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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Makin' Music With My Friends

Hello all you heavy metal maniacs.  Welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  I can't tell you how excited I am.  We didn't play any shows this week but I have been very busy getting things ready for the new album.  If you are just joining us, I previously announced that the new 3D In Your Face record would be released in September.  We have decided as a band that we will be pushing back our release date in order to give you the best possible album we can.  This entire new album process has been amazing and stressful all at the same time.  So in order to get all of our ducks in a row we are expecting a late October or mid-November release.  Just in time for Christmas.  Ehhh ehhh?  I am more than excited to get back out on the road with my best friends.  I am excited to step back on the bus and get some real livin' done.  HAIR IN THE AIR baby! It's not just a saying it's my lifestyle.  
Once again this week I was totally stumped on what to write about for this weeks blog.  Today I got a visit from one of my ex-band members.  We started catching up on what's happening in our lives and by the end I was very sad to see him go.  It seems over the last few weeks I have ran into more ex-band mates than in the last three years.  Each and everyone of these guys have been with me on the front lines of these Rock N Roll wars.  I trusted all these guys with my life and they trusted me with theirs.  The stories that we have, I could go on forever.  We have seen each other at the very best and the absolute worst. I have been feeling very nostalgic but absolutely looking forward to the future of 3D In Your Face.  The sky is the limit.  

I have said this before, the reason I was drawn to Rock N Roll initially was the escape it granted me from my small town life.  So I joined a band, a family of guys and our goal was to get out of Fremont, NE (not that there is anything wrong with Fremont).  The thing that I realized was that there were kids like us all over the country and they all felt the same.  We united under our love of Rock N Roll.  There were no attitudes.  There were no egos.  There was only the music.  I recently met a couple of amazing guys making a documentary about hair metal and their journey across America called Hair I Go Again.  Hair I Go Again, follows Steve and Kyle as they reunite their band from the 80's and try to get the supporting slot alongside one of their Rock N Roll heroes. Kyle and Steve showed me the same kindness and pure love of music that I experienced as a budding young punk rock guitar player traveling the country.  (Check out their crowd funding project here, there are only 8 days left on their project.)  I got word that a promoter right in my backyard was saying some negative things about 3D In Your Face.  At first I was enraged and wanted to tell this guy exactly everything I thought about him.  Right here I am going to take the high road and wish him the best of luck and God bless.  We are all in this for the exact same reason.  Nothing can ever change that.  The first time you heard KISS, your first concert, the bad times and the music that got you through those bad times, and the feeling you get when you crank your favorite band as loud as it goes cruising down the highway.  Dream big and never let anyone stand in your way. I would like to thank each and every musician I have had the opportunity to share a stage with.  We have overcome insurmountable odds to be where we are now and nothing will ever take those memories from us.  

This Friday our "Midnight Devils Summer Tour 2013" winds back up for our last two weeks outdoors.  We will be performing August 23rd in Shelby, IA at The Shelby Fun Days.  Show starts at 9 PM.  Only 40 East of Omaha on I-80 Shelby, IA will be the sight of our next Rock N Roll adventure.  Expect flame towers, lasers, smoke, confetti, the entire show.  We are going all out for these last five shows.  My new friends at KNOD out of Harlan, IA were kind enough to do an interview with me.  Tune in and listen for your SPADE sighting.  Saturday we will be traveling back across Nebraska to York for a private party.  I have already put this out there, but if anyone of you are in the area Saturday, August 24th I would love to hang out with you before the show.  Feel free to hit me up on Facebook.  Thank you once again for all the support.  I love you all.




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