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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy. Diving In Deep with Jim Kaufman Founder Of The 3D In Your Face Army

Hello everybody and welcome back to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  I am going to keep this short because I have an amazing blog for you this week.  First of all thank you Kearney for the amazing weekend.  You treated us like royalty from the minute we stepped into your town.  The shows keep getting wilder and wilder.  Thanks to Shooters for hosting our party.  We will see you all again real soon.  If you missed the huge concert announcement then you must be living under a rock. 

The Big O 101.9 and Fuse Weekly present 3D In Your Face and Hairball one night only Friday, May 2nd at The Ralston Arena, Ralston, NE.  Tickets are only $20 and go on sale 4-3-14.  Don't miss your chance to see this once in a lifetime Rock N Roll spectacle.  

Friday, April 4th we are throwing a Homecoming bash at The 21st Saloon.  
Saturday, April 5th we will be in Wayne, NE for the national Rugby Toga Party.  (That's right it's toga time).

I will explain this more next week but this is officially a HAIR IN THE AIR exclusive.  On Sunday April 20th we will be shooting a video for our second single "In Your Face" and we need you to star in the video.  Interested?  

For this week's blog I wanted to turn the tables on a man that needs no introduction.  Ladies and gentleman I introduce to you The Founder and CEO of The 3D In Your Face Army, Mr. Jim Kaufman.  I got the chance to interview Jim and I asked him all the tough questions.  If you haven't gotten the chance to meet Jim than your are truly missing out.  A real true music fan and nice guy.  I am honored to call him a friend.  Sit back and enjoy the read.  

Jim I want the dirt, the real stories, the truth behind the legend. Please start off by giving us a little history about yourself. Where did you grow up? What were your formative years like? What was your favorite band when you were growing up? First thing first Spade, WOW I truly feel honored!!! I never expected to be interviewed by 3D In Your Face. \m/\m/ A little background on me huh, well I was born in Kearney back in 1970 on Elvis’s Birthday January 8th. Maybe that’s why music is in my blood? At that time my Mother was going to Kearney State College to get a degree in teaching and my Father was an Art Teacher. Dad was also a rodeo clown too. We moved to Bartlett Ne, around 1973, Mom and Dad both taught at Wheeler Central. Then in 1975 I lived in North Platte where I attended kindergarten. We moved again in 1976 to Bladen Ne, where the family farm is located. I loved the farming life. Many people think this would be boring, but here’s the thing. During the Spring and Summer I would spend hours in a tractor. Being in a tractor all day gives you a great opportunity to listen to music. And back in the 80’s the radio stations played real music. High School……Awww Great Friends and Great Times…. After High School in 1988 I joined the Air Force. I was and still am very proud to have served our Country. I spent 6 years in the Nebraska Air National Guard working on the RF-4 Aircraft. Lost a little of my hearing there. I remember on my 21st birthday we lost Steven Clark of Def Leppard , he was one amazing guitar player. I have 3 children and they are not into the 80’s rock however there is hope for my youngest (11) she is a hardcore Beatles Fan. They all have their own taste in music and that fine with me as long as they’re into music. I am in the Book of Guinness World Records and I also hold Nebraska’s High Honor (Nebraska Admiral) I grew up around country music. My first album “The Gambler-Kenny Rogers” then my very first cassette was “Alabama”. I remember thinking that Rock music was devil music, like the early Motley Crue & W.A.S.P. I remember plain as day my 5th grade classmate handing me a copy of Dokken (Under Lock & Key) and Def Leppard (Pyro) I caught the Rock Bug after listening to these tapes and it has never gone away.
By the way you guys did one heck of a job with Tooth and Nail !!
Do you have a career outside of being the Founder and CEO of the 3D In Your Face Army? I am a customer service rep, for an Italian firm. It’s my job to make sure my customer is happy.
When and where was the first time you saw 3D In Your Face? How was the band? How did you hear about the show? 

The first time, I saw 3D In Your Face, was in July of 2012 at Shooters in Kearney Ne. I had wanted to see to see 3D In Your Face for years prior to this, back when you played at Maxwells in Kearney. However every time you played at Maxwells, I was out of town. Then one Saturday morning in July of 2012, I was sitting at the kitchen table when saw a picture of four guys with big hair in the Kearney Hub (local newspaper). I read the article and was pumped to see that you were in town. I seen that I had missed your Friday show but there was no way that I was going to miss Saturday night’s performance!!! 

In Your opinion how has 3D In Your Face changed over the years? 

I’m sure you have changed as we all change over time. I know that you gentlemen are hard workers and always striving to improve and that is another thing that I appreciate about 3D In Your Face. I think you 3D In Your Face gets better and better every time I see you play.

Currently what are you listening to? (You don't have to answer with Midnight Devils). 

I listen to a lot of 80’s music. I have a shop that I work in at home. I’m in to old cars (Studebaker’s) and John Deere’s. I have this building insulated so I can crank the volume up to 11 (lost more hearing here too). I like Cinderella, Ratt, Warrant, Motley Crue on and on. But right now it’s the Bullet Boys. I never got into them very much back in the day, but I am really enjoy them now. That’s one of the great things about the 80’s there were hundreds of groups out there and many of them never got to the top. So there is no problem going back and finding new 80’s music to listen to, like Loudness, Hurricane, Badlands, Pretty Boy Floyd by the way PBF sounds great live. 

What was your first concert and how did that shape your future? 

I have been very fortunate to have seen so many acts over the years. First concert might have been Mel Tillis. Then Joan Jet when I was attending Kearney State College for Aviation. The FIRST real big concert was May 10th 1990 in Omaha KISS-Slaughter-Faster Pussycat. I remember Faster Pussycat coming out on the stage and just blowing my mind!!! WOW the energy and performance was a tough one to match that night. Lost some more hearing that night 

What is the farthest you have traveled to see a concert? 

As of right now Omaha, I would really like to go to the M3 in Baltimore sometime as well as the Monsters of Rock Cruise (MORC).
Recently you went to Skull Fest (a predominately 80's rock n roll festival in North Platte). You told me that you got to meet a lot of the bands at the festival. Do you have any cool stories about meeting your heroes? Who was good and who surprised you?

Skull Fest in North Platte was INCREDIBLE to say the least. Micki and I spent 3 days last October jamming out with 30 bands. It started at 11am and went until 1:30am for 3 days. It was an endurance test to say the least. Everyone that performed was outstanding and by that I mean they sounded like they did back in the 80 and early 90’s. We were up front for the performances and we stood about two feet away from the acts playing. Michael Olivieri of Leatherwolf handed me his cell phone so I could video his performance of “Victim of Changes“ I thought that was pretty cool.

We got to hang out with John Corabi, we talked about tequila and watched the Bronco’s game for a bit. Ace Von Johnson of Faster Pussycat was a blast as well. It was so surreal to walk into a room and be surrounded by Michael Sweet, Oz Fox, John Corabi, and the Faster Pussycat Gang, Ted Poley, Ron Keel (Ron was one heck of a nice guy and I was blown away with his singing. Amazing), Jack Russell and Phil Lewis or walking up to the bar have seat next to Oni Logan… Simply Amazing. The list goes on. I chatted with the lead singer of Cold Sweat and Gibraltar, Roy Cathey, about his days with Ronnie James Dio, Ronnie’s wife (Wendy) was Roy’s manager. Roy told me about his first time meeting Ronnie at the Dio home on Halloween Night. Ronnie opened the front door dressed as Napolean. It was nice to hear stories like this, stories that you never get to hear anywhere else. Being able to chat with these legends influenced me to do the interviews with 3D In Your Face. It was cool hearing these guys speak of other singers as their idols or a singer say, ”You have to go to an Iron Maiden Concert, Bruce is just amazing” . The Groups at Skull Fest were so down to earth and they really appreciated performing at a small venue. How often do you get asked questions one on one by John Corabi or Michael Sweet during their set? I finally got to meet Taime Downe of Faster Pussycat, it was a 23 year wait but worth it. You have no idea how cool it is to be dancing with your lady only two feet away from Michael Sweet while he singing to you. That was a once in a lifetime treat. There are many stories to tell from that weekend. 

Do you play any instruments or where you ever in a band? 

Spade, I was never fortunate enough to be in a band nor can I play an instrument to save my life. If I could have been in a band, I would’ve liked to been that singer who could hit the high notes like David Coverdale, and Miljenko Matijevic . I hope someday I could learn to play a Bass Guitar? Oh and by the way Spade, Silver was ripping it up the other night!! 

How did you come up with the idea for the 3D In Your Face Army? 

One night I was looking around for the 3D In Your Face Fan Page on Facebook. And I didn’t find one, I thought how could this be? I was on the phone with my Girlfriend, Micki, I told her that I was going to make a Facebook Fan Page for you Guys. I thought about a name, the first idea was 3D In Your Face Fan Page, but that was too boring. Then it hit me, I remembered that KISS had a following of fans called the Kiss Army. So it just seemed fitting to name it “3D In Your Face ARMY” because you guys really do have some loyal Fans and I wanted a page where the Fans could share pictures, information about the Group and Fan stories.
What is your all time favorite album and why? 

I have to say that I have no favorite 80’s band or album. I like to mix it up. I have to say that the Hysteria Album was a masterpiece. It will always stand the test of time, even today the songs sound so fresh. As far as bands go I appreciate the one that stayed together through the tough times and the long haul of Rock N Roll. I have a tough time with groups that change out lead singers and that disrespect former members. 

What was the last album you bought?

Last album I bought was the “Midnight Devils” and before that it was AC/DC’s Black Ice.

What Rockstar would you like to meet but haven't had the chance? What would you say to said Rockstar? 

Hmm, once again I have been lucky to meet quite a few of them. I would like to meet Nikki Sixx. With Nikki, I would talk about cars and anything but music or the Crue. I never talk about music or their careers with them unless they bring it up. I figure they have heard all of those questions before, I like to throw out those odd ball questions, for example, when I was speaking with Kristy Majors, I asked him, “So what did you think about being on the Geraldo Rivera Show with your Mom?” (It’s on Youtube) All I will say is, Kristy never saw that one coming and his comment was priceless. I have a lot of fun just hanging back and watching the groups hang out and have fun. When seeing these guys in person off stage, you see another side of them you see their humor and their friendship for one another, but you also see the hard road they’ve traveled to do what they love and to bring you music that means the world to us. 

Why are you drawn to 80's style Rock N Roll? 

It takes me back to a time of Friends, Fun and Freedom. The 80’s music to me is a time machine, for me I can hear a Dokken song and it take me back to the first time that I had ever listen to a rock song. 80’s Rock has that ability to make people smile and have a great time. How can you not like being around that, LOL. 

What did the 80's mean to you? 

The 80’s was a time of Great Country Pride and Attitude!!! We had Ronald Regan, The Berlin Wall, Russia and Libya now throw in some of The Boss along with a dash of the Ramones and some Motley Crue, now you have the recipe for a Great Decade!!!!! Of course there were many more ingredients, LOL.
What is your fondest memory of a 3D In Your Face concert? 

I had my first dance will my Beautiful Lady (Micki) at your Concert. I enjoy seeing all the Fans having a great time! 

What do you think the future holds for Rock N Roll? 

I think the future for Rock N Roll is in T.V. Commercials. I am referring to the 80’s music.

Thanks for answering all these questions Jim. I really appreciate it. 




Well Spade, once again I am truly flattered to have been asked to do an interview! You guys get up the Great Work we the Fans…THE ARMY are here to support you!!! I’ll See You At A 3D In Your Face Concert!!! \m/\m/

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