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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Living Our Dreams and Still Sleeping In Our Parent's Basement

Hello everyone and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR.  You wanted it and here it is The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Imagine this, we are standing on stage and our intro tape is rolling.  As we begin our first song of the night, Chappy drops the curtain and 40 zombies come alive and start growling louder than the guitar amps.  Zombies as far as you can see.  Each one angrier than the next and starving for Rock N Roll and brains.  This was the scene Friday night at The 21st Saloon.  We had one of the wildest shows I have ever been apart of last week.  If you weren't there you missed all the action.  From the time we took the stage until the very last song of the night, the Omaha Zombie's tore the roof off of the 21st Saloon.  It was almost like the scene in From Dusk Till Dawn except with zombies instead of vampires.  Thank you to The Omaha Zombie Research Society, Dr. San Guinary and all of his crew.  Also I would like to thank all of you for showing up to our first ever Valentine's Day Ball.  Thanks to everyone that dressed up and came out to celebrate.  We raised a huge amount of clothes for The Siena/Francis house.  I am so proud to be in this band and to be associated with all of you wonderful people.  It is truly amazing that we are able to unite and give back to our community and to those people in need.  There is so much more we can do for Omaha.
This week we have two great shows.  We will be traveling for the first time in 2013.  Friday night we will be back at The 21st Saloon and we have some great sponsors lined up for you.  Omaha Night Out Guide, Boulevard Brewing Co. and Backstage Entertainment.  We will also be holding an auction to help raise money for Omaha Rockin Against Cancer.  If you haven't yet heard of Backstage Entertainment, please check out their site.  They are Omaha's premier media outlet providing interviews and backstage footage from comedians, musicians, and entertainers.  Spear heading this event is someone that came into the 3D In Your Face family back in late 2012.  Susan Borchers has become synonymous with live music in the Omaha area.  I invited her to one of our shows and was instantly struck by  her smile and enthusiasm about music.  It was contagious.  From then on we have become great friends.  Not only has she gone above and beyond by promoting local shows she is also one the most amazing photographers I have ever seen.  Every Monday morning I look forward to going into photobucket and rifling through hundreds of pictures she took from the weekend before.  Each photo better than the next.  If you haven't met Susan yet she would be the woman running around the band trying to snap a picture while not getting knocked down and dodging guitar picks. She was also our media connection at The OEAA Awards.  We were definitely fish out of the water until we saw Susan and then everything felt right.  I just wanted to take this time to thank Susan for all of the hard work she does not only for 3D In Your Face but for all the bands in The Omaha area.  If you get a chance and you see her out a show please do me a favor and give her a hug and tell her thank you.  It would make all those long hours worth it for her.  Susan is also collecting money and donations for The Omaha Rockin Against Cancer benefit we are doing this Friday.  If you are so moved and would like to donate please feel free to message her.

As I said before Saturday we will be making our first trip of 2013 and it so happens that we will be heading to my home town of Fremont, NE to play at The Legendary Uncle Larry's Bar.  I haven't been home in a while and I haven't played a Fremont show in over a year.  This homecoming means a lot to me.  I will be doing a live radio interview on 1340 KHUB Thursday morning at 8:15 AM.  Also The Fremont Tribune will be running an article about 3D In Your Face in their entertainment section on Thursday.  Roughly 10 years ago I began my musical career in the basements of Fremont, NE.  I joined a fledgling band of like-minded individuals name OFFICIALLY TERMINATED.  We played our first show on Casey Frasier's patio.  In the beginning we were terrible but we always had the drive to practice and create a spectacular show that nobody would want to miss.  You have to realize at this time there was nothing to do in Fremont.  We weren't old enough to drink and we were angry and bored by our situation.  OFFICIALLY TERMINATED came in like a gang, we were rebelling against everything and I think that is what attracted people in the first place.  The songs weren't great but our shows gave kids somewhere to go and have fun without their parents and without the police.  We played fast angry music but it was also music that gave me hope for the future.  It gave us a way out.  Soon enough we were booking shows all over Nebraska and traveling in a $2000 used church van.  We booked tours and played at legendary clubs all over the country.  This little band that a bunch of friends started in our parents basement kept growing and we kept finding people that were like us and believed in us.  OFFICIALLY TERMINATED lasted many years after our humble Fremont beginnings.  Eventually we all wound up going our separate ways. We kind of grew up.  But if you were a part of that scene back in those days you will never forget those stories.  We were living our dream and still sleeping in our parents basements.  OFFICIALLY TERMINATED always represented freedom to me.  It was the beginning of the dream.  I still feel like I am paying my dues but I learned so much in that band.  You get back what you put in.  We had nothing to loose so we put everything in.  Saturday night is going to be a celebration of all things Fremont and Rock N Roll.  Those two things don't usually go together but Saturday night at Uncle Larry's we are going to make an exception.  The boys are back in town and they mean business.

I want to start a new section here.  Every week I want to update you on how our new record is going.  If you are reading this than you are lucky.  This is the first update of many and will outline all the trials and tribulations we will be going through on the road to a new original 3D In Your Face record.  Now you will be apart of this as well.   Enjoy.

New Record Update 1-  As of right now there is no name for the record.  We are still in the writing process.  We have roughly 9 songs finished and we are looking for about 5 more.  The songs we have played live include "Bleed Betty Bleed", "Generation Durt", "Forbidden City", "In Your Face", and "It's Time We Had Our Fun".  No dates have been set aside for recording, but we have begun discussing who will be producing our record and where it will be recorded.  Our goal is to make this different from other 3D In Your Face records, to stay true to our 80's Rock N Roll roots but give the songs a modern Sleaze Rock vibe.  We are aiming to capture the energy and excitement of a 3D In Your Face performance and release that to the world.



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  1. You are AWESOME SAM MORRIS! Thank You so much! I'm super excited for this Fridays show, and it is unbelievable how many of my friends have stepped up to find and give donations to this event and help Rockin Against Cancer!I really can't find the perfect words to Thank You and 3D for becoming such great friends and sharing all of your Awesome talent with Omaha! I will always be here for you guys, to help any way I can! You ROCK!!!