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Monday, October 1, 2012

Feel The Rhythm, Feel The Rhyme

What a difference a week makes in this crazy world that is 3D In Your Face. First the past, we played the first two warm up shows of our new tour.  End Of The World Tour started on Wednesday, Sept 26th 2012 at Harrahs Casino in Council Bluffs.  We followed that up with our return to our home bar the 21st Saloon on Friday the 28th.  After taking three weeks off and changing the set we didn't really know what to expect launching into this new tour so quickly.  The songs were there, the shows were booked, but could we as a band stand the stress and rigors that come along with being in a constantly working Rock N Roll band.  I can't answer that question right now but I can answer that we have made it priority number one to be unified in everything we do.  If we go up or down, left or right, we do it together as a family.  Sure families get angry and have fights, but families also love and look out for one another.  We are brothers bond together by a single cause.   ROCK N ROLL.  And if you think that is silly don't bother yourself with reading this blog.

Where do we stand now?  Today I am very excited.  Imagine 3D In Your Face on this great big roller coaster that will be our lives for the next 6 months.  We are all buckled in and just beginning the ascent up the first hill.  The anticipation is there, the fear is there, and the dedication is there.  The track is set out in front of us.  We live for this band and there is no turning back now.  Together as one.
Friday Oct. 5th will be our second (first official) show at the 21st Saloon and we have been working our asses off to bring you an amazing night of Rock N Fuckin' Roll.  We are proud to introduce Rockin' Rita as our first Featured Friday Night Sponsor.  Rita wrote an amazing autobiographical book entitled Once Upon A Rock Star.  This book chronicles Rita's life through the 80's and her x-rated adventures with some of Rock N Roll's most notorious stars.  She will be doing a book signing from 10 pm-12 am on Friday night.  I read the book myself and let me tell you the stories in this book will blow your mind.  3D In Your Face together with Rockin' Rita for a night of decadence and non-stop entertainment.

Saturday Oct. 6th we will be making a return trip to Lincoln, NE to Cappy's Hot Spot.  The last time we were in Lincoln we played at the Lancaster County Fair and let me tell you Lincoln delivers every time   The show starts at 9 pm so don't be late.  Cappy's is a very quaint joint and you don't want to be left without a table.

End Of The World Tour continues on.  GET IN SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP.  THIS IS 3D...........


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