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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

BAM That Was The Moment I Was Waiting For.

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Another week in the books and another huge weekend coming up on the horizon.  It's hard to believe I have been writing this blog now for almost a year and a half.  Thank you to my readers all over the world.  So what is happening this week?  As most of you know we played one of the biggest shows in 3D In Your Face history last Friday.  I will get to that later.  Almost more importantly than that this Friday night, May 9th we will be debuting our brand new video for the song "In Your Face" off of our Midnight Devils album.  After about two months of planning and writing, two weeks ago we set out to record our first music video.  We enlisted the help of Partridge Pictures to capture our vision and refine it into one of the most amazing music videos you will ever seen.  I am beyond excited to present this to you.  You people, our fans, family, and friends have shown us nothing but support through this new album, tour, and residency.  It is time that we give back to you.  Friday night May 9th at midnight we will be releasing the video to the world.  If you can't make the show it will be available at our YouTube Channel HERE.  If I may ask you one favor, watch this video, share this video, show this video to everyone you know.  This is our gift to you the 3D In Your Face Army.

We are also very honored and excited to announce that we have officially picked up a new sponsor.  U N I Unlimited and 3D In Your Face has joined forces.  Please go to their page and send some love.  Visit them for any of your Vap, e-cig, or smoking necessities.  A proud sponsor located at N. 84th St. in Omaha.  Tell them that Spade from 3D In Your Face sent ya.

Now on to the good stuff.  I want to divulge a little bit and tell you about one of the most magical evenings I have ever had playing in a band.  Last Friday we were given the opportunity to open for Hairball at The Ralston Arena.  My radio station The Big O 101.9 was responsible for putting this show together and we were extremely honored to be apart of this awesome event.  3,000 people descended upon Ralston for a night of big hair, loud guitars, and more neon than I have ever seen in my life.  The crowd was electric from the very first note.  But, for this blog I want to explain to you what things were like from our point of view.

We arrived at the arena a little bit early hoping to shave a few minutes off or load in time.  The Hairball road crew was setting up.  We wandered around backstage for what seemed like an eternity.  We met their tour manager, pyro guy, guitar tech, and merch girl who were all very nice and very professional.  We got our dressing room "Visitor Locker Room 4 13579#"  As we unloaded our trailer we were met with our first obstacle.  Because of Hairballs live pyro already down in place we were not allowed to set up our pyro rig.  Which in turned bummed everyone out but like always we must forge ahead.  After their sound check which was relatively on time we got the chance to take the stage and set up.  I had been reading some horror stories about headlining bands purposefully harming the opening bands chances for a good show.  Luckily none of this happened to us.  We set up and sound check in record time.  Let me tell you if you ever get the chance to play with a band in to an empty arena before a show, take it, that was the first moment that gave me goosebumps.  We headed back to the locker room and ate dinner and started getting dressed.  Nothing new there, weirdly being in this band I have seen my fair share of hockey locker rooms.  We are dressed and ready by 7:45 our stage time is 8:00.  At 7:50 we all get our hands in and everybody gets their asses on the same page.  Our security guard Joe escorts us out and down that long hallway.  BAM this was the first moment I was waiting for.  The hallway to backstage walk.  Oh it was incredible.  If you could have only felt the energy.  He brings us around to the back of the stage and we have a few minutes to hang before the lights go out.  Headlining bands never get this feeling and I truly thing they are missing out.  At 7:55 the house lights go out and the crowd erupts.  Our intro begins and we walk out onto a dark stage.  BAM the second moment I was waiting for.  I always remember this part of the show standing in the front row waiting for the concert to begin and the band finally walks out on stage.  That right there was the most magical moment I have ever had playing in a band.  It was a great feeling.  We began our set and the rest of the hour was a blur.  I just kept telling myself to keep running this is what you trained for.  Life in the fast lane...........




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  1. I was there... it was nothing short of Electric- Mind Numbing - Face Melting - Hop up and Down and Soak my socks Awesomeness !! You Rock N Roll Monsters absolutely melted the place down. Opening with an original song was brilliant, the synchronized jumps were brilliant. Your ENERGY was incredible. I think Hairball probably stood there and went "Wow - these cat's ain't F'ing around !" I am honored to know and appreciate every one of you. Keep it rockin' boys, it IS what you do best ! The "O 'riginal" Wet Sock Girl !