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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Here's To You! Here's To The 21st Saloon! This Isn't The End, No Way!

HELLO! everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Another whirl wind week in big hair Rock N Roll land.  As most of you know this Friday, May 23rd will be our final show of our 2013-14 residency at The 21st Saloon.  So I am asking everyone of you for a favor.  I want to hear your favorite memories of our 21st Saloon residency.  Go ahead and post in the comments.  You don't have to put your name on it but I want to know about this bar and the time you spent getting your face rocked off.  Go ahead now and skip down to the bottom and write a comment.  This is your blog as much as it is my blog.

We are leaving The 21st Saloon after Friday night and beginning our summer tour.  First and most importantly we will be traveling to Beloit, KS after the show for Saturday's festivities.  The Beloit, KS class of '94 has asked us to come and deliver a night of high energy in your face Rock N Roll as they celebrate their reunion.  The show will be held at The Solomon Valley Eagles Club and is open to the public with a $5 cover.  3D In Your Face will be participating in the annual parade so look for the float with the long haired guys and guard your face because the candy will be flying.  We are so very excited to be playing in this great city.  I just hope Beloit is ready for 3D In Your Face and the 3D In Your Face Army.  Things are going to get a little wild.  Hold on for the ride.

Our last night at The 21st Saloon is going to be a very bittersweet evening.  We have made so many friends along the way.  We have had some great sponsors and some amazing theme nights.  All of which are building to Friday's climax.  Personally we want to thank Scott, Matt, Kelsey, Hope, Tyree, Tiffany, Jourdan, and Ashley (sorry if I missed anyone).  Thank you to all of the amazing sponsors and promoters that helped us put on some amazing shows.  Thanks to Susan Borchers (who we miss dearly).  Thanks to Donnie at Fuse Weekly.  Thank you to our amazing road crew Troy, Mike, Diane, Dave, Sean, Matt, and Jason.  Thank you to our security guard Joe.  Thank you to our fill in road crew Aaron, Cody, Jason, and Heather, Thank you to Party Express Bus Nebraska for always being there with anything we need.  Thanks to DJ House for always being there with a great comment on a Friday night.  Thanks to all of the fans that brought us food or invited us to their houses for dinner or Village Inn breakfast.  Thanks to for all the amazing cakes from each birthday we celebrated (except The Playboy).  Thank you to The Omaha World Herald and The Reader for posting our show listings in their event sections every week.  Thank you to all the interviewers and photographers (Nikki, Chappy, Susan, and Corey).  Thank you to Becky at The Carlise Hotel for giving a place to call home for a night or two.  And thank you to all the people I forgot to mention but had a hand in making this residency one-of-a-kind and spectacular.  No other band has done anything like this and been successful.  Without you people we wouldn't be here today.

Most importantly the biggest thank you of goes out to each and everyone of you people that came to The 21st Saloon and paid your hard earned money to watch us perform.  To those people that drive hundreds of miles every week, to those people that miss work, to those people that bought VIP tables, to those people that sat in the same seat each and every Friday.  To our families and relatives.  To the dancers, to the people that got laid because they met somebody at a 3D In Your Face concert.  To the old fans that go way back and to the newest members of the 3D In Your Face Army.  To the people that wish they could have been there but live to far away.  To the people in Omaha that never believed in us.  To the haters and drunks that always made each show so interesting.  To the life long friendships that we made.  To all the people that bought a CD, t-shirt, or koozie.  To all the people that caught guitar picks or drum sticks.  To the people that help sing backup vocals.  To the smokers out back and the bikers out front.  To our old friends that came and where blown away.  To the punk rockers, the metal heads, and the glam kids.  Thank you most of all for being the most amazing fans a band could ever ask for.  Thank you for being our friends and for becoming our family.  Without you on a Friday night things would never have become this bright.

I wrote a song for the Midnight Devils album that kind of summed up my feelings when I left Bandit Sound and joined 3D In Your Face.  This song for some reason never really gets the credit it deserves.  I would like to dedicate this song to Scott and everyone at The 21st Saloon as my official thank you for everything this bar has stood for and for taking a chance on us.  Please have a listen and let me know what you think.  This is "Time We Had Our Fun".  It's Friday night baby!




  1. I have to say that my favorite memory from a 3D in your face preformance would have to be the very first time i ever saw you guys live. It was love at first song. Yall brought so much energy to the place and you can just tell that you love doing what you do. You guys put so much passion and work into every one of your preformances but the first time i saw it, i was blown away. I felt like i was back in the 80s and it was just the best feeling ive ever felt in my life to stand up right in front of yall and just rock out like ive never rocked out before. Ill never forget it. It will forever be in my book as one of the best days of my life. So I thank yall for doing that for me. Rock on forever. Cant wait for friday. Im gonna miss my escape from the world while yall are on tour. ROCK ON FOREVER

  2. What is my favorite memory? There would be no way to pick just one! Every Friday was a chance to let loose (sometimes too much) and have a great time with great people. I love everyone I have gotten to know at 21st Saloon! This includes the staff who know how to have a good time. I truly miss my 3D family and wish every week that I could be there! Have a great summer tour guys and hopefully I will catch at least one show! There is nobody I have met in Colorado that hasn't heard of 3D in Your Face ��

  3. Love every show and each keep getting better and better and the cool thing is we seem to be getting closer and closer. We consider you all as family but the kind that you can choose. I always will be grateful for the very first time we saw you, because that just gave us something to keep looking forward to. It is cool that our girls also admire you and we share that experience with them and it is a precious memory!!

  4. I would say the first time I went to the 21st. It was March of 2013 and going there was a back up plan when the band at the first place called off the show at curtain time. I drank a little too much to get my dancing courage up, but the staff at the 21st was a cool as they could be. They made me feel at home. Then 3D took the stage and my life changed.

  5. My favorite 21st Saloon memory. There are so many. I think for me it was when I first hosted. I got myself all painted up and hosted a costume party. I remember The Cute Mad Hatter won. I also have made some lifelong friends and I am a proud member of the 3D Army. We are family and growing. Thank you Spade, Sniper, Playboy and Hot Rod for letting me part of your elite group. Bigger and better things to come my brothers!

  6. I'm so sad to see you guys go on tour. 3D has been my permanent Friday night for a long time. You guys always bring it, no matter what. Lots of memories have been made and new friends I won't forget. I've never had a bad time at a 3D show. I look forward to you guys coming back home. Spade, Playboy, Sniper, and Hot Rod are all very genuine and know how to rock! Good luck on tour. Thanks for all fun. See you when you get back.

  7. I'm a bit of a new convert... Came for a birthday of a friend a few weeks back and haven't stopped since! After a rough year last year, I'm beginning to be my old self again, rocking out, having a great time, meeting new people... I've been loving every moment! Thanks for helping out a shy girl to feel welcome! We'll see you soon enough, till then I'll keep rocking on!!!