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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rock N Roll Representatives..

Hello everyone and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Let me get this started off right by saying "WOW, 2013 is blowing my mind and it is only going to get better".  We have had some amazing Friday night shows at The 21st Saloon and I can truly say that they just keep getting bigger and wilder.  If you haven't gotten your ass out to the 21st Saloon on a Friday night to take part in the splendor than shame on you.  What are you waiting for?  With that being said, I want to thank last weeks sponsor Benson Bazaar.  Please go and check these guys out.  They have an amazing antique store at 6013 Maple st. that is full of everything Rock N Roll and beyond.  Tuco and his lovely wife are great people and love what they do.  If you haven't heard we are taking this week off from playing to gear up for the Omaha Entertainment and Arts award ceremony on Feb. 17th.  That's right, for the first time 3D In Your Face has been nominated for best cover band by the OEAA's.  We have been invited to the ceremony that will be held at The Hilton Omaha.  Jone-Z Party Bus has been kind enough to drive us to the ceremony in a White-Hot-Rock-N-Roll Limousine.  I will do my best to document everything that happens inside The Hilton for all those people that can not attend.
Not only is this Omaha Entertainment Award nomination a big deal to me, I am looking forward to being the Heavy Metal/Rock N Roll representative to the rest of Omaha.  I have been asked numerous times if I really think that we are going to win this award.  To be honest with you I believe 100 percent that we will win.  Defeat is not an option in my book.  In the beginning my goal was to merely get nominated and attend the ceremony but now this nomination has become so much more.  As a band we decided that we would show up in full battle attire.  HAIR IN THE AIR.  Not only to make a scene but to prove that we aren't embarrassed by the music we play or the way we look.  We agreed to wave the flag of Rock N Roll and be the ambassadors for all of our fans around the world. Not just 3D In Your Face's fans but all fans of down and dirty sleazy Rock N Roll.
We are proud as hell to be from Omaha, NE.  I know that I say it week in and week out but we have some of the most amazing fans a band could ask for.  Not only will we be standing proud and screaming loud Sunday night, but we will take with us this great honor.  When our summer tour starts we will in-turn become the ambassadors for this great city, Omaha.  Proud doesn't even begin to describe the words.  This nomination is an honor to me and to all the guys in 3D In Your Face.  Omaha is an amazing and talented community and we have been give the opportunity to represent this great city all over the country.  So to take this OEAA nomination lightly I believe would be a mistake.  I wont stand here and give you a list of reasons why I think we deserve this award more than the other bands.  But I will tell you that this award comes with great responsibility and honor.  You are representing your entire genre of music when you step on that stage.  You are representing your city, your state, and your country to the rest of the world on that stage.  So yes I am excited for Sunday's events.  We get the chance to finally rub some elbows with our fellow Omaha musicians.  I am also scared but in the good way.  The way that makes you feel alive inside.  But I also feel ready and up to the task at hand.  Sunday night 3D In Your Face will be representing every person that has ever paid their hard earned money to see us perform.  We will be representing every person that has ever bought our t-shirts or CDs.  We will be representing our family and friends.  But most importantly we will be representing ROCK N ROLL on that stage.
If you didn't catch it before, I just wanted to make myself clear.  3D In Your Face will NOT be playing this Friday in order to get ready for the Omaha Entertainment Awards.  We will be back at you next Friday with an amazing show.  The first ever Undying Love Valentine's Day Ball and Clothing Drive.  We have teamed up with The Omaha Zombie Research Society again and Dr. San Guinary to bring you the wildest Valentine's Day party that doesn't happen to be on Valentine's Day.  Doc's Zombie Girls will be making an appearance to autograph some calendars and raise something that might be considered dead.  A film crew will be on hand to shoot for the new Dr. San Guinary's Creature Feature show.  So zombie and post apocalyptic clothing is required.  The Omaha Zombie Research Society will be answering questions on Zombie survival tips along with hosting a zombie makeup contest.  But most importantly we will all collectively be raising money and taking clothing for the Sienna Francis House.  Go through those closets and grab some of those old clothes you have been meaning to donate.  Come to The 21st Saloon on Friday Feb 22nd for Undying Love Valentine's Day Ball and Clothing Drive with 3D in Your Face and The Omaha Zombie Research Society.





  1. jonny thunders and jonny from Binfield Broke It say "time to plug In"

    1. Thanks buddy. We had some great nights sitting on that porch in Lincoln. I will always remember those conversations. It was a rock n roll education..

  2. We still play but not nearly enough I write film and entertainment for a website out of Houston and do commercials here in Omaha and am lucky enough to go to Hawaii every year, I could have been dealt such a worse hand of cards. Wonder who occupies our old apartments now on holdredge. Just the ghosts.... OF ROCK.

  3. That was the coolest thing I have ever heard. "Just the ghost OF ROCK". Thanks for all the lessons and the great memories buddy. If that porch could talk.

  4. I have been with you amazing guys for almost a year and I must say I couldn't think of any other guys that have earned this award like 3D has.. You have all become my close friends and I love every min of this life thanks so much fellas and good luck your tech Chappy ......