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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Today I am Proud

Hello and welcome to Hair In The Air, the official blog for 3D IN YOUR FACE.  As most of you know 3D is the nations number one 80s tribute band.  The band has been around for the better part of 12 years and I have been apart of this nonstop rock n roll carnival ride for 7 years.  We have played all over the country to thousands of crazy ravenous 80s hair metal fanatics.  But today I am proud.  Today we are only a week away from the start of our End of the World Tour 2012/2013.  I am proud of everything 3D has accomplished this year.  At the beginning of this tour we set our goals very high and I believe we have accomplished everything we have set out to do and more.  

Since the beginning of February 2012 we have played 44 shows around the mid west.  We launched an unheard of 15 week residency at the 21st Saloon in Omaha, NE.  We landed an amazing sponsorship with Gloss Salon. We have played some of the biggest and best shows of our careers on this 7 month tour.  We have sold out of most of our merchandise.  I have met some of the most amazing people.  3D fans are crazier, louder, and wilder than any fans I have ever seen.  We are so lucky and thankful to have everyone of you on our side and in our corner.  

Today I am proud to be in 3D In Your Face.  I am proud to be a metal head.  I am proud to be a punk rocker.  I am damn proud to be a musician.  I am proud to be different. 

With all of this being said we can't wallow in the past for long.  As I am typing this we are putting the finishing touches on our Return to the 21st Saloon and our subsequent fall/winter tour which will begin on Sept 28th, 2012.  In less than one week we will begin another 15 week run of shows at the 21st Saloon in Omaha, NE.  As it stands 3D will be playing every Friday night from Sept 28th through the end of Dec.  We are more determined than ever to give our fans the show they want and the show they deserve.  Spare no expense this will be the best show in the mid west.  

Also looming on the horizon is a brand new 3D original album.  No date or title has been set but we are very excited and ready to give our fans some new material.  Rock n roll is coming back in a big way and 3D will answer that call with a brand new album in 2013. 

This blog is for you.  Comment, post, subscribe, share, and spread the word.  

Stay proud my friends.  Never ever let the bastards get you down.  80's METAL RULES


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  1. The count down begins. Tonight Saturday the 15th we had an amazing rehearsal. Officially we have 10 new amazing 80s tunes and 5 new originals for the new show. We even decided on a brand new shirt design. Until next time. HAIR IN THE AIR. SPADE.