wake up in the morning.  There are chances, victories, and opportunities that might pass you by if you let your emotions get the best of you.  Break the cycle and go get that thing that makes you happy, even if everyone else is telling you it's impossible.  Don't let it slip away because you didn't give it everything you had.


Sam Spade

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Reach For The Stars Because You Only Get One Shot

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official blog of 3D In Your Face and The Midnight Devils.  We started out our first weekend of 2017 on the road in pure unapologetic rock n roll fashion.  Three guys, a van full of speakers, and a few cities that needed a dose of glam fueled boogie woogie rock n roll.  Huge thank you to everyone in Columbus, NE at Micek's Bar.  Every time we go there I wonder how you are going to top yourself and you always do.  Also thank you to the great people of Valley, NE and the Spruce Street Tavern for all your hospitality.  This week we kick things off with a hometown show Friday, Jan. 20th at The 21st Saloon.  Please help us spread the word about this show.  We want to pack the place and show Omaha, our hometown we can throw one hell of a rock n roll party.  As it sits right now there will be no show on Saturday but that doesn't mean you still can't have a good time.  Be sure and tune in to my radio show also called Hair In The Air, Saturday night at 11pm CST on 101.9 The Keg.

If you are just joining us or missed the huge announcement 3D In Your Face is honored to be apart of Rocklahoma 2017.  We will be traveling to Pryor, Ok again this year over the Memorial Day weekend for one of the biggest three day festivals in the country.  It's very hard to describe how amazing this show is.  This is  something you must experience at least once in your life.

Sorry for the lack of blog last week.  Unfortunately right after New Years I came down with a flu that knocked me out for about a week.  Luckily "The Sickness" was during the tour break and we didn't have to fight that battle on stage.  This is that time of year especially for those of us in the Midwest that it can get a bit tough.  The weather is terrible, the nights are cold, and there just isn't a whole lot you can do about it.  What I'm saying is that it's easy to get dragged down into your mind.  The trick is to know the signs and fight through them.  To keep pushing forward when everything around says stop.  It'd be easier to sit at home and not stress about the road, the band, and the shows.  I know the moment that I even think about that option it's over.  I say this on stage every night but we do the best when we stay out on the road playing shows.  It gets in your blood and you crave it.  I love travelling.  I love meeting new people and I love seeing faces that I haven't seen in months.  Being a traveling musician is a blessing and I treat it as that.  It's not easy and don't let anyone ever tell you that it is.  We fight for every inch we get but we also love every minute of the journey.

I'm not immune to getting down or depressed.  I'm not immune to the stress of day to day life.  I struggle with it just like everyone else.  What I have is an outlet and I have two of my best friends on the same journey as me.  It seems like no matter how bad things look as soon as we close up those van doors and get out on the highway the problems and the tension seem to melt away into laughter.  It's all in how you deal with it.  Solution oriented problem solving is a new skill I am learning on this tour along with team building and leadership.  When problems arise, and they always will, how are you going to fix them?  How are you going to overcome?  At the end of the day are you going to be sweaty, tired, and exhausted because you gave it everything you've got?  That's the sign that you know you are doing it right and on the right path.  I did a blog a few months back about taking the step out into dark waters with The Midnight Devils.  We took the step now it's time to tread water and make this thing float.  I've something to prove more to myself than to anybody else.  Reach for the stars because you only get one shot.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Reckless and Careless but That's What Made It Real

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official blog of 3D In Your Face and The Midnight Devils.  Well it seems our little rock n roll club is getting bigger and bigger.  That makes me very excited.  It's time to round up the troops for one more big rock n roll blast into 2016.  I have to say this year was great.  Sniper and I spent more time out on the road than we did at home.  That's always a good thing.  I never unpacked my suitcase once, maybe some rearranging but never fully unpacked.  We met some amazing people.  Most importantly we reconnected with one our best friends The Playboy.  I've seen a few thousand faces and better damn well believe we rocked them all.  Now it's time to kick back and party, celebrate, and get ready for the next round.  If you didn't already know tonight 3D In Your Face kicks off the first of a two night stand at The 21st Saloon, Omaha, NE.  Friday, Dec. 30th and Saturday, Dec. 31st will go down in infamy as the two greatest nights in our bands career.  Our crew has assembled what can only be described as the hottest video wall in the city.  This shows is going to blow you out of the water and I don't want to just rely on the show.  We are ready to bring the pain and show everyone else how the big boys do it.  Down and dirty sleazy rock n roll magic is in the air.  Only $5 at the door tonight.  There are still tickets left for tomorrow's show and today only you can still get them for $5. On Saturday they are bumped up to $8 so order these now and reserve yourself and your date a seat to the party of the year.

For all of those traveling to these shows and for all of you that might not want to drink and drive afterward we have partnered with The New Victorian Inn and Suites on 108th and L street, blocks away from The 21st Saloon.  Mention "3D In Your Face" at the front desk during check in or check out and receive your room for only $69.99 plus tax.  This will apply for Friday and Saturday.  Always thinkin' about ya.

I want to take you back a few years.  I always look forward to New Years Eve.  It's one of those crazy crazy crazy nights that you just never really know what's going to happen.  It's one of those nights you talk about with your friends for years.  Inevitably drunken buffoonery is in store no matter if you are drinking or not.  I can't really remember the exact date but I want to warn my mother if she is reading this, please just close out of your browser now.  I had to be about 19 or 20 years old and I was hanging out with a pretty wild bunch of dudes.  We had just formed our first band and we were regularly making trips back and forth to Omaha to catch punk rock shows at houses, studios, and the infamous Ranch Bowl.  That New Years Eve we caught wind of an art studio hosting a punk rock show that featured our two favorite Omaha bands at the time.  The Deformites were some dudes our age that played psychobilly music.  My band eventually did a tour to Texas and back with The Deformities but we will save that story for another blog.  The other band was a drunk punk band called Buster Hymen and The Penetrators.  Great dudes that kind of showed us the ropes.  We looked up to them big time.  I believe 4 of us made the trip to Omaha that night.  My buddy Duff was the DD and were were cruising a brand new Ford Mustang courtesy of my other buddy and legal age drinker Styx.  My friend Korey was riding in back with me and I think we were half in the can before we even crossed the county line.

Never Stop Drinking from Buster Hymen & The Penetrators on Myspace.

Jimmy Drug Bug from The Deformities on Myspace.

The art studio was unlike anything we had ever seen in Fremont.  It was downtown and this was some unique art.  Old cars welded together, metal shapes and jagged edges, and as luck would have it a free keg.  We payed the admission and partied our asses off that night.  Things get a little hazy for me right here.  I seem to remember my buddy Styx being so out of his mind that he proceeded to go after a woman that appeared to be three times his age.  This punk rock art studio became heaven for us for that evening.  Free food, free beer, women that wouldn't even look at us, and loud happening rock n roll music.  I'm sure my friends will remember way more details than I do but I can still picture the smell of cigarettes and stale beer just brought us to life.  This had become the only place in the entire world that really mattered.  For that moment in time we were kings.  The show ended and we scooped our drunk asses back in the Mustang and Duff safely drove us home.  We almost made the trip without incident until we got back to Fremont.  We drove through downtown Fremont and pretty much right on time as we were driving past the court house Styx's car door flung open and he started spewing onto the passing concrete and all down the side of his car.  Stick a fork in us that was the point we all needed to head home and sleep it off.  For whatever reason that show sticks out in my mind as one of the funnest times of my young adult life.  We were reckless and careless but because of the music it all made so much sense.  I would never want to go back to that time but I'm sure happy I did it when I had the chance.  That moment in time.  Those hazy memories.  The music.

Happy New Year

Sam Spade

Friday, December 23, 2016

There's Leftovers in the Fridge

Hello everybody and welcome to the Christmas edition of HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of The Midnight Devils and 3D In Your Face.  I want to start this blog off by thanking everyone that sent us well wishes on our trip last weekend.  The Midnight Devils are definitely earning our wings the hard way.  After the great ice trek to St. Joe we pushed on to Odell, NE.  The roads weren't the best but we made it safe and sound and had an amazing show.  It's the small things.  We were sitting around deciding whether or not to cancel Saturday's gig.  Sniper and I simply said there is no way we are not going to make a show.  We are going to be known as the band that's at every show no matter what.  First ones in and the last ones to leave.  Since it's Christmas season and the end of this leg of our tour we are doing one final homecoming show tonight at The 21st Saloon in Omaha, NE.  One last chance to catch The Midnight Devils in 2016.  I have a huge surprise for everyone as well.  Rock n Roll Santa came early this year.  Please come out and celebrate the holiday's with us one last time.  We've been gone for about a month and we can't wait to see you.  Not to mention this is going to be one wild party.  No work, no school, it's Christmas baby let's boogie
Photos by David Willis Photography

Now for the good stuff.  I've been writing this blog now for roughly five years.  Week in and week out I usually try and do something special, something out of the ordinary, a glimpse into my life.  Christmas is one of those holiday's that I look forward to every year.  The bad thing is I can't remember writing last year's Christmas blog.  I love being home for the holiday's.  Sleeping in the old band rehearsal room.  Staying out late with my friends back home.  Hanging with my parents.  It always amazes me how quiet my hometown is.  I never remember it being that quiet.  All the towns we visit we are so loud all the time that the silence around 2 AM strikes me in Fremont, NE.  No cars, no music, and no drunk people.  It's fantastic.  My family is huge on tradition.  We do the same thing every year like clockwork since my grandparents were alive.  My Step-Mom Beth even buys the same spaghetti sauce my grandmother used to use off Amazon because they can't find it anywhere else.  Giant family gatherings like that are always great, they are stressful but great.  That's why we only do them a few times a year.  We then all go to the candlelight Midnight Mass and listen to my Step-Dad Greg rumble the church with the pipe organ.  It's beautiful.  I even put on a shirt with sleeves for the church service.  Then my buddies all get together and close out one of the local bars.  Clockwork I say.

Being in a rock n roll band, for us holiday's are just as important.  Most of the time we are playing on a holiday but there are a few really special nights we get off.  It's one of the rare times you aren't consumed with practice, social media, booking gigs, and handing out flyers.  You can be "off" for at least 24 hours.  The coolest thing is that you get a chance to celebrate with your best friends, not that you don't celebrate everything else together when you're crammed in a van with them for a month.  It's a little more special than that.  We get to cut loose and enjoy the end of a tour and the end of a great year.  I never in a million years would have thought we would be ending 2016 like this.  3D In Your Face has accomplished some huge goals we set out for ourselves.  We have pushed it farther them the year before.  The Midnight Devils are in that great place where we are slowly gaining momentum.  We took the leap and now it's starting to pay off.  Just wait until you see what we have coming down the road.  Christmas in a rock n roll band to me is about Elvis Presley singing "Blue Christmas".   It's getting home from a string of shows and throwing your dirty stage clothes in your parents washing machine.  The pullout bed is ready to roll and there are leftovers in the fridge.  From everyone in 3D In Your Face and The Midnight Devils we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas.  If you can't spend it with someone you love you better be on the phone letting them know you are thinking about them.


Sam Spade

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Traveling Musician PT. 1 - Icy Conditions Cancels Show

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official blog of The Midnight Devils and 3D In Your Face.  What an adventure we had last night.  I didn't get around to writing the blog before we left for the weekend and I'm glad I didn't.  Now I will give you a first hand look at what it was like for us on 120 mile sheet of ice in Northern Missouri.  Before we get into the details at this exact moment we are still scheduled to play tonight at The Kross-Eyed Kricket in Odell, NE.  All things considered this is going to be one wild night and I know you are looking forward to some craziness after all the stress.  Show will begin roughly at 9 PM.  Sunday we are doing a very special benefit show at The Lookout Lounge with Aorta Music Management.  Wreck The Halls is a two day benefit to raise money for Harper's Hope and Inner Beauty Salon at The Methodist Hospital in Omaha, NE.  A few years back I stumbled upon a hair salon for cancer survivors.  This is one of the coolest places in Omaha if you want my opinion.  They help survivors with wigs and beauty therapy.  We are always thrilled to help out Inner Beauty Salon and look forward to an amazing night of action at The Lookout Lounge.  My radio show also called Hair in the Air, on 101.9 The Keg will be bumped back to 12 AM tonight because of the Creighton game.  Tune in live and get your faced rocked off.

If you are just catching up with us than I will start from the beginning.  Last night The Midnight Devils were schedule to play in St. Joe, MO at The Rendezsous Bar with Coverboy.  I would also like to thank John Riha of Disciples of Apollo Promotions and our amazing fans that braved the weather for all their help.  What started as 120 Mile down 1-29 problem on any other night.  Let me preface this by saying we have never cancelled a show ever.  We picked up the van around 1 PM and I knew there was going to be some bad weather.  We  was figured on it would only stay in Omaha and that things would get better as we headed south.  We loaded up the van and hit the road by 2:15 PM.  Heading out of Omaha the roads were starting to get wet but we pushed on into the unknown.  Out on the interstate the rain never let up and 50 miles down the road we made our first stop in Rock Port, MO and we knew we were in for some rough times ahead.  All the concrete had turned into a sheet of ice.  Inside the truck stop travelers were talking about how traffic had come to a stand still on the interstate right outside of St. Joe due to an accident.  At this point what were we supposed to do?  The show was still on and we were already halfway there.  We saddled up and cruised low and slow.  About 10 miles from our exit we hit the stand still.  For an hour everyone just sat there on the interstate.  It was about that time that we got word that roads in St. Joe were so bad that they had no choice but to cancel the show.  We were devastated but there was nothing we could do.  We took the first exit off the interstate which lead us down a dark road that was littered with semi-trucks and cars in the ditch.  By the skin of our teeth we swung the van around and made it back onto the interstate.  Another few miles down the road we, along with hundreds of other drivers, crash landed at a gas station that was not equipped for this many people.  With one bathroom inside we filled up the tank, grabbed a few snacks, used natures bathroom and pointed the van back north towards Omaha.

Sniper took over driving duties for this leg of the trip.  What was only supposed to take an hour and half landed us another three hours in the van.  It was slow going and with nerves of steel he had the van moving closer to 50 mph the whole trip back to Omaha.  After 8 long hours in the van we finally landed safe and sound in Omaha, a bit defeated but everyone was in one piece.  We found out later that the crash that had backed up the interstate near St. Joe had killed two people and injured 9 others.  That was weighing pretty heavily on our minds as our trip concluded for the evening.  Now this story isn't anything special or different.  There are bands all over the country that are braving terrible road conditions every night to make the gig.  It's something that you do and don't even think about.  Every year we go through a few shows were you secretly wonder if it's worth the stress to even be out on the road.  It sucks but it's part of the job.  You knew what you were signing up for at the beginning of this.  Every band has those stories of white knuckling it on a dark interstate trying to get back from a show.  Most importantly we didn't want to let any of our fans down by cancelling a show.  The song actually goes "It's a long way to the top if you want to Rock N Roll".  After last night I'd like to change it to "It's an icy way to St. Joe if you want to Rock N Roll".  This is still the greatest job in the world and I wouldn't change it for a minute.


Sam Spade