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Thursday, January 15, 2015

If It's Coming From Anywhere Else It's All Bullshit.

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Coming to you by way of Omaha, NE today.  I was contemplating writing this weeks blog but I got some great ecouragement that made me realize that this thing is not just about me it's about you guys.  So here we go.  The most important thing going on in our world right now is our new music video.  I know you are sick of hearing about it but I have a little followup for you.  Our third single and new music video for "Forbidden City" is just nearing 2,000 views in under a week.  For our last video we were averaging 1,000 views a month.  Put that in your vape and puff on it.  Please keep sharing and hashtagging #forbiddencity.  I want to thank everyone for purchasing a shirt or hoodie.  Thank you for being apart of this video.  I said this at the show last week but this video is for you, the 3D In Your Face Army.  This isn't for us.  As much as we loved writing and creating this thing I did it with you people in the back of my mind.  We wanted to give you something to hold on to.  Something that you can show your friends and family.  This is forever yours.

We are back in action this week Friday, Jan. 16th at The 21st Saloon in Omaha, NE.  I want to see you scream.

Also we are now booking shows for our end of winter, spring, and summer tours.  If you are a promoter, club, booking agent, or event planner we want to talk to you.  Please email  Also if you want to see 3D In Your Face in your town please email too.  We promise to respond back to every email.  Our bags are always packed and we are ready to cruise.

This week I want to talk about the music plain and simple.  The super powers that the music has over my entire being.  I know that I am not alone in this and that's really the cool thing.  It's like preaching to the choir.  Lately I find myself being completely lost in the music and I'm not talking just Rock N Roll.  A few blogs back my New Years Resolution was to pure and simply LIVE.  To experience life.  The biggest thing was to experience the music.  To open up and let it touch that raw nerve.  The entire reason that the songs were written was to express the emotions of the writter.  Well, we you realize this and take it in it becomes your own emotion.  I have found myself lately being drawn to goosebumps and even tears by songs on TV or on the radio.  Last week I saw The Misfits, a horror punk band.  They played a song called "Scream".  I was surrounded by hardcore punk rockers and I was so choked up that I could barely sing the lyrics.  Now what is this?  It was a happy moment that brought me so much joy that the only way I could express myself was by getting choked up.  Now that is truly the most punk rock thing I have ever felt.  The music and the vibe washed over my entire body and took me to another place.  The same thing happened Saturday at my stepdad's barbershop choir's Christmas party.  All the chorus members stood up and sang "Go The Distance" accapella.  BAAM.  Goosebumps and the lump in my throat.  I look over and my mom is balling.  She totally gets it.

Now that I just admitted that sometimes I cry when I hear a song that really speaks to me.  Granted this is just one emotion that music brings out but I can completely gaurantee that there is at least one song out there that causes everybody to tear up.  Rock N Roll is based on the blues and the blues come from straight pure emotion.  If it's coming from anywhere else it's all bullshit.


Sam Spade

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