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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

And That's When It Got A Little Hazy.....

What a weekend we had.  For those of you just joining us 3D In Your Face traveled to the western Nebraska town of Kearney.  I feel Kearney, NE is our home away from Omaha.  6 years ago our old guitar tech Shy Boy dragged me out to Kearney, NE to a club called Maxwell's, to help tech for this wild 80s hair band, 3D In Your Face.  It was love a first sight.  I was under age (sorry mom) but I got into the show because we were the crew.  Before we left I sprayed my hair pink and put on eye liner (this was before the HAIR IN THE AIR took over).  Shy Boy told me the guys would give me shit for looking like this.  I really didn't understand.  We were going to tech for an 80s hair band right?  Boy was he ever wrong.  We walk into the club and I meet all the guys.  They are all wearing tight pants with puffy hair and makeup.  I had seen 3D In Your Face before a few years back, at an outdoor festival but for some reason I wasn't impressed (I learned later from Hot Rod that the drummer downed a bottle of Tequila before that show).
Hot Rod at Maxwell's 2005

I was absolutely spell bound by the stage show, the lights, the PA stacks, and musicianship of this band.  They didn't even seem like the same band that I had scene a few years back.  I wasn't a rookie to the rock n roll scene.  I had done a few national tours with my punk band Officially Terminated, but this was something else completely new and different.  Soon the club filled up and the band really started to hit it's stride.  3D In Your Face has always been a great band but when a crowd really sinks it's teeth into the band, the four guys on stage become unstoppable.  From the first song to the last song hundreds of people were singing along and going crazy for 80's hair metal.  I knew every word to every song.  Even though I was playing a punk band I was still a die hard 80's hair metal fan.  I asked Shy Boy if this was normal because I had never seen this kind of crowd reaction for an original band or a cover band for that mater.  He smiled and said "buddy this is only the second night, wait until tomorrow".

Maxwell's pack in 2005

The band finished the show and commenced to party like true rock stars.  I came to find out that they actually had a tour bus that the entire club was invited to for an after show party.  Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined hanging on a bus and partying with everyone from the show.  It was absolutely nuts.  This is where things get a little hazy   I don't remember the after party or where I crashed but I do remember one hell of a hangover the next day and thinking "How in the hell can we do another show tonight that will top the night before?".  3D In Your Face stepped up to the plate and blew my mind.  From that fateful weekend journey to Kearney, NE, I have traveled with this band across the country.  We have done some of the wildest and strangest shows you could ever imagine.  It has been the hardest trip of my life but it also has been the most rewarding.  And trust me I don't take any of it for granted.  There was a lot of hard work that went into 3D In Your Face before I joined, and for that I am respectful and honored to be a member of this band.

Current 3D In Your Face (minus Hot Rod) at Shooters Kearney, NE 2012

The first month of our End Of The World Tour has come to an end and I believe most of the bugs and stress we were experiencing has gone away.  There is no end to this tour insight but I do believe we are building to a culmination.  There are a few things I can see on that horizon.  New Years is going to be big, but even bigger than that will be a new original 3D In Your Face record.  We have been busting our ass' to write this record and still deliver the best 80's Rock N Roll show to all you fans across the country.  Believe me when I say you will have new music from us sometime before we kick off our summer leg of this tour (Is that broad enough for you?).

This week we will be back in Omaha at the 21st Saloon for the first ever 3D In Your Face--Air Guitar, Lip Sync, and Look Alike Contest.  We are formally inviting all our fans, on Friday Nov. 9th, to come play on our stage.  It is your turn to be the star, to command the audience, to climb that stairway to the Rock N Roll heavens.  You pick the song and you crank it to ten.  Dress to impress because you will be scored by three unbiased judges.  The overall champion will be awarded the golden  3D In Your Face guitar of destiny and $100 courtesy of Phillips Wiring.  Second and third places will be awarded the silver and gold guitar of destiny and $50 courtesy of Phillips Wiring.  For the official rules check out or Facebook event page.  The first round starts promptly at 10:30 PM.

Are you ready for a new era of 3D In Your Face?  Are you ready to have some fun?  See you on Friday.


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