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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Heading To The Highway

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Can you smell that in the air metal maniacs?   Can you feel that burning in your loins?  Do you feel yourself turning slowly into something different as the sun goes down?  Spring is here all you bad boys and bad girls and you know what that means.   Summer tour season is about to kick into full effect.  I think I have written this blog every year right about this time.  The shows are coming in and our summer is filling to epic proportions.  A new album to promote.  A new video on the horizon (sssshhh).  Another Rock N Roll journey we are all about to embark upon.  Before I get you all excited for the long summer nights and steamy summer days.  I want to take a minute to thank the 3D In Your Face Army for delivering us a solid victory on the Jim Santora Rockcast.  For ten weeks straight we stood up strong against the best of the best and the 3D In Your Face Army delivered.  After a ten week run we were put into The Rockcast Hall of Fame.  Thank you very much to our giant family for coming together.  This means so much to the boys and I.  Without you we are nothing.  Take a listen to the championship 10th win and an interview with Sniper and I right HERE.  Thanks Jim Santora you put on one hell of a radio show.

This week marks the first week of our summer tour and our life on the road for the next few months.  Not that we haven't been playing every week and traveling a bit here and there.  This is when things start heating up.  We kiss our families goodbye and step aboard the mighty rolling Eco-Lodge (Our Tour Bus).  This weekend we are heading to Kearney, NE our home away from home for a two night run at Shooters.  To all those Kearney people reading this, I read you loud and clear.  It's time to set this town on fire with Rock N Roll.  If you have never been to Kearney, NE, let me tell you this town loves to party and brings it every single time.  Every great 3D In Your Face story starts with "This one time in Kearney".  Friday, March 28th and Saturday, March 29th a special two night performance you wont want to miss.  I am really looking forward to seeing some great friends.  We get to sit down and chat with the founder and CEO of The 3D In Your Face Army, Jim Kaufman.  (Hmmm I might have a great idea for next weeks blog).

The 3D In Your Face tour bus has always been a sacred place for me.  Ever since the beginning.  The sights, the sounds, and the smells.  The bus doubles as our dressing room when the proper accommodations aren't available.  The first thing you notice is the outside of this big burgundy monster.  She has seen a lot of miles and she has lead us into many battles all over the United States.  As soon as you walk in you are hit by the smell of four Rock N Rollers that live together, write together, rock together, and play together.  To the common person it might smell a bit pungent but to me that is the smell of Rock N Roll.  I love it.  Enter the first lounge and that is where the magic happens.  Moving backwards are 8 bunks stacked on-top of each other.  I have the middle bunk above Mike and below Hot Rod.  I don't remember if I made the covers on my bunk before we left for the winter.  Hopefully there aren't any surprises when I roll back the covers.  Sniper has the biggest bunk because well he is a veteran and he deserves it.  Plus that bunk is closest to the bathroom.  For some reason The Playboy gets the luxury of sleeping in the back bedroom in the big bed.  Imagine if you will a room full of drum hardware, baby powder, and broken shoes strings.  There you will find The Playboy.

Can you hear that metal maniacs.  The road is calling our names.  It takes a special kind of person to brave the Purple Rock N Roll Beast.  Once she starts roaring, look out!  We are coming to you town and I hope you are ready for one hell of a Rock N Roll party.

All upcoming tour dates are HERE!




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