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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Resolute This. "Forbidden City" Video Stills Leaked

Hello everybody.  I feel as if we haven't spoke in a few weeks.  Oh right that was my fault.  Welcome back to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Things have been quite wild around here and I didn't get a chance to write last week due in part to Christmas and our schedule.  As many of you know we have finished work on our new video for "Forbidden City".  Rumor has it that Partridge Pictures will be sending over the final edit anyday now.  You are in for a treat and I hope these still pictures from the video shoot wet your appetite, courtesy of Jason Husak.  The video itself was an absolute blast to create and shoot.  It still amazes me how fast our visions come to life.  We worked on this thing for a few months, writing and drawing ideas, then in a few hours time the thing is in the can.  The release of the video will mark the release of our third and final single from the "Midnight Devils" album.  We have officially begun work on next album, still untiled but we are making progress.  The show must go on and go it will.  We are back in action this Friday, Jan 2nd with our first show of 2015 at our Friday night residency, The 21st Saloon.  Things are starting to heat up for the spring and summer tour and I really can't wait to see what craziness 2015 throws our way.  Weather all them storms.

For this weeks blog I wanted to write about New Year's Resolutions.  If you tuned into my radio show of the same name last week we celebrate the ending of 2014 and the beginning of a new year.  The possibilites are endless.  First and most importantly of all we are starting the year with a new single and video.  BAM.  That is getting the ball rolling.  But my resolution this year is pure and simple.  I want to create.  I want to write.  I want to experience.  I want to play really hard and real loud.  I want to be inspired.  I want to be emotional.  2014 was a great year but I have learned so much and I want to put all these skills into action.  I want put out another album.  I want to film another video.  I want to play as many shows as humanly possible.  I want to have a voice.  Plain and simple, I want more of that magic that keeps you and I coming back for more.  That Rock N Roll magic that makes all those miles and early mornings completely worth it.  I want to get wild and crazy.  I want to dance and sing and rejoice in life with all of you wonderful people around me.

Great. Now we have a plan and that is all well and good but how do we make these things happen?  This is the part that isn't so easy.  For starters we need to let go of our preconcieved notions of comfortabilty.  To let go and forget that other people are watching.  To do something that is out of the ordinary even for Rock N Roll's standards. To reach and fail is human, to reach and succeed is the path to greatness.  Dream big my friends.  It's the beginning of the New Year and a world of possibilities lie infront of us.  It's pure and simple, for the most part the answer to the question is almost always going to be "YES".  My New Years Resolution this year is very simple but very powerful.  I resolve to spend more of my time living.  That's it.  Let the ball drop, let the celebration begin, because tonight we are going to be the ones with the biggest smiles on our faces no matter what happens.


Sam Spade

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  1. Very good read, Sam! Wishing you the best in 2015.