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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Do Zombies Enjoy KISS As Much As I Do?

Hello all you heavy metal maniacs out there in huge hair land.  Welcome back to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Week by week we keep getting closer to the day that our brand new album will be released.  I don't have a release date yet for you but I can tell you that today "Midnight Devils" (this is the album title) went to Ware House Studios in Omaha to be mastered today (10-29-13).  I'm not going to lie to you I have always wanted to say "yeah my album is being mastered".  It's kind of silly but hey, this is my blog I can be silly if I want to.  We had a blast last weekend with three one night-ers in a row.  Thank you to everyone that came out to support us as this tour rages on.  A special thanks to all those that dressed up like Sniper and I, (VA, Justin, and Sara).  To everyone else that came in costume you ROCKED OUR FACES OFF.  Speaking of costumes this Friday, Nov. 1st we are throwing a special Zombie Apocalypse Ball at The 21st Saloon with The Zombie research Society hosted by DJ House.  There will be a zombie costume contest, prizes, and giveaways. 
Friday, Nov. 1st Zombie Apocalypse Ball at The 21st Saloon.  Brought to you by Zombie Research Society.

Halloween 2013 is upon.  In a few days all the ghost, goblins, and demons will be coming out of the wood work for a little trick-or-treat action.  Halloween is always my favorite holiday mostly because I love to see everyone dressed up and ready for a good time.  For me Halloween seems to be a year round event.  Being in a band affords you the luxury of dressing up every night of the week.  You can act crazy and look even crazier and people don't seem to even mind.  Halloween changed for me when I was 15 years old.  Back in those lonely basement days at my parents house, I purchased a KISS makeup kit, a leisure suit and painted myself up as Gene Simmons for the very first time.  DRESSED TO KILL BABY.  Get it?  To top it off I carved a Gene Simmons Jack-O-Lantern and went out for a night of candy and mayhem.  I can tell you almost every year after I painted my face white and donned the mark of the hottest band in the world.  I did it for New Years Eve.  I did it for Fremont High Basketball Games.  I painted my face like KISS every chance I could get.  To become my heroes in the flesh was an amazing transformation for me.  I can't imagine how those guys in the KISS tribute bands feel playing the songs on stage while wearing the makeup.  Halloween every night.  COUNT IT.
Nice pirate shirt.  What the hell?

I was just watching a Star Wars fan documentary about people who have converted their lives over to Star Wars.  I was a big Star Wars fan but I even though this was a little crazy until I started going back through my facebook pictures.  I am that same Star Wars fan only in white and black grease paint and hair spray.  Instead of "Return Of The Jedi", I want to Rock N Roll all night and party every day.  Funny how things come full circle.  If only you could see my apartment and all the KISS memorabilia I have amassed over the years.  I now wonder how I ever got a girls to talk to me in the first place.  I always wondered what my dad thought when he saw me in Gene Simmons makeup?  For this Halloween 2013 I say let it all hang out.  Go out with a bang.  Be yourself and have some fun because one day you will look back and remember that one year you dressed up as KISS and it was the funnest Halloween you ever had.
Hidden Agenda and 3D In Your Face.  Love this.
We are back this Friday, Nov 1st at The 21st Saloon with your day after Halloween Zombie Apocalypse Ball with The Zombie Research Society and hosted by DJ House.  Keep those Halloween costumes around for one more night.  We are doing a zombie costume contest with prizes provided by The Funny Bone and Eye Candy Tattoo.  If you don't have a zombie costume don't worry The Scream Mafia will be on hand you paint you up for $3 or give you a latex zombie look for $5 so you have a fighting chance in the contest.  Get there early this show is going to be brain-eating adventure in Rock N Roll history.  Zombie photos, giveaways, and all the rotting flesh your heart desires.  Saturday, Nov. 2nd we will be doing a special private party in Omaha, NE for some of our great friends.  I can't wait to see you all there.

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