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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Hairy Bandito Chronicles pt. 4 "As The Cold Sets In".

Hello everybody out there in blogland.  It is time for my favorite part of the week.  It is time for HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Sorry I left you a little high and dry last week.  Some of my brothers from OFFICIALLY TERMINATED, the original Rock N Roll outfit I joined at the tender age of 18, were in town and we got busy catching up on some old times.  Actually I was tried to talk the singer Eric Hansen into guest writing my blog and he shot me down over and over again much like he shot down our friendship, over and over again.  HAHA.  I am back this week and things have been going so well I am excited to catch you up.  Before I get to the good stuff I want to thank you all again for the best summer tour 3D In Your Face has ever had.  We took a week off to regroup and we have launched into our fall/winter tour.  Two weeks ago we resumed our residency at The 21st Saloon.  Every Friday night we will be throwing the wildest, loudest, craziest Rock N Roll party Omaha has ever seen.  We have launched a new 3D In Your Face VIP Table at The 21st Saloon.  Troy (Phase 2) has official begun mix down on the new record, so we are one step closer.  If you have been to any of our shows these last two weeks you have heard some of our new material.  Songs like "Squeeze Me Dry", "Friday Night (Time We Had Our Fun)", "I Still Believe In Rock N Roll", and the title track "Midnight Devils".  We have also been nominated for another Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award.  Thanks for all your votes.  Things are going great and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.  I love being surrounded by you die-hard, heavy metal, HAIR IN THE AIR, Rock N Roll fanatics.

Now on to the good stuff.  The reason why you all came here.  I know it has been quite some time since The Hairy Banditos have surfaced.  I have been getting messages and emails asking if the guys are alright, if anything has happened to them, if they have left the continental United States.  It just so happens Hairy J. Bandito and the boys have been just as busy us, if not more.  If you need to catch up on The Hairy Bandito Chronicles just click here 1, 2, and 3.  That should bring you up to speed.  Lets join our masked shirtless friends way out there on that lonely lonely road.

The Hairy Bandito Chronicles pt. 4
As The Cold Sets In.
The summer is now over and the fall is upon us.  The weather is changing much like the world as we know it.  Evil has begun to rear it's ugly head again.  Where have our heroes The Hairy Banditos been?  The answer truly lies in the question.  The Banditos have been around us all along.  They have been watching ever step and guiding our journeys.  You might not always see our masked heroes but trust me when I tell you, they are always vigilant.  Keepers of the silent code of justice and honor passed down to them from their ancestors.  Much like the valiant knights of old, these strange shirtless protectors have been watching the streets at night.  Guarding the unguardable.  They have been cleaning out the trash and making the world brighter one city at time.  
But evil is always present and always changing.  Hairy J. Bandito and his band of brothers soon will face their biggest foe yet.  A foe that will not only take them to the limits of their strength but test ever fiber of their being.  This evil force has been brought to light by laziness, greed, negativity, anger, hatred, and fear.  An over whelming force that seeks to crush our heroes and anyone else that gets in it's way.  This evil has no name, it has no face, it has no preference.  The darkness is out there and it's coming straight for you.  Will you have the strength to push on and survive?  Will you have the power to stand up against the forces of evil?  The Banditos will be there but they may not be enough. 
Our day of reckoning is upon us.  This is a call to action.  The Banditos need your help in this fight.  Will you join them or will you go down with the ship?  The choice is yours and yours alone.  So you must choose wisely.  What can you do?  Take a stand.  Fight back.  It's time to make your voice heard.  No mask or incredibly nice french cut shorts needed.  A positive attitude is the greatest weapon in this fight.  A frown can kill thousands but a smile can bring the dead back to life.  A "No" leads to certain death but a "Yes" can lead to eternal life.  No creed, no race, no color, NO BARRIERS.  Together we are united as one against the evils that try and hold us down.  
Today you are all deemed Official Banditos.  This is a day that you will remember for the rest of your life.  Wear it with pride because the next person you see could change your life in some way.  Honor the code.  Let truth and justice prevail.   The Hairy Banditos will always be with you but now it's your turn to change the world.  THE HAIRY BANDITOS RIDE!
Now if that's not inspirational I don't know what is.  WOOOO.  3D In Your Face is back and ready for some action this weekend.  Friday, Sept. 27th we will be picking up our residency at The 21st Saloon, on 96th and L st. in Omaha, NE.  Our sponsor for the show is The Strip Club Choppers and they will be hosting a "last fling" motorcycle show in the parking lot of The 21st Saloon.  Get those bikes out for one last hurrah.  Our 3D In Your Face VIP Table is still available this week for only $100.  Email me at  Saturday, Sept. 28th we will be making the road trip to Lincoln, NE to play one of our favorite clubs Cappy's Hot Spot on 48th and Hwy. 2.  This is has been deemed an official headbanger ball party by Cappy's.  So dust off those old KISS t-shirts and leather pants because Saturday night we are going to get a little wild.  Show starts at 9 PM.  We can't wait to see each and everyone of you.  




  1. WOW ! ,,, you really have a way with words and ALWAYS very inspirational. You had me "hootin an holerin" in my office. I love reading your blog,,,, keep up the AWESOME job !!!!!

  2. Thanks a ton Margo. I really appreciate the kind words and thanks for reading. ROCK N ROLL FOREVER