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Monday, October 22, 2012

War Stories Pt.1

Hello to all you hairy Rock N Roll fanatics.  For this weeks blog, I am going to try something a little different.   3D In Your Face has been performing, touring, and recording music for nearly 13 years.  In that time you better believe we have racked up our fair share of 'life in a traveling rock n roll band' stories.  I am going to do my best to remember some of these stories but I also want to encourage you to share your own 3D In Your Face war stories.  Feel free to post about your adventures on the way to our show, a wild night at a 3D In Your Face, or on your way back from our show.  We only get to see half of what happens on stage and we want to know what happened to you at a 3D In Your Face show.

3D In Your Face is blessed to be not only an original heavy metal glam band but we are also the nations number one 80's hair metal tribute band.  Because we play both originals and covers we are constantly get offers to play private parties everywhere across the country.  We jump at everyone of these offers because we know how wild a private party can be.  For this story we were on a three day tour and our second stop was a private party in Holdredge, NE.  Every year this couple invites all of their friends over to their farm house near Holdredge for a wild blow out party.  We got to play this party for a few years and always looked forward to it.  Imagine our tour bus rolling into this beautiful mid-western farm community.  We set all our gear up on a concrete slab that sits right outside of the barn.  I know what your thinking.  Really is this the place for an 80's big hair rock n roll blow out.  Well, after a big bbq feast and a few rather stiff drinks the party gets underway.

The crowd of around 200 rolls in around 10 PM ready for some fun.  The show goes off without a hitch.  After the music is when the story gets good.  At 1 AM all the farm boys turn into stage hands except everyone is hammered.  So we get the bus loaded and everyone crashes out for the night except me and the farm boys.  They ask me if I have ever started an irrigation pivot.  Of course me being a city boy I answer "No, but I would love to".  I always need to try something new or have a good story for when I get back.  So me, forgetting rule number one about touring (never leave your bus) I jump in the back of their pickup and speed off into the cool country air.  After a few miles we come upon said irrigation pivot.  I hop out still in full stage clothes and makeup and head straight to the motor of this mammoth beast.  After a quick lesson on how to get this thing started I turn the key and this massive farm implement kicks into high gear.

I have never heard anything this loud and remember I play in a band with the loudest guitar player on the planet.  I jump out of my skin and took a few steps back and my farm boy, stage hand friends just cackle at this city boy turned night farmer.  I couldn't believe the power and noise this thing emitted.  But the fact of the matter was that we were surrounded by nothing for miles upon miles.  Then it kind of hit me that I was in the middle of Nebraska in a corn field at 3 AM with a bunch of strangers.  I must have made a good impression because I can't remember when I laughed so hard.  They took me back to my bus as the sun was coming up, we popped a few wheelies in the farms golf cart and then I called it a night or day.

None of my band mates believed me when I told them the story the next day.  "You did what?  You went where?  With who?".  I will always be the first guy to try something crazy or new while we are out on tour and this was by far one of the wildest things I have ever done.  SPADE the farmer, except I don't wear hats.

This is just one of my stories and believe me I have more than you will ever need to hear.  Now it's your turn.  Post away.  I want the wild, the obscure, the nasty, and the bold.

Halloween is just around the corner and we are proud to announce our first ever 3D In Your Face Halloween Bash.  On Friday Oct 26th at the 21st Saloon, The Angry Bros will be hosting the biggest and baddest costume contest in Omaha.  Big Brain Tattoo will be supplying the prizes with an hour free tattoo gift card to the top male and female costume and a $200 dollar grand prize to the best overall costume of the night.  On top of the contest there will be giveaways, drink specials, and more fake blood than you have ever seen.  We love you, so we are throwing you the biggest and baddest party you have ever seen.  Dress sexy, dress scary, dress 80's, dress how ever you want.   The party starts at 9pm.

Thank you to everyone for ready our blog.  We couldn't do this without you.  Cheers to all you readers outside the USA.  Kearney, NE we are coming at you hard and fast next week.


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