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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

You Always Remember Your First

Hello friends and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Well what can be said.  We are about to celebrate my birthday and St. Patrick's Day and begin a three, maybe four day long stretch of craziness.  As we speak I am writing this blog wearing my kilt for Thursday mornings opening festivities.  If you are in Omaha and want to come celebrate, I will be joining The Crash Davis Morning show at 7 AM at The Brick Street Tavern.  There will be breakfast, green eggs and ham, green cocktails, and live Irish music until 10 or 11 AM.  If you aren't in the Omaha area you will be able to catch me live via Skype at 12:50 PM on NTV Kearney/Hastings/Grand Island.  We then head into the studio Thursday evening to prodceed with the recording of our new album.  Friday Morning wake up early with me as I will be chatting with Scotty O and Lisa from Y102 at 8:15 AM.   Then we start the Omaha celebration with a St. Patty's Day/Birthday Bash at The 21st Saloon.  The Omaha Rollergirls are sponsoring the show and will be on hand selling tickets to their upcoming bout at The Ralston Arena.  Saturday we take the circus on the road to Kearney for a one night only Rock N Roll party at JD's.  Last but certainly not least if you can't make it to Kearney be sure and tune in to my radio show Hair In The Air at 10 PM CST on 101.9 The Keg.

It's kind of crazy to say this but five years ago I wouldn't have been able to half of this stuff while drinking.  Now the best birthday I can imagine consists of radio interviews, bass lessons, and studio time.  COUNT IT.  Looking back I have had some amazing birthday adventures.  To be honest with you I can't really remember to many of them, a little fuzzy to say the least.  That being said, I wouldn't change any of it for the world.  You live and learn and grow from your mistakes.  I was trying to remember a few of the birthdays that stuck out in my mind and probably the most pivotal was my 16th or 17th birthday,  see kind of blurry.  I remember my mom and dad asking me what I wanted and I had just gotten really big into KISS a few years before.  There was no deliberation.  I wanted a guitar and not just any guitar I wanted a cherry sunburst Les Paul like the one Ace Frehley played.  I can't believe they caved but eventually we went to the old Deitz Music in Omaha, NE and an Epiphone Les Paul Specail and they packaged it with a 15 watt Peavy Amp.  It was absolutely perfect.  That day the journey began.  Almost 14 years later I haven't looked back or come up for a breath of air.

That Cherry Sunburst Les Paul was my pride and joy.  I soon took up guitar lessons and about a year later I was joining my first band Officially Terminated.  That guitar was the kindling for the Rock N Roll fire that I have in my belly today.  I soon purchased an upgraded Les Paul Ace Frehley Custom but the old red guitar still came along to every show as a backup.  We moved Officially Terminated from Fremont, NE to Lincoln, NE and we practicing in our singers basement, a party house.  So naturally we would all get wasted and jam until the cops showed up.  During one of those fateful evenings we went down to jam and it was gone.  Some partygoer had snuck into our rehearsal space and stolen my guitar with the strap and wireless pack attatched.  I searched and searched but never was able to find it.  Probably long gone by now.  I do remember pulling out the neck pickup and signing my name on the bare wood underneath just in case.  Somewhere out there my Cherry Sunburst Les Paul Special is waiting for me.  I believe someday I will meet up with my old friend.  Everyone remembers their first guitar and that guitar, although not worth more than $100 is invualable to me.  There's no way parents could have known that a cheap Les Paul would change a persons life.  At least the guitar lessons payed off.


Sam Spade


  1. I remember those Officially Terminated days well...many shows up in sioux city, and I even took my PA down to fremont to work a show with you guys. Glad to see your still going strong, and proud that you are where you are today and happy with things. Take care Sam, and happy birthday!

  2. Well Hapy Birthday..and one day Im gonna be just like you .You know what I mean ..I love capturing each and every movement you all make fun to dance with. .and all ..I love you guys truly .

  3. Well Hapy Birthday..and one day Im gonna be just like you .You know what I mean ..I love capturing each and every movement you all make fun to dance with. .and all ..I love you guys truly .