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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Turn The Page

HELLO!! and welcome back to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official blog of 3D In Your Face.  Sorry I missed you last week.  I decided I needed a little break, but I heard from The Playboy that everyone was a little disappointed that there was no blog written.   What can I say I don't want to disappoint you.  So from this point on I promise that I will never miss another blog.  I love HAIR IN THE AIR and you people have been with me since I started writing this blog over two years ago.  So no more slacking on my end, this I can promise you.  So fill me in.  What is happening people?  What did I miss in your world?  Around here things are beginning to move and shake to the sound of the summer tour.  This week is our third week out for the summer and the adventures have been bigger and better than any year prior.  We have gotten more radio play, more interviews, more newspaper coverage, and more publicity in every town we have gone to.  Not to mention that we have made some pretty amazing friends along the way.  Rest easy Omaha family we will be doing a one night only homecoming show coming up on Friday, June 13th at The 21st Saloon.

Our new video for our second single "In Your Face" has been averaging 1,000 hits per week since it's release.  And that is all because of you.  Keep sharing and spreading the word.  We priming our self for the next step.  Also if you promise to keep this on the down low I feel I need to let you know that we have begun writing for our next album.  There is even a working title.  None of which I can share with you at this point but I wanted to let you know that the wheels are in motion.

This Friday, June 6th we will be making our first festival appearance at Midwest Bikefest in Norfolk, NE at The Off Road Ranch.  We will be headlining Friday night from 11 PM to 1 AM but don't worry we will be hanging around all day so come up and say hello.  Saturday we are making a road trip to Kearney, NE our second home for a private party.  That being said while we are there we want to see our family.  If you are in the Kearney area on Saturday get a hold of us and stop by the bus and say hello.

For this weeks blog I was doing a lot of thinking when I sat down to write this.  I wanted to write a blog from the heart that kind of told our side of the story while we are out there on the road.  Bob Seger's song "Turn The Page" kept rattling around in my mind.  "Out there in the distance your a million miles away.  Every ounce of energy you try to give away."  I was sitting on the tour bus real late the other  night, the growl of the engine and the bumps in the road kind of put you in a good mood for thinking.  We had just played a great show and busted our asses humping gear back aboard the SS In Your Face.  My mind started wandering around thinking about all the people we met and the people we left at home.  As any guy in a traveling band can tell you these late night drives can be psychologically brutal.  You feel a wealth of emotions that come and go with every bump in the road.  Lonely, happy, sad, nervous, stressed, anxious, and excited to name just a few.  I just realized that I had made been making these same late night post-gig road trips for ten years now and everyone feels the same.  At this point The Playboy had long since crashed.  He is usually the first one to fall asleep.  Second on the list is the Sniper, and for good reason.  He pushes it very hard.  He is a veteran so I can bust his balls to much.  Next up will either be Mike or Diane.  Lately Troy has been staying up with me and we both have been staying up to keep Alan awake.  When the conversation starts to die you begin to think.  "Smoke the day's last cigarette remembering what you said".  I think about the people in Omaha and Lincoln, my friends that I rarely ever get to hang out with. I think of my family back in Fremont that have been so supportive but could never understand why we put ourselves through this.  I think of my grandparents that are looking down on us from heaven.  I think of our fans and I stress about what is going to come next.  Where are we headed?

As I see the rise I remiss to myself that today I say the sun set and the sun rise especially during the summer tours.  I am thankful for these drives.  I am thankful for my friends and especially my band mates.  I am thankful for my fans all around the world.  Back in the day I would have numbed all these feelings with drugs and alcohol but today I am thankful that I get to experience them even though they are sometimes hard to deal with.  I know that sooner than later the ride will be over and the machine will reset and we will start all over again.  I know that even though the sun is coming up the day fully hasn't ended until my head hits the pillow.  Tomorrow is a new day and we have hundreds of miles to cover and lots of laughs to be had.  "Oh on that long and lonesome highway East of Omaha.  You can listen to the engine moanin' out it's one lone song".  The beautiful thing about music is that everyone interprets it differently.  Now this song may not actually mean anything like this to Mr. Seger but to it strikes a chord and send shivers down my spine.  Just know that we love you people and you are the reason we get up every morning.




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