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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sometimes You Sleep With The Guitar Tech

Hello my heavy metal family.  Welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  I would first like to start out by saying sorry that I missed last weeks blog.  I ran out of time but that is no excuse to leave you hanging.  So I have an extra special blog for you this week.  Let me get the formalities out of the way first.  We are only doing one show this week and it's a doozy.  Friday, Feb 6th we are throwing the official afterparty celebration for the Night Ranger/Quiet Riot show at The 21st Saloon. Admission to our show at The 21st Saloon is free when you present your Night Ranger/Quiet Riot ticket stub to the door guy.  With that being said you never know who might show up.  This week we are trying something a little new, exciting, and different to keep you people on your toes.  We are throwing the first official 3D In Your Face Garage Sale.  That's right this Friday will be the first time in history that we are raiding the closets and drawers at the 3D In Your Face studios and everything is for sale.  Also we will be bringing in collectable stuff from our other bands including Justin Morgan, Bandit Sound, Officially Terminated, and Pranxter (maybe even some Zwarte stuff).  Look forward to seeing old t-shirts, 8x10's, tour flyers, cassets, cds, mic stands, guitar strings,stage clothes, set lists, Frank (maybe).  Everything will be for sale and we will sign it all.  There aren't to many other bands that can pull something like this off.  Bring your bargaining skills because it's you against Sweet D.

Last week I realized what I wanted to talk about and I just didn't get the time to sit down and write about it.  So I wanted to give you last weeks blog and kind of update it.  As most of you know last Saturday we traveled north from Omaha, NE to Sioux City, IA.  I love going to Sioux City because everytime we are there something crazy happens and I always walk away with a story.  This trip was no exception.  Going back to the days of my first band, Officially Terminated, Sioux City was always a great road trip for us.  It afforded us time together in the van and a new crop of kids to bond with.  We used to play Legion Halls and clubs all over the town.  I remember playing a big show at this punk rock club in Sioux City.  We showed up on time but the doors to the club were locked and the owner wasn't answering his phone. Some of the guys busted in the door set up the PA and we ended up playing the show anyways.  One time we picked up a hitchiker from a show in South Dakota.  He promised us that he lived in Sioux City.  Upon arriving in town we quickly discovered he had no idea where he was staying.  We ended up driving this stranger around all night long looking for his house.  Eventually we had to insist that he exit the van because he still had to get back to Nebraska.  I seem to remember a show where we ended up at a house party.  The only thing I remember is that we ripped the mailbox off of this house as we exited the party.   The ill gotten mail box ended up being the receptial of our band pornography collection inside of our touring van.  At one show we met this amazing touring punk band that really opened our eyese to the possibilities of our music.  The band was called Subincision and they gave us one piece of advice, "Never break up.  Even if you suck, you'll eventually be know for being the band that never broke up".  Subincision broke up a year later.  In Bandit Sound the drummer and I decided that we wanted to hit up the local strip club but didn't want to pay the cover.  I had this brilliant idea of saying that we were on the Nickelback tour that was in town and the road crew sent us down here.  Worked brilliantly except for our Nebraska IDs.  The story that takes the cake is the night before we played Awesome Biker Nights.  Our sound guy at the time got really drunk.  I mean Tequilla wasted.  We all went to sleep on our bunks.  Around 6 AM the entire bus was woken up to said sound guy urninating on a sleeping Sniper.  He claims he took a wrong turn but I'm not sure I believe that story.  Needless to say the guitars were pretty loud in the mix during our performance.

Like I said earlier this trip to Sioux City was no exception.  I busted my ass promoting this event.  It was quite an honor to return and debute 3D In Your Face at The Chesterfield.  I pulled out all the stops and along with a few friends we publicity bombed the town.  Check out my interview with Nakia Brown of Sioux City Now right here.  Check out my interview with Chris Braunschweig of The Sioux City Weekender right here.  Unfortunately due to a blizzard that hit the town right around 6 PM things were a little bleak.  The show was great and I was still blown away by the people that did show up.  We truly have some amazing fans but it could have been a huge party.  Needless to say I had a blast, we played, and loaded out.  The snow was thick and our sponsors Joe and Alyshia from Party Express Bus Nebraska graciously bought us a hotel room to crash in.  Half of the guys and the crew loaded up the trailer and slowly journey back to Omaha.  Sniper, Matt, and I stayed in Sioux City for the night.  We ended up at The Perkins, which seems to happen more now that ever in my life.  Just as our chicken fried steaks were arriving a fight broke out in the dining room.  Chairs went flying.  People were screaming and there we sat with our leather jackets silently eating our dinner salads.  Back at the hotel we check in to a luxurious room with only two beds.  I opted to take the floor and let the other guys have the beds.  To my rescue, our guitar tech Matt offered to share his bed with me.  I tried to fight it but we ended up two peas in a pod.  The exhaustion caught up with everyone and there wasn't much left to do but crash.  "The echoes from the amplifiers ringing in your head".  Sioux City I love you and can't wait for the next time we meet.  Thanks for filling up my story book tales of your wonderful town.


Sam Spade

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