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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When All Your Cards Have Been Laid out.

First and foremost I just wanted to thank everybody who reads this blog and also for coming to see 3D In Your Face live.  In just a few months HAIR IN THE AIR will have had over 1000 views from crazy heavy metal fans all over the world.  When I first started writing HAIR IN THE AIR I didn't think it would take off like it did.  Thank you again for finding this and taking the time to read it.  To quote Mr. Lewis, "The Heart of Rock N Roll is Still Beating".  

Recently it was brought to my attention that 30 years has passed since the dedication of the Vietnam Memorial.  This coinciding with Veterans Day here in America really made me take a minute a reflect on all those soldiers fighting for our right to be free.  My grandfathers were Korean Vets and my best friend and 3D In Your Face guitar player is an Afghanistan and Iraq War Vet.  Some of my fondest memories were stories my grandfather would tell about this far off land and a distant war.  He had such honor and charisma, and I knew he had seen just about everything imaginable.  But every time I saw him he made it a point to ask how my band was doing and where are adventures had led us.  Same thing with Snyper, our guitar player.  Some of my favorite memories from this last tour where on the bus rolling down the highway at 5 AM after a gig.  Snyper would tell those of us still awake about his time spent over seas, jumping out of planes, sleeping in the desert, and eating tree bark.  He was in the thick of it, and survived it all.  The stories could last for hours but I never ever got tired of hearing about these distant places and these honorable men fighting for our country.

So where am I going with this.  Well, because of the actions of these brave men and women we get the chance to live free of oppression.  We have been given the chance to be the people that we want to be.  I am eternally thankful for the price that the men and women of the armed forces have payed for us.  They have made the ultimate sacrifice.  

I am finishing up a song (hopefully for the new album) that is my way of honoring those that came before me.  My grandfather may not have liked heavy metal music but he sure supported me and drove me to do my best in every aspect of my life.  If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.  I get the chance to stand up on stage every night and scream as loud as I can, that I still believe in Rock N Roll.  It's not about fame, money, drugs, or women.  It never was about those things.  It's about that un-explainable energy and feeling you get when you hear Highway To Hell by AC/DC played as loud as the stereo goes.  We as a band get to preach the good word of Rock N Roll to you crazy heavy metal maniacs every night and if that isn't freedom than I don't know what is.  Here is a little snippet from the song I am writing "Someday down the line when all your cards have been laid out in front of you.  What will you remember?  What will you have stood for?"

This Friday Nov 16th, 3D In Your Face will be back at the 21st Saloon 96th and L st. Omaha.  Thank you to everyone who showed up last week, what a party.  This week we are thrilled to have Cafe L as our Feature Friday Night Sponsor.  Cafe L is located two doors down from the 21st Saloon on 96th and L st and serves some of the most delicious food the band and I have ever tasted.  They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with a great selection of homemade desserts.  The prices are reasonable but most importantly, Lou the owner, loves what he does and it shows in everything he makes.  Cafe L will be serving you an amazing array of food right inside of the 21st Saloon.  So bring your appetites and get ready to have some fun.  We have some new songs to debut and don't worry we won't skip out on any of your old favorites.  

See you all soon.
And never forget..........


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  1. Thank God for our brave men and women who protect this country and thank God for rock n roll..... chaps

  2. Thanks Chaps, you are the best. I WANNA ROCK. See you soon buddy.