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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The 2nd single from The Midnight Devils Album. IN YOUR FACE!

HELLO! everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  This week is the great lead up to our first video shoot, the first outdoor show, the beginning of the summer tour, our Ralston Arena show, and the lead up to the culmination of residency at The 21st Saloon.  Most of all this week we are releasing the second single from our new album "Midnight Devils".  We are very honored and very proud to give you track number 3,  "In Your Face" a  HAIR IN THE AIR exclusive.  Friday April 25th we are throwing a huge bash to celebrate at The 21st Saloon.  Saturday, April 26th I will be debuting our second single on my radio show Hair In The Air 8-10PM on The Big O 101.9 FM.  This Sunday April, 27th we will be shooting the music video for "In Your Face" in the 21st Saloon parking lot.  Most importantly each and everyone of you are invited to be apart of this special video.  We will be filming the video inside of a Party Express Bus Nebraska Party bus.  Shooting and editing the video will be Omaha native Jeremy Patridge and Rick Espejo.  The shoot itself begins at 8:00 PM and filming will begin as soon as the sun goes down (eh eh).  Everyone is invited to this event.  The idea is to cram as many wild and crazy Rock N Roll animals onto this bus, play our new CD as loud as the speakers allow, and film what happens.  Dress to impress.  I am talking the 9's.  Neon clothes, makeup, leather, studs, denim, bandannas, glow-in-the-dark everything, hairspray, and baby powder.

This video will be our representation to the world.  This video will be the war howl of the 3D In Your Face Army.  We are talking serious fun here.  Plus if I was offered the chance to be in a music video I would only have two questions; "What time do you need me there?" and "How big would you like my hair?".  Make plans now, Sunday April 27th at The 21st Saloon 8 PM.  This is a call to all of the Midnight Devils out there, "Come out and play!".

Speaking of video's, do you remember the first music video that you ever saw?  15 years ago when I was a young wiper snapper, I remember my parents getting MTV and I actually caught my first music video.  Maybe it happened before then but this was my first recollection.  My impressionable mind witnessed Kid Rock, Korn, and Limp Bizkit.  Not exactly what I would say the coolest memory, but the early 2000's were a terrible time for mainstream music.  Much like most of you reading this those bands did absolutely nothing for me and I distinctly remember being very disappointed.  I wanted Rock N Roll I wanted metal.  Then  i bought KISS' Psycho Circus album and the disc was computer comparable and it contained the video from the album.  BBBBAAAMMMM.  I was terrified, mesmerized, and changed forever.  I was soon downloading videos from anywhere available on the internet.  It was tough  back then, way before Youtube.  The images of those guys on my computer monitor instantly brought me over to the dark side.  The excitement and adrenaline was addicting.   Looking back the video isn't really that good but hey I was 15 and I still like it today.

Music video's are everywhere and any band with a cell phone can make a video.  But in the 80's music videos and MTV changed the world of music forever.  I've seen my fair share of bad videos but I never flip the channel when one of those classics come on.  To be %100 honest with you I am nervous as hell about this shoot and the final product.  In the end I the nervousness is a good thing and it is what I get off on.  Taking a step into the unknown.  Putting ourselves out on the line for everybody to see.  The world is watching and it's time to show them what 3D In Your Face is all about.  The song itself is amazing and I am happy as hell to play it every night.  In just a few weeks, right here on HAIR IN THE AIR I will unveil our new video for you people first.  My friends and family and faithful readers, I promise you the very first glimpse at what will change the future of 3D In Your Face forever.  NO PRESSURE.
See you this Friday, April 25th at The 21st Saloon for our pre-video blowout.




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