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Friday, September 2, 2016

Let's Clear It Up

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official blog of 3D In Your Face and The Midnight Devils.  It's finally here and I am so sad to see it go.  The end of the summer and the end of our tours.  We have had so many great adventures all spring and summer long but it's out with the old and on to something new and fresh.  Most importantly we would like to invite you all to our big celebration this weekend.  The Midnight Devils will be the first to kick things off and cross the finish line.  We will be playing Saturday, Sept. 3rd at Septemberfest Omaha in The CenturyLink Center parking lot.  This is going to be a very special show because we will be playing both the halftime shows during The Omaha Rollergirls matches.  First show starting at 6 PM and the second show starting at 9 PM.  Most importantly if you had the chance to come and see The Midnight Devils we want to thank you and if you didn't this will be your last chance to see this show before we retire it for something far better.  Then on Sunday 3D In Your Face will be opening for the mighty Lita Ford at Septemberfest Omaha.  This show starts around 6 PM, we take the stage around 8 PM, then Lita at 10pm.  Both of these shows are all ages and free with the gate admission.  Come for the funnel cake and stay for the rock n roll.  I can't wait to see all of our friends and families getting together to celebrate the end of this huge run.  Think back, we released an album, we went to Rocklahoma, we did an all acoustic tour of the midwest, and still managed to set fire to a few towns along the way.  Ahhh memories.

Now for another vague blog post that will give you slightly more information about the future of our bands.  Every one's been asking and we just aren't quite ready to make the big announcements yet.  I can tell you that The Midnight Devils have been offered a chance to take our band to the next level.  We have a drummer, we have lights, PA, and pyro and now it's time to take the big step out onto the playing field.  The first stop and inaugural tour kick off show will be Sat. Sept. 17th at Sandy's Bar in Nebraska City, NE for Apple Jack Days. We are now lining up shows for our fall/winter tour titled "Unrest in the Midwest" Tour.  If there is a town, a bar, or a venue that you would like us to play we desperately want to hear from you.  Send all booking questions to  No bar to small.  No town to wild.  Bring on the action because Sniper and I are ready to party.  You can expect the same over-the-top stage show.  You may even recognize some of the songs.  The rest of the boys in 3D In Your Face have also given us their blessing and we are hitting the road hard this winter.  Let's keep the magic alive.

As for the future of 3D In Your Face, I've said it a thousand times but I will say it once more.  Sorry but this band will never break up.  To many people have put to much time and energy into this thing to let it slip away.  We have shows booked for the winter but again we are waiting to end this tour before we announce the next batch of shows.  I know it's confusing two bands and all.  3D In Your Face has been our life for so long it's very hard to imagine not having it around.  I don't even like talking about it.  I can't go into any more specifics.  All I can ask is that you please support us and understand this is all coming from a very honest place.  We want to give you the best high energy Rock N Roll show you deserve.  We take that very seriously and always have.  For now I want to leave you on a positive note.  Look back at all the fun we had this summer.  Look back at all the road trips, the break downs, the ups, the downs, and those long night miles.  All of this has been leading up to this point.  I love the summer but I know that it will be another year before we are able to get back out and see some of you.  Thank you for all the love you showed us these last 5 months.  Thank you to everyone that took a chance on us.  Just a little tidbit before I leave, music video scripts have been distributed to all the band members.  We are waiting on approval by the director and approval from the location.  Before you know it another single will be hitting the streets.  Keep The Faith.  This is just the beginning.


Sam Spade

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