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Friday, November 18, 2016

In The Air Tonight!

Hello everybody and welcome to The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face and The Midnight Devils.  What a weekend we have coming up.  First of all it started with a bang as The Midnight Devil boys got invited to witness the spectacle that is Trans-Siberian Orchestra live at The Mid America Center in Council Bluffs.  Our good friend and my radio boss Mr. Crash Davis hooked us up with great tickets.  As we were leaving Sniper knew one of the security guards and he gave us VIP and backstage passes.  Now I'm definitely not the kind of guy that gets sentimental over meet and greets.  They are usually awkward and I never know what to say.  Al Pitrelli and the rest of his band were amazing and very personable to talk to.  Just the beginning of a great run here in Omaha.   Today we are releasing our new video and single for the song "Baptized by the Radio".  This new video will be released via Youtube at Midnight tonight but if you are present at The 21st Saloon you will get a very special live preview of the video before the rest of the world.  That brings us to tonight's show, The Grand Return of 3D In Your Face to The 21st Saloon.  We are doing a two night stand at our home away from home.  That's right a Friday and a Saturday show for all you lucky boys and girls.  Not only is this a special show but our crew has been busting their asses all week covering the back wall of The 21st Saloon stage with a giant video wall.  This is going to be a show unlike any you have seen in an Omaha club.  Things are about to get real.  We've played over 160 shows over 5 years at The 21st Saloon and we think of everyone there as family.  Come and join your messy, dysfunctional, loving family for one hell of a rock n roll celebration.  Shows start at 9 PM Friday and Saturday.  See ya there.

As we were walking into TSO tonight I caught a glimpse of us in the window of the door.  Three dudes with long hair, black jeans, and black leather jackets.  It's slightly by coincidence but I felt like I was part of a tough street gang heading into a rumble.   It was bad ass and I always forget how much I love hanging out with my band mates outside of rehearsals and shows.  I was interviewed today by Sam Pimper from The Fremont Tribune and we chatted about my old band from Fremont.  He asked "What it was like touring at such an age?"  I was honest I told him it was rough but extremely rewarding.  We were all best friends that hung out everyday and not just because of the band  We got drunk together, we got in trouble together, and we grew up in bars and venues across the Midwest.  We were terrible but we were hell bent on getting the hell out of Fremont and getting on with our adventure.  Any time you get those same feelings you get when you first started playing music it's a good thing.  You remember why it was you gave up everything else to pursue one of the most difficult careers in the world.  Officially Terminated was terrible for a lot of years but that's because we had to learn how to be a better functioning band and learn on our own terms.  By the time we finished playing we were untouchable in the local music community, or at least that's how I felt.

At this moment The Midnight Devils are giving me that same sensation.  Put us town to town with anybody else and we will boogie with the best of em.  Let me drive this point home though, it's not about the musical skill, or the money behind the band.  No it's about that smile that come across our faces as we hit the first note of the evening and we just know everyone is in store for quite the wild journey.  As I said before it's unpredictable and unstable.  With the return of 3D In Your Face it's like the family is getting back together and not just the band it's the you the fans as well.  We've had so many great times playing at The 21st Saloon.  It almost chokes me up a little bit.  3D In Your Face has been home for a lot of years and to get that lighting bolt back feels pretty special.  We have created something out of nothing and I keep having to remind myself of that.  Every thing we did the last 6 years we went out and got for ourselves.  You are never given anything in this business.  We all had goals coming into this and every time one of those goals gets met we set the sights a little higher.  My goal for this weekend is for us to sell out The 21st Saloon tonight and for our video to hit 10,000 views in a month.  Lofty I know but I believe this video is going to blow your mind and this show tonight is going to rip your face off.  Get ready because the train is leaving the station.  See ya real real soon.  Keep on believing.

Special thanks to our street team and all of those that have been helping us promote these upcoming shows.  "Get Street Team" was always a goal and now we can check that off.  We couldn't do it without you.


Sam Spade

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