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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Go Team! Welcome Aboard Melissa.

Hello everybody and welcome back to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  I want to apologize for the length of this blog but if you read down farther you will understand why it's so long.  First and foremost I want to thank everyone that came out to wish us a farewell last week at The 21st Saloon.  Huge thank yous to Scott and all of his staff for opening up their bar for us to call home.  Thank you to all of crazy 3D In Your Face Army Members that traveled to catch any of the shows throughout the winter.  Thank you to our amazing crew, our friends and families.  We launched our 2015 summer tour the next night on a very rainy Memorial Day weekend.  The crowd absolutely blew us away and stayed all night even during the rain.  I'm not afraid to say it again if this is just a glimpse of the summer to come than we are all in for a hell of a lot of fun.  This weekend we are traveling west to our favorite home-away-from-home, Kearney, NE for a very special two night show at Shooters.  The bus is rolling hard and heavy and the party gets kicked off Friday, May 29th at 9PM.  Make the trip I honestly can't begin to describe how amazing shows in Kearney have become.  We are going to party all night hey hey hey hey.  I will be doing a live interview with Rock 101.5 on Wednesday, May 27th at 4:45 PM CST.  Tune in live or listen online but whatever you do Tweet about it using @3dinyourface1 or @rock1015rocks.

This week there is very big news in the 3D In Your Face camp.  As we are about to embark on our summer tour and release a new album we have opened the doors of our tight knit world to a little outside help.  Wanting to make everything bigger and better for you, our amazing fans, we are very honored to announce that we have teamed up with Moxie Publicity and hired Melissa Kucirek as our official band Publicist.  Melissa has worked with some amazing artist and has a track record that would make your jaw drop.  More than that I think we saw somebody that was interested in fighting with us to spread the word about this band.  As a full fledged team member Melissa is spear-heading a PR campaign that includes newspaper features, radio interviews, and media relations.  We are beyond excited to be allied with a person that not only enjoys Rock N Roll music but has done some amazing things in the past.  Melissa is a true team player and we hope that our relationship with her is long and fruitful.  As here first act as our publicist she has rewritten our band bio.  I wrote our original bio a few years back and it clearly shows that I'm better at playing guitar than writing band bios.  Check this out and please let us know what you think.  Welcome aboard Melissa.  Go Team!

2015 BIO

To know 3D In Your Face is to know the decade of decadence; the time when neon ruled, spandex reigned and hair triumphed. It was a magnificent age—loud and proud—when the idea of your entire music collection fitting into your pocket was unfathomable and you’d never think of confining the music to your head with a flimsy set of earbuds.

You can’t go back to rocking out to your favorite records, blowing out your stereo speakers and driving the neighbors crazy.  But you can feel the awesome, awesome noise again with 3D In Your Face! Four guys in astoundingly loud coats, outrageous eyeshadow, ripped t-shirts and formidable hair are blasting the music way out of your parents’ basement and rocking the stage with a spectacle of showmanship better than any MTV video back in its heyday.

3D In Your Face is Alan “Hot Rod” King (vocals, guitar, keys), Chris “Sniper” Hineline (vocals, lead guitar), Dakota “Dax” Nielsen (drums), and Sam “Spade” Morris (vocals, bass). The Omaha-based foursome doesn’t merely mimic metal gods. They fuse amazing musicianship with a spectacular stage show of laser lights, scissor kicks, spinning, and even rope-swinging to create a live concert event that channels gusto and testosterone into a one-of-a-kind experience that keeps you wondering what is going to happen next!

Smoke machines, choreographed guitar raising, a battalion of amps that threaten to outnumber even a large crowd, and over-the-top stage get-ups are just a piece of what this band brings to the floor. 3D In Your Face gets into the music, gets the crowd stoked, and makes the audience jump onto their marvelous ride. 

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