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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Midnight Devils: Dive Bars and Casey's Pizza Pt. 1

Hello Rockstars.  Welcome back to Hair In The Air, The official blog of 3D In Your Face.  HOLY COW!!!! I thought we had a good time two weeks ago but last weeks blog was viewed a little over 500 times.  Thank you so much for reading and sharing this to the world.  Our own little slice of heaven.  This week is one of the most important and I know I say that every week.  Today we will walk into 3D Studios and begin pre-prodcuction on our new album.  That's setting up and mic'ing the drums and guitars and making sure everything is ready for us to roll tape.  This Friday we will be cutting loose a little from the studio for a wild show at The 21st Saloon.  Then Saturday we will be dragging our tired butts back into 3D Studios and cutting a Rock N Roll record.  This has been two years in the making and the time is finally here.  I love this part and I hate this part and now it's time to grab the bull by the horns and hold on.  Also happening on Saturday night is my radio show also called Hair In The Air.  Tune in from 10 PM to 12 AM CST on 101.9 The Keg.  See you all Friday, that will be the only day we will be out this week.

Since we are so heavily focused on the new album this week I wanted to shed some light on something that has become my new passion.  Back in September I was sitting at home on a Sunday night with a little cabin fever.  We hadn't played that Saturday before and I was still a bit wound up from the weekend.  I watched an amazing documentary based on the life of Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones and I was electrified.  That documentary gave me one of those inspirational sparks that always seems to happen at the right time.  I get those "Make It Happen" momments at 3 am thus The Midnight Devils were born.  "Why couldn't we start an acoustic group?  No production, no set up or tear down, and no hassle.  We could go to the smallest cities and play in the coolest dive bars in the area.  We could play our own original music along anything else we thought was cool.  We could have something to do on a Saturday night."  This was a no-brainer and I asked Sniper if he was interested.  We set out the next week with five songs and three venues that were willing to give us a chance.  We walked in with two guitars, that was it, and just played.  We played "Moscow Queen", "That's Alright Mama", "Memphis Mile" "Bleed Betty Bleed" and "Blitzkrieg Bop".  It was a trial by fire as I had never really sung leads or fronted a band before.  There was no hiding, there was no volume, and there was no special effects.  It was back to basics and that was terrifying.

The first few weeks were pretty tough but the excitement and joy we were experiencing kept us booking more shows.  Then the idea started to become a little more clear.  Each show became a new adventure.  From the van ride to the different cities, to the bar itself, to the wild people, to the owners, and eventually to our fans themselves.  I felt like we were explorers treading on new land.  We were doing something very different yet very fulfilling.  We could take this new group to places 3D In Your Face wasn't able to go because of either money, time, or scheduling conflicts.  The Midnight Devils became an extension of 3D In Your Face.  Good will ambassadors not to mention we were no longer sitting at home on Saturday night's starring out the window.  So we started adding more songs.  We added a few more originals including "Generation Durt" and "Radar Guided Love Bomb" from The Midnight Devils album and "Ringing In My Ears" from the new record.  At the end of the day this is what I am the most proud of.  We get the chance to play OUR music in front of people that might not ever get the chance to hear it and it goes over great.  Then we got a bit more serious and started adding some cool tunes that we like playing Elvis, Poison, The Who, and even Grand Funk Railroad.  Right now we are sitting at almost a 2 1/2 hour set and that's just about fine for a beginner front man like myself.  The most important aspect of this band is that we keep it fun and stress free yet still exciting.  We never wanted to add stress to the guys in 3D In Your Face that is priority number one.  Next week I am going to list all the shows that we have done since September for prosperity's sake.  I love this band and I love 3D In Your Face.  This could make for an amazing story one day.

Always Loud
Forever Proud

Sam Spade

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