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Monday, September 24, 2012

Calm Before the Storm

The break is over and we are one day away from the beginning of our fall/winter tour.  If you are just joining us let me get you up to speed.  3D In Your Face has been playing every week since the beginning of Feb.  Dubbed the Fight Fire With Fire Tour 2012,  we played 44 shows around the country, logged thousands of miles in our '73 Eagle tour bus, and met some of the most amazing fans any band could ask for.

 We did this all ourselves. No agent, no record label, and no management.  We set our goals very high at the beginning of that tour and we succeed   Our last show was in Sutherland, IA on Sept 3rd and we couldn't have asked for a better celebration to close out the Fight Fire with Fire Tour.

After three long weeks off we are on the verge of heading out again for another run across the country.  Right now we are in what is considered the calm before the storm.  Every touring band goes through this and it is one of the most stressful, time consuming, yet enjoyable parts about being in a band.  The week before tour starts.  Break you said?  Think again we have been gearing ourselves and our crew up for this next tour.  Apply named End of The World Tour 2012/2013 our main mission is to bring our show to a whole other level.  Visually and musically our fans deserve the best show we can physically give them, and let me tell you we haven't been sitting around doing nothing for these last three weeks.

What does the calm consist of you ask?  We are proud to say we have 10 new cover songs and 5 new original songs we will be adding to our already kick ass set.  A brand new moving light show has been brought in as well as new stage costumes and new makeup.  We have spent countless hours on the internet, networking and researching.  New t-shirts are order printed and will be available at the shows.  We even got new tires for the bus so we can make every show we have book for this tour without a problem.  I am not complaining here no way.  I am merely giving you a glimpse into what we have been working on for this tour.  All in the name of ROCK N ROLL.

I love this part.  I love the anticipation.  I love the stressed out rehearsals and band meetings, where nothing ever seems to get accomplished.  There is a million things to finish before we start and I love that.  I love the build up to something spectacular.  I love packing my suitcase, my lunch box, and my cables.  I am riding a high that will culminated with our first show on Wednesday.  Then our first public appearance since Sept. 3rd will be at the 21st Saloon, 96th and L st. Omaha, NE on Friday, Sept 28th.

I am proud as hell to say we are playing a first of its kind residency in Omaha, NE.  Starting on Friday Sept 28th, 3D In Your Face will be playing at the 21st Saloon every Friday night for the next 15 weeks.  We are giving our fans what they want and what is lacking musically in Omaha.  Bigger, louder, wilder, and hairier.  There isn't a show that can touch this.  Maybe I am biased because this is my band and our blog, but I don't care.  You wont be able to get this kind of show anywhere else for five bucks.

The calm before the storm.  Really the storm never ended.  It just got bigger and angrier.  If you like 80s rock n roll, I mean nasty sleazy heavy metal, come and see for yourself.  Come to the 21st Saloon or come see us when we roll into your town.  I promise you wont leave disappointed.

End of The World Tour 2012/2013 show dates

Wed, Sept 26th, Harrahs Casino Council Bluffs- private party
Fri, Sept 28th, 21st Saloon Omaha, NE 80s party
Fri Oct 5th 21st Saloon Omaha, NE 80s party
Sat Oct 6th Cappys Hot Spot Lincoln, NE
Fri, Oct 12th 21st Saloon Omaha NE 80s party
Sat. Oct 13th Waiting Room Omaha NE Omaha Zombie Walk
Fri. Oct 19th 21st Saloon Omaha, NE 80s party
Fri Oct 26th 21st Saloon Omaha NE 80s party
Sat. Oct 27th Des Moines, IA - private party
Fri. Nov. 2nd Shooters Kearney, NE
Sat Nov. 3rd Shooters Kearney, NE



  1. You ARE still playing in Sioux City December 15th, RIIIGGGHHHTTT? My whold birthday plans completely revolve around that little light!! Amy-not Devin :)

  2. We definitely are still playing in Sioux City in Dec. Don't you worry about that. It's your birthday and Hot Rods birthday we wouldn't miss it for the world.