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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A 'Please' and 'Thank you' go a long way.

It's that time again.  It rolls around every week.  Welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  A big welcome back to all you faithful readers and a HELLO! is in order for all you first time readers.  So much has been going on in the world of 3D In Your Face.  I am so excited to fill you all in on our summer tour, the new record, and the in and outs of playing in a traveling Rock N Roll band.  I know that I do this every week, but I need to take a second and thank everyone that came out to The 21st Saloon last Friday for our homecoming show.  The room was packed and the energy was contagious.  Omaha you truly are an amazing town and we are proud to call you our base of operations.  The show was great and I saw so many smiling faces in the audience.  Thank you.  Also a special thank you is in order for those brave souls that came back the next day for the photo shoot.  We got all the pictures we were aiming to get.  If you weren't there you missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity to be on the cover of our new record.  Imagine a cherry picker lifting Chappy into the sky as we everyone stands on the ground below him dressed in neon clothes.  Just think of what the neighbors thought.  Unfortunately I can't show you the pictures yet.  Chappy is still hard at work on them.  Check out this video for a behind the scenes glimpse into the photo session.  Thanks Rick Espejo.  

As most of you know I have become the publicity manager for 3D In Your Face.  As the publicity manager I have taken on the responsibility of getting media coverage for most of our shows and public appearances.  This isn't some easy meaningless job.  I put in a ton of hours emailing radio stations, newspapers, and morning shows.  I do this because I truly believe in our music and I believe that there is so much untapped potential out there.  This week as I was debating on what to write in this weeks blog, I got an email from Discover! Magazine and The South O'Brien Sun.  They wanted an interview with me to put in their publication about our appearance in Sutherland, IA on Labor Day.  Bing bang boom, I didn't even have to seek this interview out.  It makes me happy when things just work themselves out.  Now there is no stead fast rule to securing an interview and 90 percent of my emails get ignored.   There are two main rules to land the interview 1) Don't take an ignored email as a solid 'no' 2) Give the reporters a story, it makes saying yes that much easier.  Also manners are an absolute must.  A 'please' and 'thank you' go a long way.  Check out this video from The Star City Buzz in Lincoln, NE.  

Every interview is different and I rarely know what to expect going into them.  Because of that, I try and prepare and control everything as much as I can on my end.  Newspaper and radio are easier because I don't have to be dressed and ready to rock.  My trick every time is to wake up about an hour before the interview and start powering through as much coffee as I can.  I need to be awake, motivated, and my voice needs to be ready to project.  I also try and clear my head as much as possible.  Sniper taught me a good trick during the recording of our new record, "Just stare at the trees man,  it will ease your mind."  So I always stand up or pace back and forth will staring out my window or garage door.  I also got a good pointer from a friend "Always smile and speak with confidence.  Even though the person can't see your face they can sense when you are smiling".  Great advice.  For the most part the questions will always be the same, so I worked up some 'go-to' answers that I can bang out while I concentrate on the tougher questions.  Television is a whole other ball game.  Not only do I have to be prepared mentally and physically, I have to be dressed and ready by the exact moment the interview starts.  I have done Skype interviews at 7 AM and it took me longer to do my hair and makeup than it did to do the interview.  I am still working on my TV interview skills.  The most important thing is to not be nervous and smile a lot.  The interview needs to flow and sound like a conversation between two people.  The last and biggest thing I try and do in any interview I do is show that I am genuinely passionate about music and 3D In Your Face.  I love my job and the fact that I get to be on radio and TV is amazing.  Your passion and honesty should always prevail.  I love watching interviews and seeing celebrities that come across as real down to earth people.  Now I am no celebrity but I am real and I appreciate each and everyone of our fans.  

It is weird to say but this week our "Midnight Devils" Summer Tour is taking a break.  I am upset that we aren't playing but I am happy for a little catch up.  Don't get me wrong we will not be sitting out relaxing.  There is to much work to be done.  I am working on a new 3D In Your Face website.  The band is learning new songs for out return to The 21st Saloon on Sept. 13th.  The new pictures have to be approved.  We are also getting a new run of t-shirts ordered and I think you are going to like them a lot.  This Thursday Sniper and I will be heading into our oldest sponsor Gloss Hair Salon and Day Spa.  The girls are the true talents behind our hair.  I can't stress enough to you how amazing this group of women are.  If you live in the Omaha Metro area and you go to any other Salon, I feel bad for your luck.  Check out Gloss Hair Salon and Day Spa.  They have back 3D In Your Face from the beginning of this ride and I can't thank them enough.  Please don't forget about my radio show HAIR IN THE AIR, Saturday nights at 8 PM on The Big O 101.9.  I will be delivering all the 80's Rock N Roll you can handle.  




  1. Are you single... honestly?! Ever since ive seen you once I'm loving ya more and more :)

  2. Of all the bands I have seen, and dude I have seen my fair share, 3D In Your Face has to be our hands down favorite. You guys bring the electricity, the atmosphere and the absolute greatest rock party to life with every show! Even though you are all one band, you each have your special way of owning what you do on that stage. Rock on - you fire breathing dragons of hellaciousness (sp?). Word on the street is... you guys are WELL on your way to bad ass stardom! And the advice about the trees is perfect! Right there with ya on that one!
    You dudes ROCK, every time, all the time!
    Will be there to soak up your awesomeness at your next show!
    C4 for 3D !