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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


WOW OH WOW.  What a wild week here in The 3D In Your Face camp.  I will get to that in a minute.  But first I would like to welcome you all to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Here and only here I will be giving you all the low down information about the nation's number one 80's tribute band.  So please buckle up for this tornado because there is a lot of information to over this week.

First of all last Friday night we partnered up with Omaha Night Out GuideBoulevard Brewing, Omaha Rockin' Against Cancer, and Backstage Entertainment.  Together with the help of The Queen of Omaha Rock N Roll, Susan Borchers, we raised $384.00 to help battle cancer.  One lucky fan even won themselves a three hour limo ride with 3D In Your Face.  We set the attendance record at The 21st Saloon (we still didn't sell it out but I will get to that later).  I heard a rumor that somewhere around 2000 pictures were taken of the band.  We also got the opportunity to do an amazing interview with the wonderful Backstage Entertainment.  Check this out it's a lot of fun and will make you laugh.  But most of all we were all there to help out an amazing organization.  Everyone knows someone that has been effected by cancer and this was our chance to give back in our own way.  Thank you to everyone who donated and participated in the auction.  I am very proud of everyone.  YOU ROCKED OUR FACES OFF.

If you were living under a rock and didn't hear the great news well let me be the first person to tell you that we did it.  We finally got our sell out.  If you remember back at the beginning of the year it was one of my goals to sell a show out as I had never played a sold out show before.  Saturday found us in my home town of Fremont, NE playing at The Legendary Uncle Larry's (the old Lariete club).  I was lucky enough to land an interview with 1340 KHUB the Thursday before the show and The Fremont Tribune ran an amazing article about the band in their entertainment section.  The hype going into this show was out of control.  My wonderful mother even passed out flyers to local business' in town.  I expected a great turn out but I never could have thought by 8:00 PM there would be a line out the door.  Word got up to our dressing room and we were ecstatic.  We got our first sold out show.  Now 3D In Your Face has been playing for around 13 years and we have played for thousands of people at outdoor festivals but I always wanted that sold out club show.  We busted our asses and the great people of Fremont came out in force to support us.  It was like a class reunion for the entire city.  The staff at Uncle Larry's busted their asses and they deserve a lot of credit as well.  They ran out of glasses, buckets, and beer.  By 1 AM when the bar closed it looked like a hurricane of Rock N Roll had swept through this legendary bar.  From the time we hit the stage to the last song everyone was on their feet.  It was exhilarating to look out over the crowd and see so many familiar faces.  My entire family, childhood friends, school mates, and ex-band mates were all in the crowd cheering us on.  Even some of our Omaha friends (thank you Diane and Del) Neb. City friends (thanks Chasta and Dave) Norfolk friends (thanks Kora, Nicole, Momma, and Don) and Lincoln friends (thank you Jake, Sarah, and Ian) made the trip to show us their support.  I don't have enough thank yous to express the feelings I have about selling out my first show in my home town.  It really makes all those terrible bar shows and police busted VFW shows with OFFICALLY TERMINATED  worth it.  Thank you everyone you made one of my dreams come true Saturday night.  We will be back to Fremont soon.
Here is the Podcast Link for the radio inteview

Here is the Fremont Tribune Article

This Friday March 8th at The 21st Saloon our sponsor is The Glam Gore Girls.  This was one of my favorite sponsors last year and we are going to be doing this show bigger and better than before.  Please do yourself a favor and go check out this amazing group of women.  There will be appearances by Mystair, Isis, and Mandie M.  The girls will be walking around taking donations for Make-A-Wish and there will be a photo-booth where you will get the opportunity to take pictures with these Vixens of Doom and the members of 3D In Your Face.  There will also be a Glam Gore Girl raffle with the proceeds going to help send the Girls to a horror movie convention in Dallas, TX.  I really can't put into words how wild these ladies look and how much fun we are going to have. You will just have to take my word and get your ass out to The 21st Saloon this Friday March 8th.  OUR GOAL IS NOW TO SELL OUT THE 21ST SALOON.  Spread the word.  We can't do this without your help.

Thank you to everyone who was made these last six weeks the best 3D In Your Face has ever had.  We still have so many big things coming up and I will keep everyone informed on what is going on.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

New Record Update-I don't have a lot of news for you this week.  We are still in the writing process but we have been discussing locations, producers, and artwork.  We will also begin looking for record labels that will be interested in putting out the new 3D In Your Face record.   I will give you more information when it comes.




  1. you did an amazing job! proud of you!

  2. I had to update this. I forgot that you wild animals from Norfolk made the trip down. Sorry. Thank you Kim D. ROCK N ROLL FOREVER.