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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Moments That Never Fade Away

HELLO! Everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  I hope you are ready for a barn burner of a blog this week.  I promise I wont hold out on until the last minute like I did last week.  Just needed a little inspiration if you catch my drift.  Before we get crazy a little update on the "Forbidden City" music video.  As I am writing this we are at 3,384 views.  The way this baby is going it's going to top the "In Your Face" video in a month.  Making waves.  Keep up the sharing.  I have to tell you I am very excited to be getting out of town this week.  We are playing two shows this weekend which is just music to my ears.  I have been waiting so patiently for the slow season to wind up.  Get me out there where I do best.  Friday, Jan. 23rd we will be raising some hell inside of The 21st Saloon.  This week our good friends at Magnum Pro Wrestling will be sponsoring the event.  Bring your foam fingers, title belt, and knee pads it's going to be one of those kind of nights.  Saturday, Jan. 24th we are headed south across the boarder.  That's the Nebraska boarder to Beloit, KS for a very special show at Down Under.  If you remember the last time we went to Beloit we got trapped inside of a steel horse barn as a tornado passed over the town.  It hailed for an hour straight. AHHH memories.  Don't miss your chance to see us this week

Earlier I told you about our little trip to Beloit, KS.  Let me tell you that was one of the scariest experiences of my life.  We always seem to have those experiences.  Every year there are a few nights you just think that this might be the way it ends.  I'm not trying to be a downer on this blog but I always realize something everytime we have one of those close calls.  If this was the way I was suppossed to go, then I am happy that it's with my best friends while we are out on the road together.  It's the most Rock N Roll way to die except maybe hookers and cocaine but that even rubs a lot of people the wrong way.  Sure I would rather be with my loved ones and have the chance to say goodbye but there is just something so romantically tradic about the whole thing.  The rest of the guys and the band have all been through these hairy times.  Storms, bus problems, and fires.  You make peace with it and enjoy every moment that is happening around you.

The same can be said about those trule amazing moments that happen in your life.  Those magical nights where everything goes right and the world is at it's knees.  Those are the kind of night you remember forever.  Those are the kind of nights you save in the back of your head to tell your grandkids.  And believe me I have had way more of these nights then the ones mentioned above.  Really when you think about both of these kind of events as you are living them you never actually realize the scale of the situation.  It's not until after the moment has passed and you have a chance to breath and reflect can your really judge the outcome.  One of our favorite past times on the bus is to tell old war stories about the wildest show we ever did, the lousiest show, the coldest show, the most dangerous.  Believe me I have some whoopers and the best thing about them is that I have three other guys sitting next two me that lived the exact same moments I did.  The big shows, the small shows, the shows that seemed like a waste of time but really were the most fun.  Every time I turn to these guys I remember that we have been through a whole heap.  Not just the boys in the band but the crew as well.  Our crew is some of the craziest bastards to walk the planet and I am proud as hell to have them on our side.  I keep telling myself that life is all about experiences.  Get out there and live a little.  Soak it up and breath in the cool air of being alive.


Sam Spade

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  1. My husband and I were there with you in the horse barn & we had our pic taken with you during the hail-for-an-hour moment! Will miss you in Beloit, but excited to be coming to Omaha to see friends on Feb. 27th and hope you'll be at The 21st Saloon that night! Rock on ... party on!