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Monday, September 17, 2012

Looking for Featured Friday Night Sponsors

3D In Your Face is now looking for a new Featured Friday Night Sponsors for our 15 week residency at the 21st Saloon. Every Fiday night we will be honoring a new sponsor and we need you. What we are looking for is a business, charity, creative event, or group of people interested in teaming up with us. We aren't asking for money rather our goal is to bring people out who haven't heard of your company, business, or organization and match them up with 3D In Your Face.  These shows will be an amazing way to help promote your cause. Each week you will be announced as the Friday Featured Sponsor and broadcast on our sites as well as having a booth set up at the show where you can showcase your products or information. By teaming up together we will be able to reach potential new customers and new fans that might not know about your product or organization. We are open for any ideas and suggestions. We want to make this as creative and fun as possible. If you are interested feel free to messages us here or email us at

Open dates.  Please email for availability.

Oct 5th

Oct 19th

Nov. 2nd

Nov. 9th

Nov. 16th

Nov. 23rd

Nov 30th



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