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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Your Last Little Tease (More Still Photos).

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  The week is finally upon us.  We are in the home stretch now and I can see the finish line right ahead.  If you have been living under a rock for the last week or so you may not have heard that this Friday, Jan 9th we will be officially releasing our third single and music video for "Forbidden City".  After what seemed like an eternity but actually was 4 months of work we finally have the finished product.  Partridge Pictures delivered the video we have all watched it and have approved.  The video is acutally on Youtube as we speak but will not be published until 12:00 AM CST this Friday night (or Saturday morning).  We are so excited to be bringing you this video that we are throwing another video release party at The 21st Saloon this Friday, Jan 9th.  At Midnight we will stop the show and put the brand new video on every TV screen in the bar.  A "Midnight Devils" release if you will.  Also we are very honored to announce that model/actress/star of the new video Megan Monster will be on hand for the debut.  We will also be celebrating our good friend Richard Schultz's birthday.  Happy birthday buddy.  This show is sponsored by Pink Shugar Gourmet Cotton Candy out of Omaha.  Check their website for the best in locally made cotton candy.

So what's next?  There are so many things going on that this is really getting hard to keep track of.  Right now we are focusing on this new video release.  We are also spending a lot of time in the rehearsal room putting together new songs, and a new set list for the 2015 run.  Also in the works and never to be left on the back burner we are still working on new original tracks for our next album.  I know we promised you this album and believe me we are working our asses off to get you something in the next coming months.  I can safely say right now as we speak we are have 3 full songs demoed and ready to be layed down on recod.  KEEP THE FAITH my friends.

More summer bookings are starting to come in.  Now is the time of year that event organizers are putting together street dances, festivals, bike rallies, and 80's parties.  We desperately want to play in your city for your street dance.  We want to bring the excitement and Rock N Roll to your town if only for just one night (ehhhhhh).  Please if you know someone that is a promoter, event organizer, or booking manager get in contact with them and give them our email address.  Let's make this the greatest summer of our lives.  All booking inquiries please email Alan King at

For now I will leave you with more still photos from the video shoot courtesy of Jason 'Chappy' Husak.  One thing somebody reminded me of this weekend is that I still need to get out there and live.  I am reminding you to do the same.  Get out of that comfort zone.  Reach for the stars and experience life.  This is our year and we will remember it forever.


Sam Spade

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