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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mom Always Knows Best.

Hello every one and welcome back to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  A special hello to all you first time readers.  I hope you all enjoy this one.  Before we delve right into the heart of this weeks blog, I want to take a minute and thank everyone that came out last week to support 3D In Your Face at The 21st Saloon.  We only have three more Fridays left before our residency runs out and we take our show on the road.  This is do or die time.  You, our loyal fans must spread the word about these last three shows.  We need to pack the joint..  Now I put this in your hands.  Tell your neighbors, tell your relatives, tell your coworkers that they need to get their asses out to The 21st Saloon before it is to late.  I would also like to send a very special thank you to all those people that came in togas for our toga party.  You guys are my heroes, brass balls.  Now that is Rock N Roll.  As most of you know this week in America we will be celebrating Mother's Day.  On Sunday May 12th we dedicate an entire day to those wonderful women who brought us into this world.  They wiped our asses and supported us even when there was no chance in hell we would ever succeed. Here is to all you mothers out there.
Stacia Mae Johnson
SPADE's Moms
I am very blessed to be able to call two wonderful women 'Mom'.  Growing up I had two sets of parents which always made things interesting for me, never bad or messy just interesting.  My birth mother's name is Stacia Johnson.  She has been my rock ever since I got my first KISS record and I knew that I wanted to be a musician.  She always told me that I could do whatever I wanted as long as my heart was always in it.  Day in and day out she gives me the courage to reach for my dreams and realize my potential, all while not swearing and making sure I said "please" and "thank you".  I have a lot of fond stories about my mom but I thought I would share this one with you guys.  When my first band OFFICIALLY TERMINATED was beginning to do shows we had trouble finding places that would let us play.  We were to young for bars and didn't know how to throw house shows.  So we rent a small community room and threw our dirty punk rock shows there.  Well there was one small problem.  You needed an adult to sign for the room.  So my mom agreed to sign for the room and even take admission.  Well OFFICIALLY TERMINATED didn't have enough songs to play an entire set so we would get a bunch of old TV's and set them on the stage.  During the coarse of our show we would smash these TV's.  It looked awesome and the crowd ate it up.  We decided to go one step farther and us pyro.  The pyro entailed wrapping a mic stand in foil and setting it on fire with rubbing alcohol. As the mic stand burned and the crowd raged the flaming alcohol dripped down onto the stage where the set list was sitting.  Next thing you know the stage and mic stand are on fire and my mother is watching horrified.  We put the fire out and ended the show.  My mother was livid.  She made us clean every inch of the community room and come back to our house for a band meeting.  No after party was going on that night. She basically sat us all down in the living room and chewed our asses for being stupid irresponsible kids.  I will never forget that moment.  She very bluntly let us know that we weren't indestructible and that our actions could have grave consequences.

Beth Ann Morris
My step mother's name is Beth Morris and she has taken a very inspirational and creative role in my life.  I am thankful for everything she has taught me and I love her dearly.  The most important thing Beth has done for me is that she has made me realize the true beauty in nature.  Every time life starts happening to fast I can always remember back to when we were kids walking through the forest on those perfect autumn days.  Or fishing on the quietest lake in the universe, even if it was in Fremont, NE.  Now I am by no means a farm boy but Beth taught me how to slow down and take in the beauty all around you.  There is life happening outside of your little bubble and if you never take the time to realize it you are missing out on something very important.

Sniper's Mom
Sniper gave me a great story about his mom for the blog.  This is the story of The Greatest Christmas Present Ever.  Way back in 2009 Mum Sniper was planning on getting her son an amazing present for Christmas.  At the time she was working for a pest control place in Omaha.   The rep from the company worked out of Hatisburg, MS and just happened to be friends with Brett Favre (Sniper's favorite football player).  She asked the rep if he would be able to get a jersey signed for her son.  The rep said "No problem just mail me a jersey).  Mum went out and bought the jersey mailed it to Mississippi and patiently waited for it to return.  Christmas came and went and still no sign of the signed jersey.  All the while Sniper was oblivious to what was going on behind his back.  Three years later on Christmas 2012 Sniper received a package.  He was puzzled and opened the box to reveal a signed Bret Favre Vikings jersey.  Holding back tears of joy he inspected the signature and it said "To Maurine.  Brett Favre".  Now this would have been a touching gesture except for the fact that Sniper's Mum's name isn't Maurine.  All the same, he came to find out that this was a three year present in the making.  His mother never gave up and Sniper had no idea about the jersey until the day he opened it.  Here ends the story of The Greatest Christmas Present Ever.

Chappy's Mom
Chappy our trusted stage manager and guitar technician related a very funny story about his mom to me and I have the pleasure of telling you.  Way back in the day when Chappy was just a young runt around the age of 5 his father and some friends took on the project of laying a concrete for their above ground pool.  All the guys were standing around waiting for the concrete truck to show up.  Chappy was his Pop's little helper and mom was responsible for watching him.  Chappy's dad paid all his buddies that day in beer and food for helping with such a project.  As they were standing there waiting they decided to open up a couple beers.  No sooner did they pop the top than the truck arrives and they had to set their beers down and get to work. Chappy's mom wanted to make sure the job was done right and she took her eyes of her mischievous little boy.  Chappy not knowing that the opened beers were not sodas decided he better drink all of them.  "I love my mother and to this day I can thank her for my love of beer.  In a nutshell she has molded me into the person I am today.  I could not imagine a life without her.  I love you mom and thank you".

Hot Rod's Mom

(From the desk of Hot Rod)
Hands down the best and coolest Mom ever!
La Nell Arnold King
My mom grew up in Madena Texas with 13 brothers and sisters, she was crowned Validictorian when she graduated from High School. She was also the schools lead Majorette. (cheerleaders in the old days) She met my father Robert Lee King in high school. And they were married a some years later. She loved to travel and since dad was in the Air Force, travel we did as a family for many years.
During moms travels she liked to collect things. Antiques, rare things, and just cool stuff. So much so that she ran out of space in the house to store it, and began to give things to myself and my sister for us to keep.

Mom was always music supportive. She would come to band shows and walk thru the crowd and sell buttons with pictures of the band that she had made. She would also buy CDs or tapes of the bands music and ship it across the world to her friends.
Not many musicians can say they have had a supportive mom for their music, but my mom was always there for me. She would buy me music related gifts, and even help me get the things I needed for the band. Such as buying stage clothes. She even hooked me up with Tamara at Basic Tease who makes all my stage outfits. And had her make some for me. Wow a mom that understands the 80s music!

Sadly 2 years ago my Mom had a stroke. It took away her ability to speak, but not her vitallity for life and friends. She still understands people very well and responds with a smile to let them know she understands. She lives her days now with my Dad in Bellevue at an assisted living place. She still shows her new friends that come to visit pictures and videos of 3D In Your Face and gets excited when I tell her about the new things that 3D In Your Face does each week.I couldn't have asked for a better Mom growing up or even today. She will always be 3D In Your Face's biggest fan. Hands down. And if you agree, I expect to hear a "Hell Ya" out loud across the country.

Playboy's Mom

Playboy's mom much like Playboy remains a mystery.  Not much is known and not much is told about Playboy's mom and they like to keep it like that.  I do know that she got me in to see Alice Cooper and I can never thank her enough.  Love you Mom.  Happy Mothers Day.

This just about wraps up our Mother's Day extravaganza.  Sorry the blog was so long but I think we could go on for days about our moms.  Friday May 10th, 3D In Your Face will be at The 21st Saloon.  This week we are shooting for our first sell out show.  Our sponsors are Rusos' Music, Iron Rick Productions, and Omaha Local Music Promotions.  This will be a pre-show party for The Heroes of Heart Benefit.  Our brand new sponsors The Big O 101.9 will be giving away tickets and backstage passes for Bret Michaels, Vince Neil, and Lita Ford in Norfolk, NE on June 29th.  Get there early this is going to be one hell of a party.  


  1. i would like to say that i brought my mom the woman who raised me to one of the shows and she had a blast and just last year she was diagnosed with breast cancer but she still going strong and she still talks about coming to on the show it was out a boondockers and she loved it so much i just wanted to tell u guys i love what you all do and i brag about you guys every chance i get. keep it up guys love you guys missy

  2. Thank you so much Missy. Tell your mom hi from all of us and wish her a happy Mother's Day. We can't do this without people like you.


  3. Smashing TVs? Sounds like a Plasmatics or Spo-It's show! Good thing you didn't try to entertain by the GG Allin methods! Or Iggy Pop...What would your mom say then?! Lol