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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Does This Ever Get Old

Hello everybody.  Welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Well we are right in the thick of it.  Can you say summer tour.  The smell of baby powder wafts through the air.  The empty sunscreen cans are pilling up in the bus.  We are right at the cliff of one of our busiest months ever and I couldn't be more happy.  Before we get into the good stuff this week.  I want to let you know what is going on this week in our world.  First of all the weekend is almost upon us.  This weekend I am staying with our Omaha Hotel sponsor The Carlisle Hotel.  If you are in Omaha and need a discount place to stay, just mention "3D In Your Face" when you place your reservation at The Carlisle front desk.  Thursday I will be going on a tour of The Youth Emergency Services facility with my good buddy Chris Marsh and the Milwaukee band The Black Saints.  I always love going to the outreach center and chatting with the kids.  The cool thing is most of the kids are going through the same problems I went through as a young man.  Friday, June 27th I will be live in the studio on The Big O 101.9 FM at 8 AM talking about the upcoming show.  Friday night 3D In Your Face will be performing in Auburn, NE for their street dance.  This will be our first time in Auburn and we are very excited to keep the Rock N Roll wheels turning.  Saturday I have the amazing pleasure to be the special guest MC at the Rock For The Youth Show to benefit the Youth Emergency Services.  This show is going to be held at Chrome Lounge in Omaha.  To be honest with you I am a little nervous this will be my first MC gig ever.  Do you prepare jokes?  Do you write note cards?  Do you swear?  Ahhhhhhhh, this is going to be fun.  Get your cameras out. 

"Does this ever get old?"  This is the question that people keep asking me. Some guy asked me this right as I stepped off of stage on Saturday.   "Do you ever get tired of playing in a band?"  The answer is the same every time.  I love this job this is the best job in the entire world.  Tired?  Not a chance.  When it comes to interviews, load-ins, long drives, early mornings, or sleepless nights, I welcome each and everyone of the challenges.  Now I am definitely not Super Man.  Each one of the these things presents a new and difficult obstacle to over come.  Driven, I think would be a great word for the name of this tour.  Every time the shit starts to hit the fan I look at the guys busting their asses paving streets or dry walling houses and I realize that it could always be worse. I love what we do.  We are very fortunate to have an a amazing fan base, The 3D In Your Face Army and I know that if I ever need anything they would be more than willing to deliver.  The same goes for us.  If there is something we can do for you people out there by all means let us know.  On one hand I tell people this is the best job ever but on the other hand I feel dirty calling what I do a job.  Sure we put an immense amount of work and dedication into this, but it doesn't really feel like work to me.  I feel passionately about the music.  I am emotional about their delivery.  I am also professional about our practices and stage presence. I wan to be the best and nothing and nobody is going to stop me.

Two weeks before every show we begin to look for publicity that we can do to help promote the band and the performance in the town we are traveling too.  So things start for me two weeks before the actual date of the show.  Emails and phone calls to radio programs, newspaper editors, bloggers, reviewers, clubs, publicists.  Last week for some reason we kept getting resounding "No"'s.  For some reason no one was biting.  I was a little depressed and pretty angry with theses media gate keepers.  Who where they to tell me that my music wasn't worth putting into print or over the air waves.  They don't know me, they have no idea what we have gone through.  They don't listen to the singles, they don't even open the albums.  I was pretty mad and it takes me a lot to get mad.  In the end I realized that it wasn't even worth my time to worry about these people.  In the end the editors and the critics aren't the people the make bands.  Sniper always tells me that KISS and Van Halen were always hated by the critics.  His favorite bands never won Grammy's.  Sniper always has the best advice.  Thanks buddy.  It's one of those things that I know will eventually happen.  Eventually those same editors and program directors will come knocking on our doors asking for interviews and you know what I will say.  "Absolutely".  In the end it's the passion, drive, and emotion that always wins.  It's the performance that touches the people.  It's the lyrics and the music that sets your mind free.  God Bless those editors and program directors that never return my emails. In the end we always find somebody that is worth and who's heart is in the right place.  There are still people that believe in Rock N Roll out there and I am proud to call those people my friend.



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