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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Through Music We Can Live Forever

Hello again to all of you wonderful heavy metal, HAIR IN THE AIR, 3D In Your Face fanatics.  I wasn't sure what to write about this week in our blog, then something came to me.  We played two great shows this week and we were surprised at all the new faces in the audience.  The first show was at the 21st Saloon, our normal Friday night show.  Like usually our rabid fans were out in force, but we also welcome a lot of new comers.  Susan from Omaha Night Out stopped in a took a ton of pictures which we always love.  The boys from Hidden Agenda showed that they were not afraid to party like mother fucking rock stars.  Our Norfolk fan base decided to take a road trip and see the band on it's home turf.  Our lovely sponsors Gloss Hair Salon showed us why we teamed up with them in the first place.  Pure Rock N' Roll energy.  The IN YOUR FACE table was louder than I have ever heard.  The always faithful Tomasello crew sang every word to every song and knew the set list better than we did.  Ron Mcquire had a table as did Ritchie Ritz.  Also they guy I talked to last week about "keeping Rock N Roll alive" was there again.  The great team from EZ Money never disappoints.  Jason Sprinkel and his lovely wife payed us a visit and left with their Faces Rocked Off (thank you Jason, it's catching on).  Even our vacationing sound man Aaron, showed up with a freshly toured Johnny Metal and Sheena the punk rocker.  I'm sure I am forgetting a ton of people, but hey it's tough to remember three days ago.

Our Second show of the week was in Benson at the Waiting Room for the 8th annual Zombie Walk.  Tuco and the rest of NYDM went with an 80's theme and we were only too happy to bring them the best Rock N Roll 80's show we could possibly deliver.  I still had makeup on from the night before and I still was dressed down compared to the 3000 zombie army roaming the streets of Benson.  The show was amazing and we played with some really great bands, which is something we don't get to do that often.  Bolzen Beer Band from Lincoln, The Bishops, and Narcotic Self paved the way for us.  This was the first time 3D In Your Face has ever played The Waiting Room and we took the stage with a new energy that I have never seen before.  As for the audience they were insane.  Everyone dressed up like zombies.  Pints upon pints of fake blood spilled everywhere.  The ZRS research team was in the front row.  Complete with overdosed zombie groupies (thanks Toxie), and head banging front row fanatics, we were blown away by the response we receieved.  Also the fresh faces Tina Fox, Kat Jones (zombie Dee Snider), and Chad from the Filthy Few made this one of the funnest nights I have had in 3D In Your Face.

So here we stand at the edge of another weekend.  What do we have in store for you this week you ask?  Well this Friday like all other Fridays 3D In Your Face will be embarking on our 3rd week at the 21st Saloon.  We have decided to make this weeks theme Heavy Metal Arts and Crafts.  I'm serious here.  I know we have a lot of creative people in our audience and damn it I want to see it.  A few weeks ago we asked you to make us signs like you used to see at concerts back in the day.  There were a couple signs made but we want more.  In true 3D In Your Face fashion we want them bigger and badder.  So we are going to supply every person in the bar with cardboard, markers, and glitter.  We want to see how creative and crazy our fans can be.  Then we will post pictures of these works of art all over the internet for everyone to see.  Sound fun?

Tell your friends and spread the word.  This Friday at the 21st Saloon, 96th and L st. Omaha NE will be the first ever Heavy Metal Arts and Crafts Expo featuring the music of 3D In Your Face.  Feel free to bring your own supplies and get wild as you want.  There are no rules except to have fun.  Show starts at 930 pm and get there early.

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