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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nothing Can Stop Us Now.

Hello everyone out there in Heavy Metal Heaven.  Welcome to another edition of HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Tonight I have a very special post for you.  We are going to dig real deep and take a trip to the past.  Before we start I would like to take one second and thank everyone for all the overwhelming support this weekend.  Our secret show at Dillon Bros. Harley was unique.  Even though we got rained out a lot of people made the trip out to see us.  I can't thank you enough for spending your hard earned gas money to come and watch us play.  We ended up playing 11 songs before the thunder and lighting put an end to our Rock N Roll fun.  A special thanks to all those people that came to the Lancaster Fair in Lincoln.  You know who you are.  That was one of the funnest shows we have played all year.  Also to each and everyone of you that came to Cappy's in Lincoln on Saturday thanks for all the hospitality.  Lincoln, it was truly our pleasure to stop in your town.  All you Lincoln-ites don't forget 3D In Your Face will be on the channel 10/11 News this Wednesday at 6:00 PM as part of the Star City Buzz.  We shot an amazing interview backstage that will run during the 6:00 PM newscast.  Tune in.  You don't want to miss this one.  It was a Playboy and Spade exclusive.  We will also be back at The 21st Saloon this Friday, August 9th.

This week has been full of ups and downs.  The stress of putting out a new record is not something I recommend to anyone.  As I am writing this blog post I am feeling very excited for this weekend.  If you haven't heard on Saturday, August 9th we will be doing a photo shoot for the new album cover.  We are inviting all of you, our friends and family, to participate in this photo shoot.  The photo shoot will begin at 12:00 PM, noon at The 21st Saloon.  We will be shooting a big crowd shot in the parking lot.  Everyone is invited but there is only one rule.  You must show up dressed in the brightest neon clothes you can find.  I'm talking full on 80's.  Bandannas, tank tops, leg warmers, studded belts, neon hair, anything that is loud.  Don't be afraid to put on makeup.  You can't over dress for this occasion.  The only wrong piece of clothing would be a dark piece of clothing.  This is a call to action.  You have three days to shop and gather up enough neon clothes to make the 80's ashamed.  This will be your chance to be on the cover of our new record.  This picture will be seen by the world and I couldn't think of a better group of people to share this experience with.  Saturday, August 10th 12 PM noon at The 21st Saloon.  Word has come down from the top that there will be a crane there to help with the shoot.  This is the big time.

I have been preparing all week for this shoot.  There is a lot riding on the line.  I was speaking with Sniper and I told him that I have never really had an amazing band photo/photo shoot experience.  In my life I have been in three different bands, mainly.  I have been playing in a band for ten years now and I have never had a photo shoot that went the way it was planned.  I have never got back a bunch of photos and been blown away by the results.  I have never looked back on a photo shoot and said "Wow, that was a great time".  This time things will be different.  My first band photo shoot was when I was 18 and my band OFFICIALLY TERMINATED was just crawling out of my parents basement.  I wanted to be KISS so bad I could taste it and the drummer wanted us to be the next Marilyn Manson.  Combine these two with two other guys that wanted to be hardcore punk rockers and you can see where things went a little to the left.  OT was a great band when we weren't trying to be anybody else.  We eventually found ourselves but there was an awful lot of trial and error.  My mom made this costume based off of Goodwill finds and Gene Simmons pictures. Yes, those are ladies nylons around my arms, under armor tights and military surplus boots.  You can't see it in the picture but I had a black loin cloth tassel that cover up my bulge.   The guys busted my balls so hard.  The picture itself was shot in an abandon school parking lot at 1 in the morning. What where we thing?
(This school building is no longer standing so I guess this is pretty classic)

The second photo shoot I ever did was for the Bandit Sound EP release.  We needed a photo to put on the CD insert before we could release the thing and go on tour.  The way I remember this, and I could be very wrong here, we went over to our drummers house in hopes of doing a killer photo.  We were an up an coming band and we were kind of taking Lincoln by surprise.  I showed up with all my stuff but I wasn't dressed.  Mitch our drummer meets me at the door and says "The photographer has to leave for work in 15 minutes and we need to get this shot.  It's our only chance."  The other guys didn't dress any different than they normally did but it usually took me about a half hour to get ready.  I slapped on some makeup and teased my hair a little and walked out to the backyard.  There we shoot the photo for the album in five minutes.  It was punk rock.  It was fun, but I was a little let down by the whole experience.  Later on I heard a radio DJ comment that this band sounded great but the band members all looked like they belonged in different bands.  I love Bandit Sound and it was on of the funnest moments in my life but the photo never really captured the magic that was happening at this time.  Not to mention I was wearing a New York Dolls shirt eyeliner and two different colored fish nets.  
(This house is scheduled to be torn down as well.)

The third photo shoot I was in was right when I joined 3D In Your Face.  We needed promotional posters and photos for the new website.  We scheduled a photo shoot at The Mac Rae Productions facility in Omaha.  I was jacked and ready this time.  I brought all my guitars and costume changes.  We set up lights and trussing and pyro towers.  This was the real deal.  We even got there early just because of the excitement.  The shoot was set for 2:00 and I was ready by 1:00.  Unfortunately Playboy, got a flat tire on the way to the shoot and was stranded.  We sent out help and they eventually got him there an hour later.  Not that I wasn't still excited but my adrenaline had worn off and everyone was getting grumpy.  We only came up with one idea so we stretched it as many was as possible.  I loved this photo shoot because I was my first real shoot but I look back now and realize that it really wasn't that good of a time.  Everybody was stressed and that shows in the pictures.  

On to bigger and better things.  I am going into this weekend with the most positive attitude I have ever had.  Not to mention I have been getting some much need encouragement from my band mates, friends, and fans.  Nothing will stop this record.  In true 3D In Your Face fashion we are taking this whole record over-the-top.  Starting with our return to Omaha.  That's right this Friday, August 9th 3D In Your Face will be back in the metro area for a one night only performance at our home bar, The 21st Saloon.  The "Midnight Devils Summer Tour" has been going great, but damn it we miss you.  This Friday we are pulling out all of the stops.  We are going to give you the Rock N Roll show that you deserve.  Bigger, louder, hairier, and nastier than any other band in Omaha.  Friday we will be partying all night and then get your sleeping bags out because the photo shoot begins the next day bright and early at the crack of noon.  Who is bringing the donuts because I got the coffee.  I can't wait to see each and everyone of you.  Nothing can stop us.





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