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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Fluffier Side of 3D In Your Face

Hello everyone and welcome again to another wonderful edition of HAIR IN THE AIR.  The Official 3D In Your Face Blog.  A very hairy-hello to you first time readers and welcome back to all you repeat offenders.  I am very excited this week to be writing about a topic that is very near and dear to our hearts.  We are going to be diving very deep on this trip.  I am talking behind behind the scenes.  The idea for this weeks blog came to me at 3 AM while we were riding down the highway in the bus.  As a band there really aren't a whole lot of things we talk about at 3 AM on a cold ass bus heading towards home.  We talk a lot about the military, because it seems to intrigue us quite a bit.  We talk about the crazies at the last show, two bar fights at our show in Rock Port, MO.  Last but not least, and this always gets brought up, we talk about our cats.  For some reason or another everyone in 3D In Your Face is or was a cat owner (except Playboy, he tends to hate most animals).  We as a band have a pretty solid rule, "Never bring up your cats to a stranger in public".  It never sounds as cool as you think and it makes you seem like a crazy person.  Well right here right now I'm going to be doing both of those things and I don't care.  I'm going to lay it out on the line.  I'm going to show you our best friends.  I'm going to show your our constant companions.  No matter how long you've been gone, no matter what mood you're in, and no matter how bad you smell these furry guys will be there waiting at the front door for you to walk in.  Unconditional love cat-style.  Welcome my friends to the "Fluffier Side of 3D In Your Face".

First off I would like to start out with a cat who is no longer with us.  Alan "Hot Rod" King was the proud owner of Alex.  Alex was a main stay in Alan's house.  Every time I went over there I remember walking in on this amazing ball of fur.  One of the nicest cats I have ever met.  Alan rescued Alex when he was a kitten in Gretna.  Alan had picked up another job at a bowling alley to make some extra crash.  One fateful night after the bowling alley closed Alan came in to clean the lanes.  As he was walking back to his truck he heard Alex off in the distance alone and helpless.  Next thing you know Alex is scooped up and brought back to Alan's house.  Alex was the roar behind this rockstars scream for 18 years.  Alex you are always missed and never forgotten.
Second, third, and fourth we have the two kings and queen of the Snyper Castle.  Cosmo, Jeep, and Stimpy.  If you have ever been to Snyper's house and most of you haven't.  On any given day you will find a coffee table full of guitar parts, a stack of guitar cases on the ground, and a couch full pur-maniac cats.  These three beasts were all rescued from around the country.  Jeep the cool cat, was rescued from North Carolina and is a Hemingway Cat.  He has extra toes for more traction.  Jeep.  Get it?  Cosmo was saved from a shelter in Cleveland.  He a black cat and is the most miscivious of the group.  Stimpy is the lone female and Snyper considers her the Diva of the group.  Stimpy just always has that look on her face.  How can you say no to these three?

Fifth and sixth we have Troy "Phase 2" Way's two furry devils, Sam and Polly.  Troy was the only one that followed my directions and wrote bio's for his cats.  So here you go.
 Sam is 12 years old and we have had her the whole 12 years she has been alive.  She got here nickname (puppy) as a kitten, when she wanted to play she would growl at you like a dog.  Then she got bigger and older and we had to pick out a new nickname, Fatty!  She is a huge cat weighing in at around 22 pounds.  She can be a real bitch and not like other people, but she can be really protective of her surroundings and of me and Jamie.  She Rocks.  Next is Polly.  Polly is 8 years old and we rescued her from an abusive family.  She wandered into a back yard at a 4th of July party Jamie was attending and at first glance she thought Polly was a rat.  When she went and picked Polly up she was going to return her to her owners yard.  The people at the party said "Don't take her back, those people hit animals".  So Jaime decided to bring the cat home and we would find a good home for her.  WELL!  Once I got home and saw that beautiful cute face it was love at first sight.  Polly is my best friend and baby.  She greats me at the top of the stairs everyday and she can't wait for me to pick her up and hold her.  Polly is one of the biggest babies I know.  She will start to cry if I leave her too long....actual tears!  She is the best!
Lucky number seven is my cat Domino, and yes he is named after a KISS song and he knows the song is about a girl.  Domino was rescued one fateful night as I was coming home from a string of shows.  I was dead tired and heard this little sneeze.  There he was sitting on my stairs.  Two years later I find myself with a 20 pound best friend.  Domino is like me in almost every way.  He is loud, he is very very hairy, he plays to rough, he must always be the center of attention.  His favorite band is KISS and he really enjoys listening to records with me.  Domino is a free range cat.  He does what he wants when he wants and I never give him shit because he never gives me shit about being gone all the time.  I love this guy and I always look forward to opening my door and seeing him run out and down the three flights of stairs.  He is on 10 all the time and that is why I love him.
Last but certainly not least is Jake.  Jason "Chapz" Husak has arguably one of the wilder cats.  Jake is a Maine coon that tips the scales close to 25 pounds.  Jason told me the story that when he went out to look for a cat this little guy literally reached out and petted him on the hand.  "I think I love you".  Jake enjoy's wrestling in the snow, long walks on the beach,  furry mice, and Meow-Mix dinner by candle light.  Jake also likes to stay prim and proper  so Jason is forced to groom Jake like the lions of Africa.  Watch out home invaders this cat isn't messing around. The constant companion, Jake is always there for Jason.  Road warriors destined to spend their lives together.
We have a lot of great things coming up for you this week.  First 3D In Your Face will be taking a trip to see our personal stylists at Gloss Hair Salon and Day Spa.  This amazing team of women have been doing our hair for the last two tours.  It is not an easy job but trust me when I tell you, they are the best of the best.  A big congratulations, Gloss Hair Salon was voted The Best of Omaha  2012.   Melissa and Krisha and her team have taken hair, makeup, and massage to the next level.  If your in Omaha you need to check them out.  Of course Friday night Nov 30th, we will be playing at the 21st Saloon on our End of the World Tour.  This week our sponsor is The Glam Gore Girls.  These amazingly beautiful women combine sex and glamour with dark evil horror.  Intrigued?  We will have models on hand for you to view in the flesh.  We are also teaming up with Food Bank for the Heartland to raise money for those less fortunate in the Omaha Metro area.  To Summarize, Friday Nov 30th, at the 21st Saloon 3D In Your Face along with The Glam Gore Girls will be taking donations for the Food Bank of the Heartland.

Put your HAIR IN THE AIR and crank it to 11.  Lets party.


  1. I too have a crazy cat in my house. She was in here one day when I came home from work, people thought they'd surprise me with her. A surprise it was to say the least. She goes by a bunch of names as does the wofe's dog. I call her Fuzz, like a good Dallas Arbeter pedal. It's suiting if you've ever seen her, she's a fuzzball. Her one favorite place in this house is my guitar space. She's totally at home in the studio so I think we have a common spirit sometimes. She's respectful and never tries to tear shit up, she's probably gentler on my gear than I am. All I know is if she isn't taking ownership of my chair, or tormenting the dog, she's usually in the studio. Even learned how to open the door, despite my attempts to block her at times. I guess having a cat that's into metal guitars and amps is great for me and that's what has been our bond. Even when I'm at full shred she sits there and listens. She's not a Kiss fan, she prefers the stylings of Megadeth, Iron Maiden and, surprisingly enough, Cliff Burton era Metallica. Hey she's got taste! Anyway the bio will continue as she makes her way through this metal journey with me. All I know is she's got her hair in the air for me as I can't make that work anymore lol!

  2. Amy...not Devin...Our sweet girls name is Squeak, she is a nice, yet psycho kitty but gorgeous and the best cure when you are sick. I got her for Devin, true, but even if he wont admit it, she IS a KISS fan, she watches concerts on tv with me. She is a rock-n-roll kitty. Everytime the studio door is open, she is in there. She has learned how to open the door and we dont want her jammin' out all day and bothering the neighbors so we have to lock the door. lol
    I do love kitties, but my min-pin Jasmine (Devin calls her Stoopie) is my best friend and I would be lost without her.
    Keep lovin' all of those furries guys!

  3. Thanks Amy and Devin. You guys rock. See you in a few weeks.