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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's My Blog I Will Say What I Want. KISS In The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

HA HA HA HAIR IN THE AIR!  Welcome back all you Rock N Roll junkies to Hair In The Air, The Official blog of 3D In Your Face.  What a wild last few weeks we have had here in our little metal world.  If your just joining us, on Dec. 6th 3D In Your Face released our 4th studio record "Midnight Devils".  The new album is available via iTunes, eBay, and at every show.  I have been on a non-stop promotional tour and I have made some amazing new friends along the way.  Before we get going I want to thank all those people that have stood by this record, thanks for buying our music, thanks for the great interviews, and thanks for listening to me talk.  And a very special thank you goes to you for reading this blog.  I feel as if this blog has become an exclusive Rock N Roll club.  Even though everyone is invited to read only the pure at heart actually take the time.  Thank you.
 This Fri. Dec 20th and Saturday Dec. 21st "Midnight Devils" release show in Kearney, NE

That being said I want to bring up something that doesn't really effect 3D In Your Face directly.  If you have been living under a rock for the last few days you might not have heard that KISS has been nominated to be inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame.  Now KISS being my all time favorite band you would think news like this makes me happy.  Actually quite the opposite.  I am happy that the band got the nod but really when has the approval of anyone ever meant anything to a true KISS fan.  KISS was the band that brought me into this world of Rock N Roll.  I heard "Detroit Rock City" and I knew right then and there what I wanted to do with my life.  I always thought it was pretty cool that KISS was so loud and abrasive that the rock n roll hall of fame wanted nothing to do with this band.  For me KISS represented anti-establishment, KISS was true freedom.  When I was growing up girls in high school wouldn't date me because I wore KISS t-shirts everyday to class.  I was different and misunderstood but in this thing called Rock N Roll I knew that I wasn't alone. For some reason that still blows my mind today, people at Fremont High School didn't think KISS was as cool as I did.

Now today Dec. 17th somebody up a decided that yeah KISS is cool and they should join the ranks of ABBA and Madonna in The Hall.  I think this is pure blasphemy not to mention they share their nomination with Nirvana.  Come on all our 16 year-old selves are foaming at the mouth right now.  KISS doesn't need some Hall of fame to let people know that they are and always will be "The Hottest Band On Earth".  KISS has always been about the fans.  The KISS Army has always stood behind the underdog, the misfits, and the misunderstood.  Now everyone has been asking me if I have "heard the news".  Hell yes I heard the news, but I don't like the thought of some jack-off at The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame telling me what band is worthy of being apart of their club.  (Sorry Mom) FUCK YOU ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAME.  If you think I am being a little overzealous about this, you may be right. I like KISS today equally if not more than I did when I first heard "Detroit Rock City".  My apartment is still covered in KISS posters and paraphernalia. In my sweat opinion KISS has always been bigger than The Hall and it's members.  KISS inspired the youth and that is something that can't be measured by votes or record sales.

This Friday Dec. 20th and Saturday Dec. 21st we are making a nice little pre-Christmas road to trip to our home away from home.  We are playing a special two night CD release party at Shooters in Kearney, NE.  For all you western Nebraska Rock N Roll fanatics out there this will be your chance to pick up a signed copy of our new album "Midnight Devils".  The show has changed since the last time we traveled to Kearney.  We have new songs, new clothes, and old school attitudes.  I hope you are ready for a wild two nights because baby I could use a good road trip.  See you all real soon.

Also thanks to DJ Sexy Rocker Chick for the great interview.  I will be doing interviews Wednesday morning at 9:45 AM on 94 Rock Norfolk, Thursday afternoon with KLPR Kearney, and Thursday night with Mistress of Metal.  Also look for a write up about this weekends shows in The Kearney Hub.

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  1. That was Amazing! for those of you that need help relating to "Always Loud Forever Proud" that summed it up right there! :-) I agree with you 100% Great Blog Sam...You guys have a great time Rocken Kearney this weekend, playing your kick ass new songs off your new CD, there will be flames coming off that stage Kearney!! I have had your new CD playing in my car since last Friday, and I love every song..down fall is, its only a matter of time before I get a speeding ticket, I tell no lie, everytime I drive to meetings, with bands and appointments the electricity from the awesomeness coming from that CD has control of my gas pedal!! LOL! you guys are kicken butt and taking names, be proud... be very proud! :-) you will be missed Friday at 21 Saloon, but hell yeah baby Kearney deserves to enter the Midnight Devils rock ride that hooks you from the first song to the last! Thanks Sam, Chris, Allan, & Jeremy for putting your hearts and pure unconditional love for music and the instruments you play that together produced Midnight Devils an Awesome gift to your fans, that are very proud of you guys! Thank You 3D in Your Face!

  2. Seriously well said! You pointing out that girls wouldn't date you because you wore KISS shirts struck a chord with me. My 8th grade boyfriend LOVED KISS. He even dressed as one of them for Halloween and people thought it was weird. Not me though! I knew it was bigger than what people were thinking. And it's funny that you mention Detroit Rock City, because I remember seeing that movie and being pissed that KISS was barely in it. Lol. I love your passion for the band and that you could care less what other people think (just like KISS could care less). Have a great weekend of shows!