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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Oh Oh!!! That Smell. Awesome Biker Nights Bound.

Hello everybody and welcome back to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Sorry I was absent from my writing for the last two weeks.  It always seems like there is never enough time in the week but I am sorry and I know I can't take that out on you.  You people deserve a blog and damn it I am going to write you the best blog I possibly can.  Mostly I just want to let you know what is going on in our world.  We have now been on the 2015 Summer Tour for three weeks I believe, going on the fourth this weekend.  The shows have been amazing and I can safely say this has been the funnest summer so far and we aren't even halfway through.  We have already met some amazing people and been in some great new cities.  This week we are headed back to one of our favorite shows of the year.  Friday, June 19th we will be invading Sioux City again as part of The Awesome Biker Nights Festival.  This festival is located in downtown Sioux City and is a bike rally/Rock N Roll street festival.  Thousands of bikers descend onto this strip of pavement and enjoy the best of Sioux City, Rock City.  This year we are headlining the first ever Iowa Street Stage from 10pm-12am.  The fun continues the next day with performances by Lita Ford and Sebastian Bach.  Expect nothing but the best from this festival.  If you can't make Saturday's show tune into my radio show, HAIR IN THE AIR from 10pm-12am on 101.9 The Keg.

I had been planning this blog for some time now and finally just got an hour to sit down and knock it out.  Last week while we were in Norfolk, NE I was standing on this massive stage in the middle of a huge green field.  We were all stressed and scrambling to set up our show when someone next to me lit up a cigarette.  Now I haven't smoked in approximately 214 days but for that brief moment the smell of the open field, the stage, the foggers, the sweat, and the cigarette transported me to a different place.  That's the smell of Rock N Roll, the smell of life.  The whole feeling was overwhelming and really put me in an amazing mood.  Granted I was craving a cigarette like no other but I didn't give in.  In that moment I relived all of my very first concerts when I was just a hopeless 16 year old with shaggy brown hair.  I remembered playing shows like this exact one every summer for the last ten summers.  I thought about all those people I had met along the way and all the people I missed back home.  I thought about my mom and dad and my grandparents.  As soon as the moment came it passed and I was back to wiring up pyro towers for the evenings debauchery.

The journey.  The Ride.  The Experience.  This is what it's about.  I know that those memories were good but I also know that there was a lot of bad that went along with it.  You tend to not remember the bad.  Last week in Newton, after the show we got off stage and much to our road crew's chagrin we stepped into a local dive bar and took over the karaoke for one song.  The place went bananas it was like one of those 90's movies where the whole place is singing along and at that place and that moment we were kings of the world.  Afterwords we got our asses kicked by the road crew but for that moment we were making memories to tell for years to come.  I can already hear it now in the back of the tour bus "Remember that one time in Newton?".  The struggle is half the battle and the journey is half the story.  With all the stress of the tour and the album I really look forward to those moments when we just cut loose.  I'm not asking for sympathy because quite frankly I absolute love and crave the stress of all of this but sometimes those moments in time can catch you off guard and those are the moments that will stick with you forever.



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