The Official Blog Of The Glam Slam Big Haired Bad Boys Out Of Omaha, NE, 3D In Your Face

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Long Overdue Thank You

Hello again and welcome back to the Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  This week blog is kind of a personal one for the band.  We as a band get so wrapped up in playing and entertaining you crazy heavy metal maniacs that sometimes we loose site of the people that help us along the way.  I have been a part of 3D In Your Face for 6 years now, and some of these people have been with us since the beginning.  I want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the men and women who help make this band what it is.  They have been there through the good times and bad times.  They have logged thousands of miles with us every year.  They have set up gear in every weather condition known to man.  They have slept on the bus with no heat, on the floor with no bed, and in the back of trucks rolling down the highway.  With this blog we are here to celebrate our faithful ROAD CREW.  These people have seen it all and still I can count on them for anything at anytime.  THANK YOU.  You guys are the ROCK to our ROLL.  Here we go.

First up is the guy that has been with us the longest.  Aaron Craig aka Thunder.  He has been with 3D In Your Face since time began.  Well not really that far back but he started before I joined on so it has been a long ride for him.  Aaron has the hardest job of all, he is our Sound Engineer.  He is the guy that sets up and tears down the PA every night.  He is the guy that knows what everyone of those knobs on the sound board does.  He has to hear us at our worst and then deal with us after the show.  But at the same time he makes us sound our best every time we hit that stage.  I really look up to this guy, he has been doing this since before I could tie my shoes.  He has seen things I can only dream of and has stories that only seem true in those rock n roll fairy tale books.  He is our Obi-Wan and the force is very strong with this one.

Next we have Dave Frame aka Lightning, our Lighting Engineer.  Dave has probably the biggest work load out of anyone in this band.  He has to set up and tear down an always changing lighting rig.  We always are looking for the newest and best light show to bring you, and he is the guy that is one step ahead of the game.  From the moment that trailer doors open to the moment he lays down to sleep this guys is working.  If you have ever seen a 3D In Your Face show you will know that Dave doesn't take his job lightly.  He is in tune with every song, with every beat, and with every lyric.  If there is one guy outside of the band that I can safely say is our manager, it is Dave.  After every show we run down the goods and the bads.  He tells  me very honestly what he liked and what needs to change in our show.  Dave is there at every load in and load out even if he has been up for 24 hours.  I look up to Dave like my Rock N Roll father and I trust every piece of advice he gives me.  He is another one of these guys that has been through it all and seen things I could only dream of.  He is our Yoda.  The strongest Jedi master of them all. (Thanks for letting me crash on your floor for the last 6 years.)

In the last few years this man has become a beacon of light in our little world.  Troy Way is another one of our Sound Engineers.  Through and through this man is a true fan of heavy metal Rock N Roll.  We've spent a lot of time with Troy and he has shown us a lot.  He isn't afraid to tell you how it is, even if it isn't good.  But Troy is also one of the funniest people I have ever met ( I even named my pet fish after Troy).  It seems like Troy is always up at the butt crack of dawn doing what sound guys do, being productive.  I can always count on him to deliver a loud ass show and mix a rock band like a rock band should be mixed.  And buddy if you don't like it loud your in the wrong fucking place.  Troy is a great friend that knows how to make me laugh even when things are shitty.  Troy is our Anakin Skywalker.  Strong yet dark.

The newest member to the road warriors is Jason Husak.  I haven't known Jason for very long but in the short time I have known him he has become my ace in the hole (no pun intended).  Whenever things get a little hairy I can always count on Jason for positive moral support.  He is also a hell of a Guitar Tech.  He has to deal with us on a personal and professional level.  Every little thing we need it is his job to make sure it gets taken care of.  I'm not sure he knew what he was getting into when he joined on as our Guitar Tech, but he has handled every task like a true professional.  Along with his guitar tech skills, Jason is also an amazing photographer.  He has taken well over 1000 pictures of the band at shows all over the country.  He is another one of those guys that is truly in love with Rock N Roll. I look forward to having this guy in my corner for a long time.  Jason is our Luke.  Young and ready for action.

Sean Soucy is another one of our guitar techs that only has a few shows under his belt.  But he has done some of the hardest shows we have ever been apart of.  I met Sean a few years back when I was playing in his band Eponymous.  From the first time we met, I knew this guys was the real deal.  We hit it off and I invited Sean out on a few shows this summer.  Coming on as the new guy is always hard but he more than handled every job that was asked of him.  Sean loves music and it shows in everything he does.  A true rock star and a great friend.  It is always great to look over my shoulder and see Sean on the side of the stage.  Sean is our Han Solo.

And last but not least Sierra Matthew.  Sierra has been the only female in a male dominate band for more years than I can remember.  Her skill for selling merchandise is only matched by her creativity in bringing us new merchandise ideas.  Along with social networking and internet support, Sierra has humped her fair share of gear over the years.  Sierra has also contributed greatly to our onstage costume design.  Every day Sierra inspires me to do better and reach farther.  Her support is unwavering.  So it is no surprise that Sierra is our Leia.

It can never be said enough times.  THANK YOU.  Without you we are nothing.

This weekend 3D In Your Face will be in Kearney, NE.  We will be playing Friday, Nov 2nd and 3rd at Shooters.  Kearney is our home away from home and is always a wild time.  Look out western Nebraska here we come.