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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Keep Me Coming

Hello my Hell raising Big Foot's of Rock N Roll.  Welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Summer tour is off to a wonderful start.  We have been hitting the road for the last three weeks, stopping in small towns and big towns across the mid-west spread the good word of IN YOUR FACE Rock N Roll.  3D In Your Face is running on all cylinders and I am so very proud to step out on that stage every night and represent you good people in front of the non-believers.  We shall convert them one by one.  Our new album Midnight Devils has been receiving rave reviews and radio air play world wide.  Pick up your signed copy of our new album right here.  Things have been going great.  Right now I can't complain but I am driven now even more than before.  There is no time to rest.  This week we are making a special trip back home.  Friday, June 13th we will be throwing a tour homecoming show at The 21st Saloon.  This is your party and everyone is invited.  To be honest with I can't wait to see the Omaha family.  Saturday, June 14th we will be taking our party on the road to the state's capital city and my hometown of Lincoln, NE for a one night only performance at Cappy's Hot Spot.  Two summer homecoming shows.  I truly can't wait.

So what's on my mind this week.  Well for the last two years about this time I have written a blog about the OEA Awards.  This is an Omaha Award show that gathers the cities best artists, musicians, poets, and brightest stars together for one night of fun.  We have been honored to be nominated two years in a row.  The nominations are fan based.  The winners of each award are determined by a council of Omaha's elite.  Unfortunately 3D In Your Face has never taken the big award home but that isn't really what these award shows are about to me.  I get bummed when we loose like anybody else but this award show is more about representing Omaha and showing the world that Omaha is a big and vibrant artistic family.  This year we are celebrating 15 years as a touring Rock N Roll band from the this great city.  I told the boys, after last years award ceremony that I would attend this Award show every year if the fans nominated us to go.  Win or loose I don't care.  None of that matters at the end of the day.  We are backed by the some of the most amazing fans and sponsors in the world and for that reason I will represent them to the world.  I wrote a blog the first year we were nominated with the title "Rock N Roll Representatives"  In that blog I talked about standing up and being proud of who we are.  I talked about representing the the metal heads, punk rockers, outcasts, and weirdos.  My philosophy is still there but I am thinking even bigger this year.  I want to represent the entire 3D In Your Face Army.  I want to represent the city of Omaha and all our friends and family to the world.

This year on top of celebrating our 15 year birthday my goal is to be nominated for three awards "Best Heavy Metal Band", "Best Cover Band", and "Album of the Year".  I'm not sure what Hot Rod was envisioning for the band when he stepped on stage for the first time back in 1999.  I hope that after this many years he is proud of how far his idea has come.  From the first time I saw 3D In Your Face I was hooked by the passion and dedication to the pure Rock N Roll ideals.  After 9 years I look back on how far we have come and it still amazes me.  You better believe me though, I have even bigger goals set for us in the days to come.  We have made things happen and everything we do is a struggle but that's what makes this so rewarding.  This is our band.  This is your band.  This isn't just about us four guys anymore, this is about each and everyone of you people that have supported us along the way.  It's not about winning awards or schmoozing with the top dogs, it's about gut level-raw uncensored Rock N Roll.  It's about the relationships we have made over the years.  It's about the people we have touched and the people that have touched us.  So go and nominate us here but know that in our minds we have already won the best award of all.

To Alan 'Hot Rod' King:  It has truly been a pleasure being in a band with you for all these years.  We have been through some bad times but mostly there have been lots of really good times.  I hope if you ever decided to write a book about your life that you look back on these times as some of the best in your life.  After 15 years this is still just the beginning.  KEEP THE FAITH my friend.  We still have a lot of work to do.




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