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Friday, November 11, 2016

Who Will Be Drumming For 3D In Your Face?

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official blog of 3D In Your Face and The Midnight Devils.  I know you are all eagerly awaiting the big news.  Before we get into the dirty details, I would like to thank everyone that read last weeks blog.  You broke the record amount of views I have ever had for one blog post.  I would also like to thank Hot Rod for stepping up and guest writing.  This week we are taking a bit of time off in order to prepare for next weekends big release show.  3D In Your Face will be making our big return to The 21st Saloon in Omaha, NE on Friday, Nov.17th and Saturday, Sept. 18th.  We haven't preformed at The 21st Saloon since May 2016.  Not only is this going to be a giant rock n roll celebration but we will also be releasing the 2nd single and brand new music video from our latest album Lost in the Volume.  Have no fear if you can't make the show we will be releasing the music video live to the world via Youtube at 12:00 AM CST Saturday the 18th.  The 2nd single from the Lost in the Volume album is track number 8 and is called "Baptized by the Radio".  We filmed the music video at a bar called Don's in Memphis, NE back in August.  I can't tell you how excited I am for you to see this music video.  See you next weekend and don't forget to tune in to my radio show HAIR IN THE AIR at 10 PM CST this Saturday night on 101.9 The Keg.

So who is the new drummer for 3D In Your Face?  As many of you know we have had our share of drummers over the years.  I don't have one bad thing to say about any of the drummers that took the stage with us.  I realize that 3D In Your Face is a mega commitment.  You must be willing to give up everything in order to meet the demands of this band.  There are long hours, loads of miles, and three other big personalities to deal with.  No easy task.  Two years ago we parted ways with the current drummer at the time and one of my best friends, Jeremy "The Playboy" Deans.  We kept pushing forward through some great times and very tough set backs.  Two years later and it comes back full circle.  I am very excited and happy to say to you today The Playboy is back.  Last year Jeremy reached out to me on Thanksgiving and said "Let's jam again."  When The Midnight Devils started going electric we invited him over for a rehearsal and he showed us again why he was the best rock n roll drummer in this city.  We knew we needed him back in our lives.  It was only natural that we get him back involved with 3D In Your Face.  To see this guy perform on stage is mind blowing.  He plays good and he looks good doing it.  Not only is The Playboy a phenom on the drum kit but he may also be one of the funniest and nicest dudes I have ever met.  Backstage before the shows it's dick and fart jokes all the way until our intro is rolling.  In this business I've learned that you never say never.  We are truly greatful to have The Playboy back with us.  Just wait until you see him play and you will understand everything.

Before I let you go, today is Veterans Day and I always feel so much pride today.  I feel like I am friends with some of the greatest men and women on the planet.  These people are real heroes that sacrificed everything and did everything that their country asked of them.  I come from a family with a very rich history of US War Veterans unfortunately I was so young at the time that I didn't get to fully appreciate most of them.  With 3D In Your Face and The Midnight Devils I have found another family that has been blessed with heroes who are also into Rock n Roll.  Today I want to wish my family members Mike Cloyd, Matthew Miller, Sean Soucy, Gerald Glaza, and Corey Phillips a very happy Veterans Day.  I love you guys and I have trouble putting into words the amount of respect and admiration I have for you and what you did for this country.  Last but definitely not least my best friend and song writing partner is also an American War Veteran.  Chris "Sniper" Hineline and I have been through a whole heap of shit these last 6 years and I wouldn't change that for the world.  I love hearing the old war stories on the bus a 3 AM rolling down the highway.  I love how he tells me "You'd make a poor ranger." everythimg I stop the van for a coffee break.  His drive and work ethic has pushed 3D In Your Face and The Midnight Devils to a place we only dreamed of.  The works not even close to being done and we will keep pushing ourselves harder because we truly believe in this thing.  Happy Veterans Day to my best friend and rock n roll soul mate Sniper.  Here's to another 6 more years of dirty rock n roll on our own terms.  Death From Above.

Always Loud
Forever Proud

Sam Spade

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  1. Miss you guys! Im so happy and proud of you! Love Susan